Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poem to the Water Element

Soothing calm,
And endless ocean
Water Undines
Empower my potion!

Desire Incantation for the Fire Element

Burning passion,
Element of Fire
Ignite within me,
My soul's desire.

Poem to the Witches

Blackest night,
Dark as pitch,
The eve is ruled
By the Witch!

Crone Incantation

Goddess Crone,
Knowing all,
I surrender myself
To your call.
To show the future,
And learn from the past
With a wave of my wand
The spell is cast.

Goal Seeking Invocation

Seeking knowledge
Open mind
Teach your lessons
And help me find
The reason I'm here
My goal for this life
Provoke my passion
And bind my strife.

Elemental Ode to Fire

In perfect love
And perfect trust
Guide my path
And feed my lust.

My Personal Circle Casting Chant

Circle cast
And circle bound
Contain my magick
All around.

Open veils
Between the realms
Create sacred space
Here where I dwell.

My New Raven Pendant

Since Hecate is my favourite Goddess, I bought this beautiful pendant to remind me of her! (I just wish my camera wasn't giving me a hard time! :P The picture isn't very good!) I wrote this invocation to dedicate the charm in her honour. :)

I dedicate this amulet to you, Hecate,
Goddess of the Witches and Crossroads
In your guise of the Raven,
I shall honour thee.
Upon my breast,
I bare this charm.
Protect me and mine
From all harm.
To thee all roads will lead,
But allow me to remain here on earth
Until I've completed my deed.
Teach me your mysteries,
Expose me to your lessons
Embrace me as a Hidden Child,
To you, I wish a thousand blessings.
So mote it be.