Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thirteen Rites of Cleansing

1) Release all unpleasant odours in your home! Open windows and air out stuffy areas and stagnant air. Burn scented candles or use air freshener. Clean out your vehicle!

2) Rid yourself of all old photographs and memorabilia that reminds you of negative events, people, and bad behaviour. If possible, burn these items and repeat aloud your intention to remove these memories from your life. If you can’t burn them, simply remove them from your property.

3) Get rid of any sick or dead houseplants. If you have a yard, take a walk through it to decide what else to get rid of or to replace.

4) Throw out all old paperwork that no longer serves you. That which you still need, simply place in a labelled box in a closet for when you need it.

5) Release anything from your life that refers to sickness. Replace these things with bright colours, affirmations of healing, etc. Wash all curtains, throw rugs, pillows, etc.

6) Get rid of anything broken and unstable in your house. Replace these items with quality items at your convenience.

7) Clean out your closet! Get rid of ripped, torn, faded clothes or whatever doesn’t fit you or you no longer wear. Consider your budget, replace some items and dream up others that you wish to purchase in the future.

8) Rid yourself of any movies or music that you no longer want or need.

9) Get rid of any old and tarnished jewellery that is of no value. If you have jewellery you wish to keep, take the time to clean it.

10) Release anything that reminds you of a failure that you’re holding onto. As you clear out your living space, keep repeating:
“I am making room for success!”
Get rid of broken statues, knickknacks, trinkets, and baubles that are cluttering your personal space.

11) Release trapped energy. Clear out and illuminate a dark corner in your house. Go through your kitchen cabinets, and throw out old cans, boxes, bottles, and jars of food. Wipe down the fridge, microwave, and other electronic appliances.

12) Release any and all fears you have about your future.

13) Release dirt and grime from your living space. Wash floors, vacuum, clean windows.

Number Chant

The power of one

The unity of two

The trinity of three

The stability of four

The change of five

Six - center, earth to sky

The success of seven

The mastery of eight

The wish of nine

Ten - the infinite blend

Spirit here will never end.

Cleansing Herbal Mix

Combine equal amounts of each
(about ½ tsp):

* lavender

* rosemary

* chamomile

* lemon verbena

* lemongrass

*** If using fresh ingredients, no need to grind.***

Grind together in your mortar and pestle.

Place herbal mixture in a cotton conjuring bag, or white piece of cloth tied with white string.

Hold your hands over the bad, and breathe deeply.

“Sunlight to activate
Moonlight to blend
Spirit to bring the power to cleanse
Touch of wind!”

Allow yourself to become one with Spirit.

“Joy, peace, and perfection.
Peace with the gods,
Peace with nature,
Peace within.”

Dip the bag of herbs in water. Repeat the above charm.

Dip the bag back in the water and begin sprinkling yourself. Envision that all negativity you may be carrying around is lifted from you with gentle breaths of fresh air. Allow the winds of peace, healing, and harmony to circle about your mind and body. You may experience a tingling, a rush of energy, or simply a pleasant and well-deserved peace.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meditation: The One Ring

Turn on some soft instrumental music. Sit or recline comfortably, and loosen any clothing that might be binding you. Take a deep breath and count three heartbeats, still your breath for three heartbeats, and exhale for three heartbeats. Do this several times to relax and center your awareness.

In your mind’s eye, imagine two trees in front of you. To your left is a tree the colour of silver, and to your right is a tree the colour of gold. Between the two trees, you see an unusual golden ring on the ground. You put the ring on the middle finger of your left hand, and a large chasm abruptly appears in the ground.

Climbing down into the chasm, you follow a long, steep, winding passageway. Moving to the end of the passageway, you enter a bright Otherworld, a faerieland of colour and light. There are rings of coloured flowers in this Otherworld. They are red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple, rose, silver, and white. As you gaze upon the flower rings, you ponder the many rings - the circle and cycles in your own life - for a minute of two.

At the center of this faerieland is a fountain that dispenses the waters of life. Water spills out of the Dragon’s Mouth of the fountain. You look upward to see a larger winged dragon flying toward the fountain. Its wings gleam in the strange light of this Otherworld, shining with the colours of the rainbow. The dragon glides down, sparkling all over, and settles upon the ground a short distance from the fountain. The dragon mindspeaks to you:

“Your mind has a will, just as your body has a will.
Your heart has a will. Your spirit has a will.
Each and every person has the power
To change the course of the future.”

The dragon flies away, softly and without a sound, and a delightful blue mist pours over the faerieland. The mist feels warm like a soft blue flame. Everything is covered in the mist, and you feel as though you are afloat in a vast blue ocean of faerie light. You feel the bright blue mist flowing over your skin, through you, and energizing your entire body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Now imagine gathering the blue mist into your hands and shaping it into a ball of blue light. Shape it into a bright blue staff of light that you hold between your hands. Allow the staff’s light to surround you completely, breathing it in and out. Continue doing this for a few minutes.

In your mind’s eye, move back over to the passageway by which you entered faerieland and slowly go up the winding path into the ordinary world. Imagine taking off the ring and placing it back between the gold and silver trees. It remains there for you whenever you wish to take it up again. Move your hands and feet, and slowly open your eyes.

Meditation: Faerie Magick Garden

Sit or recline comfortably in a private, peaceful spot, preferably outdoors in your garden or in the woods. When doing this meditation indoors, use a picture of a beautiful garden. Put the picture in front of you where you can see it.

Take several deep and complete breaths. As you inhale, imagine breathing in pure white light. As you exhale, just let go of any tension you might be feeling. Focus your awareness on your surroundings if you are outdoors. If meditating indoors, focus your attention on the picture of the beautiful garden in front of you. Take a deep, complete breath, and as you exhale, close your eyes. Continue breathing deeply and rhythmically.

In your mind’s eye, imagine being at the top of a flight of natural earthen steps. Move slowly down the steps, one at a time, down to a beautiful magick garden. It’s a place of enchanting adventure and joyful whimsy surrounded by green mountains and filled with magickal elves and faerie beings. In this garden are flowers of every colour and vegetables of every kind, as well as fruiting trees and splendid old-growth trees. A silver stream flows from the waterfall upon the hill above you, and feeds a small, glassy pond in the center of the magickal garden.

You come to a large, low branching tree, and sit upon one of the smooth branches. You can feel the power of the gnarled tree supporting you, and you can feel the energy from the earth beneath your feet. You connect with the essence of the energy from the tree. Your roots are your ancestors, your trunk is your life’s foundation, and your branches are your many aspects. Your leaves are like your thoughts, which act as light receptors.

You become aware of the dryad of the tree, a tall, green and brown tree spirit, and then you become aware of the dwarves and gnomes who live underground in caves, caverns, and great stone mountains. You see leprechauns and brownies dash about and winged brown, green, and multicoloured garden faeries flash about in the flowers and shrubbery. Woodland elves dance in and out from behind a thick grove of oak trees in the near distance, and you can hear the sound of enchanting music floating toward you.

As the music grows louder, you see lovely winged faeries surrounded by a radiant glow, and wind faeries with wings larger than their bodies, moving about the magick garden. You also see salamanders in the silver stream, and red newts on the stream bank. The entire garden seems to be enveloped in a beautiful light that brightens all the dark corners and make the colours in the garden sparkle with an otherworldly radiance.

As you breathe in the beauty of the garden and relax even more, imagine the stream speaking to you in an ancient voice, a voice that goes beyond sound. Somehow you understand that ancient voice. You see water faeries in the pond, beautiful and dream-like undines with enchanting voices. You listen to their song and it fills you with joyful wonder.

Continue enjoying the magickal beauty of the garden for a few more minutes as you breathe in and out, completely and deeply. When you are ready, imagine seeing those natural earthen steps in front of you, this time leading upward. Slowly ascend the steps, one at a time, feeling more and more energized and refreshed as you move upward. Now start moving your hands and feet, slowly opening your eyes, and coming back to the present moment and place.

Element: Water

* Plane: emotional (upper astral), astral, psychic

* Direction: west

* Colours: blue, aqua, sea green, black

* Sense: taste

* Gender: female

* Nature: cold and wet

* Season: autumn

* Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

* Witches’ Pyramid: to keep silent

* Tarot suit: cups

* Tools: chalice, bowl, cauldron, shell

* Elemental: undines, sea nymphs, mer-people

* Animals: all fish, dolphin, whale, crab, snake, eagle

* Ruler: Niksa

* Archangel: Gabriel

* Greek wind: Zephyrus

* Norse dwarf: Vestri

* Egyptian Son: Qebhsennuf, Horus’ hawk-headed son

* Key words: emotion, love, empathy, feeling, healing, dream, unconscious, ending, death, ancestors

* Deities: Poseidon/Neptune, Amphritite, Aphrodite/Venus, Lir, Manannan Mac Lir, Dylan, Cerridwen, Nuada, Danu, Freya, Aegir, Ran, Osiris, Khnemu, Ea, Apsu, Tiamat, Ereshkigal

Meditation: Journey to the Realm of Fire

1) Conjure the great World Tree, entering it and going to the Inner Temple.

2) Orient yourself in the center of your sacred space. You will notice four doorways around you. You may have never noticed them before, but they will be very clear to you now. Each of the doorways lead to a different elemental plane. Each one will be in a different colour and have a different symbol on it for the element, such as the elemental triangles. By its markings, find the doorway that leads to the realm of fire, and stand before it. Usually the fire doorway is oriented to your eastern or southern direction in the temple, but your Inner Temple is beyond direction in the physical world, so go to whatever door calls to you as fire.

3) Hold the intention to enter the realm of fire and in your silent, magickal voice, ask permission to open the door. You are asking permission of the highest aspect of yourself, and the realm of fire (If you have spirit guides, ask them to be present).

4) If you get a yes response, open the door of fire. It can open normally or melt away. If you know the invoking pentagram of fire, you can use it as your key. Before you is a great swirling ball of fire, filling the doorway and beyond. Feel the heat rush over you. Hear the crackling flame. The ball of light swirls into a tube, a tunnel or pure flame. You know you can enter it safely with your own fiery essence, and you being to walk into the tunnel of fire.

5) Your skin begins to tingle with the warmth, and you may feel a sweat break. Move slowly, one step at a time, truly attuning with elemental fire. The heat and light refine you, burning away all fear and tension. The fire brings you back to your essence, your passion and vitality, burning away all that does not serve your will.

6) As you move deeper and deeper into the tunnel, you lose sight of the inner temple and find yourself entering the light and the end of the tunnel, leading you to the realm of fire. Take a look around this fiery landscape, with burning trees and bushes, mountains of volcanic glass and ash. You are completely safe and in tune with the fire element. This is the land of fire salamanders, drakes, djinn, and fabled cities of brass.

7) Before you is a path, taking you deeper into the realm of fire. Follow the path. Take notice of any animals you see along the way, and any plants on the path. Fiery, sharp, and spicy plants are the herbs of fire.

8) At the end of the path is a figure, your personal guide to the element of fire. It could be an elemental being, animal, deity, or perhaps angel, there to guide you on the path of fire. Introduce yourself, and ask the guide its name and function. Follow this guide, and receive what your guide has to offer. Since sight is the sense of fire, your guide may not speak much, but show you things in pictures. Take this wisdom in, and ask any questions you have.
9) Ask your guide upon whom shall you call as your guardian of fire in ritual. Sometimes it is the guide itself, but often the guide will point you to a deity or other being of power.

10) Your guide will lead you back to the tunnel of fire and bid you farewell. Thank you guide for this time and knowledge. Know that you now have a link in the realm of fire. The guide may give you a gift to inspire your will and passion, or give you a spark of flame to carry within you.

11) Return through the tunnel of fire, spiralling through the heat and flame. Come back to the inner temple, and close the gateway of fire as you opened it. Orient yourself in the temple. If you have a gift from the land of fire, you can put it in your temple space if you desire.

12) Return back through the World Tree tunnel, and stand at the base of the tree. Thank the World Tree. Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

13) Return yourself to normal consciousness.

Element: Fire

* Plane: Spiritual

* Direction: East, South

* Colours: red, orange

* Sense: sight

* Gender: male

* Nature: hot and dry

* Season: Summer or spring

* Zodiac sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

* Witches’ Pyramid: to will

* Tarot suit: wands

* Tools: wand, candle, athame, blade, sword

* Elemental: salamander, fire drake

* Animals: lion, red fox, ram, horse

* Ruler: Djinn

* Archangel: Michael (when in the South)

* Greek wind: Notus (when in the East)

* Norse dwarf: Austri (when in the East)

* Egyptian son: Akeset, Horus’ human-headed son (When in the South)

* Deities: Ares/Mars, Apollo, Helios, Hephaestus/Vulcan, Hestia/Vesta, Bel, Lugh, Lleu, Mabon, Brid/Bridget, Govannon, Goidniu, Goban, Luchtaine, Creidne, Oak King, Balder, Loki, Preya, Tyr, Volund/Weidland, Ra, Horus, Sekhmet, Set, Ptah, Shammash, Nusku, Tubal Cain

The Fifth Element: Spirit

* Plane: Divine

* Direction: center, above, and below

* Colours: white, all colours

* Sense: hearing, and knowing (the sixth sense)

* Gender: androgynous

* Nature: all natures - warm, cold, wet, dry

* Season: all seasons

* Zodiac sign: all signs

* Tarot suit: Major arcane

* Tools: cauldron, pentacle

* Elemental: all angelic and divine archetypal beings

* Animals: phoenix, dragon, sphinx

* Archangel: Metatron

* Key words: unity, harmony, creation, unconditional love, centering, sacredness

* Deities: the Great Spirit, Dryghten, the Creator/Creatix, the divine mind, the One, the All, Godhead, Primal Spirit, Source, God/dess

Meditation: Elemental Cleansing

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Call upon the element of Fire to heal and balance your soul. Feel yourself engulfed in flame, surrounding your body. The flame does not cause pain, but consumes your self-image, leaving you as pure light and energy. Thank the energy of Fire.

3) Call upon the element of Air to clear and heal your mind. Feel a breeze move through your energy, sweeping away any smoke or ash, transforming you into a clear, crystalline, hollow body, filling with the Air energy. You are clear, open, and free. Thank the energy of Air.

4) Call upon the element of Water to heal your heart and astral body. Feel the tides come in slowly, building into waves that start to wash over your body, filling you with water. Feel the tide peak and quickly wash away. Thank the energy of Water.

5) Call upon the element of Earth to heal your body and bring balance. Feel the ground beneath you, and feel as if a giant quartz crystal point grows up out of the ground, around you, engulfing you, as its point forms at the top of your crown and its vertical axis is parallel with your spine. Feel the energy of the earth rise up through your body, from the crystal, starting at the base of your spine and moving up your body, coming out like a bolt of lightning from the point of the crystal, into the sky. Thank the energy of Earth.

6) Feel yourself perfectly balanced and healed as the crystal melts away, leaving you centered.

7) Return to normal consciousness.

Evocation of the Elements

“To the North, I call upon the element of Earth,
and the great Stag. Hail and welcome.

“To the East, I call upon the element of Air,
And the wise Crow. Hail and welcome.

“To the South, I call upon the element of Fire,
And the proud Lion. Hail and welcome.

“To the West, I call upon the element of Water,
And the loving Dolphin. Hail and welcome.”

Meditation with the Goddess and God

1) Enter the screen of your mind to stand before the great World Tree.

2) Hold the intention to visit with the Goddess and God. We will climb the roots down into the land of the ancestors and power beings, to meet one deity, and then climb the branches up to the sky realm, to meet the second deity. Reach out and touch the tree, feeling the bark, and through your touch, place your intention to visit the Goddess and God below and above.

3) Look for an opening in the roots that will lead to the Underworld. This opening will probably be different than the one you used to find your Inner Temple.

4) Enter the passageway and spiral down the tunnel into the Underworld, the realm of the divine ones. The land is dark and vast, yet nor fearful, perhaps like a primordial ancient forest, seemingly illuminated from within. You feel the great power of this land.

5) Before you is an illuminated path, inviting you deeper into the Underworld. This path will lead you to a goddess or god who is correct for you at this time. Follow it.

6) Stay on the path, but notice all things to your left and right. Notice the plants of the Underworld. Do you recognize any? Notice the trees. They seem to whisper their power. Look for any animals that cross your path, or watch you from afar. An animal could even guide you on the path for a while. Notice and remember everything.

7) The path winds through the Underworld, by rocks and hills, rivers and streams. Look ahead, and follow the path as you are guided. You enter deeply the lands of power.

8) Soon you see the end of the path, and at the end, a divine being is waiting for you. Take notice of this one as best you can. What does the deity look like? What does it wear? What mannerisms do you notice?

9) When you reach the end of the path, introduce yourself, as you would to an honoured elder. Take this time to build a relationship. Ask the deity its name and culture. Ask any questions you have, about the divine, or about your life and personal issues. Be prepared to answer questions in return. Listen to every word. Watch every action. Everything has significance.

10) Once the exchange is complete, this divine one touches our forehead, giving you a blessing, and possibly a gift of some sort. Accept with love and grace, as a symbol of your new union and relationship. You can ask the deity for a symbol to evoke its power and presence in the world. Say your farewells and follow your path back, unless the deity gives you another path to walk, a short cut leading back to the World Tree.

11) Make your way back to the roots and the tunnels of the World Tree. Notice if the Underworld has changed, or at least if your perception of it has, now that you have an ally in it. Do any more animals, plants, or trees catch your notice at this time?

12) When you are back at the tunnel, climb your way back to the surface, but instead of coming out of the trunk, continue upward, spiralling up, higher and higher, until you reach the Upperworld. You come upon the heavenly lands, a bright and sunny land, filled with clouds and green fields, a veritable paradise, the land of milk and honey. You are filled with a sense of peace and awareness in this place.

13) Before you is a warm and inviting path, taking you to the heart of the Upperworld. This path will lead you to a god or goddess who is correct for you at this time. Follow it.

14) Stay on the path, noticing all things to your left and right. Notice the land, plants, and animals of the Upperworld. What do you recognize? Feel the breeze. Hear the birds. An animal may cross your path, or even guide you for a while. Notice and remember everything on the path.

15) The path wanders through the Upperworld, through fields and springs, orchards and hills. Look ahead and follow the path as you are guided. Enter the lands of enlightenment.

16) As you reach the end of the path, a divine being is waiting for you. Take notice of this bright and shining one as best you can. What does the deity look like? What does it wear? What do you notice about it?

17) Introduce yourself to the divine one as you would a respected and well-lived member of your family. Take this time to converse and commune. Ask the deity its name and culture. As before, ask any questions you have and listen carefully to all that is said.

18) When your time is done, the shining one touches your body, giving you a blessing and perhaps a gift or message of some kind. Accept all with love and grace to mark your connection together. You can ask the deity for a symbol to evoke its power and presence in the physical world. Say your goodbyes and follow the path back to the World Tree, unless the divine one shows you another path back.

19) Follow your way back to the branches of the great tree and climb back down, entering the tunnel and into the trunk of the tree, spiralling down to the base of the trunk. Exit the tree and stand before it, thank it for safe passage. Thank the Goddess and God for all blessings.

20) Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye and let the World Tree gently fade from view. Return yourself to normal consciousness.

Intention Ritual

1) Have four symbols of the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. You can use a stone, candle, incense and a chalice. Have a white candle for spirit in the center. Place them on your workspace. Don’t worry about directions and orientations on your space. Put them wherever it feels right. If you have a meditation altar, use it. If not, clear a space in a spot that is quiet to do this work, where others will not disturb you. You will also need paper and black thread.

2) On a small piece of paper, write out your intentions for this level of study.

“I, ___, ask in the name of the Goddess and God for aid in my studies of this level of witchcraft. I intend to become a priest/ess of witchcraft. I intend to complete this work successfully within one year if this is correct and for my highest good. I ask to be open to all experiences and understand all lessons given to me. So mote it be.”

3) Light your Fire candle and the incense. Leave the spirit candle unlit.

4) Imagine your protective circle around you.

5) Say this or something similar:

“I ask for the love and guidance of the four elements, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, and the love and guidance of the Goddess and God. Hail and welcome.”

Feel the presence of the divine. Know it, even if you don’t feel anything different. The universe will always reach out to help those who sincerely call to it.

6) Hold the white spirit candle. Think about your spirituality and the path of the witch. Invite the Goddess and God to be fully present in your life, however you envision the divine. Light the candle.

7) Spend a few minutes reflecting on the meaning of the priestess and priest. Reflect on the path you are taking. Even if you think you don’t want to be a priestess or priest for the community, you are one for yourself, and through this ritual, you acknowledge and seek to deepen that role.

8) Read your intention slip out loud. Then roll it up like a scroll and tie it with the black thread, binding it together and sealing your intention. Keep the paper safe for use in the intention ritual at the end of the year’s time.

The Circle of Protection

1) Enter your ritual consciousness state, not a full meditative state.

2) Think of your own inner power. Think of the feeling you have while visiting the inner temple. Re-create that feeling in your body, heart, mind, and soul. Acknowledge your inner sacredness and the sacredness of the space around you, no matter if you are indoors or outdoors.

3) Point to your power direction with your energetically projective hand, or dominant hand, and trace a clockwise circle of light around you. You can physically move your hand and body clockwise, eyes open, or you can do this in your mind, with your eyes closed. Experiment with both as you practice this exercise. The colour of the light is traditionally blue, violet, or white, but use any colour that you feel intuitively drawn to use,

4) Trace a second circle, over the first to strengthen it. The colour might change naturally, or you can choose to change it.

5) Create a third circle, over the second, as before the colour can change.

6) Feel the shift in energy and vibration inside the circle. Notice the changes in your inner and outer perceptions.

7) When done, release the circle. There are two ways to do this. Both start by retracting the circle backwards. Begin by pointing at the direction you have chosen and trace a counter clockwise circle, again either in your mind, or physically moving to trace the circle.

For the first technique, imagine as you move the circle counter clockwise that you are opening a curtain, and when you complete the circle, you are pushing out the curtain ring. The effect is like a pebble dropped in a puddle of water. The ring of light expands infinitely outward.

The second technique consists of using your hand like a vacuum cleaner. You are “sucking up” the ring of light through your finger, and then imagining grounding the light through your body, legs, feet, and into the Earth. You don’t have to ground it, but if you don’t, you might feel light-headed or over-energized.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yule Ritual

The altar is decorated with mistletoe and holly. A fire of oak roots is laid, but not lit. The room is dark.

Meditate with trance breathing.

“This is the night of Solstice, the longest night of the year. Now darkness triumphs; and yet, gives way and changes into light. The breath of nature is suspended; all waits within the Cauldron, the Dark King is transformed into the Infant Light. I watch for the coming of dawn, when the Great Mother again gives birth to the Divine Child Sun, who is bringer of hope and the promise of summer. This is the stillness behind motion, when time itself stops; the center which is also the circumference of all. I awake in the night. I turn the Wheel to bring the light. I call the sun from the womb of night. Blessed be.”

Purify and cast the circle. Do not light the candles. Invoke the Goddess and God. Sit down in the center of the circle and begin to chant:

“To die and be reborn,
The Wheel is turning,
What must I lose to the night?


“Fear is lost to the night.
Fear is lost to the night.
To die and be reborn,
The Wheel is turning,
What must I lose to the night?

“The light is born.
And the light has died.”
(Continue repeating these two lines).

“Everything passes,
All fades away.”

Place a pinch of salt on your tongue.

“My body is salt,
Taste the breath of death.”

Lie down and relax.

Dark Moon Ritual

(To be performed on the Waning Moon. A gazing crystal or scrying bowl should be placed in the center of the circle.)

Meditate while concentrating on your breathing.

“This is the ending before the beginning, the death before new life. Now on the ebb tide the secrets of the shoreline are uncovered by the retreating waves. The moon is hidden, but the faintest of stars are revealed and those who have eyes to see may read the fates and know the mysteries. The Goddess, whose name cannot be spoken, naked enters the Kingdom of Death. In the most vast silence and stillness, all is possible. We meet in the time of the Crone, to touch the deep power of the dark.”

Purify and cast the circle, but do not light the altar candle. Invoke the Goddess and God.

Begin to chant:

“She lies under all,
She covers all.
She is the teacher of mysteries.
She lies under all,
She covers all.
She is the motion behind form.
She lies under all,
She covers all.”

Continue as long as there are energy and inspiration. (This type of chanting requires sensitivity and openness.)

Earth the cone into the scrying bowl or gazing crystal.

Feast and open the circle.

Full Moon Ritual

(To be performed on the eve of the Full Moon).

Do a breathing meditation.

“This is the time of fullness, the flood tide of power, when the Lady in full circle of brightness rides across the night sky, arising with the coming of dark. This is the time of the bearing of fruits, of change realized. The Great Mother, Nurturer of the world, which is Herself, pours out her love and her gifts in abundance. The Hunter draws near to the Brilliant One, She who awakens yearning in the heart and who is the end of desire. I who look on her shining face am filled with love. Merry meet.”

Purify, cast the circle, and invoke the Goddess and God.

Move to the center of the circle and speak your name. Chant it, raising a Cone of Power as you raise one hand to the sky and the other to your heart, earthing the power into yourself, and filling you with the power and light of the moon.

Earth the power, trance or scry, then feast and open the circle.

Waxing Moon Ritual

(To be performed after the first visible crescent has appeared).

On the altar, place a bowl of seeds. Fill the central cauldron with earth, and place a candle in the center.

When ready, begin with a breathing meditation.

“This is the time of beginning, the seed time of creation, the awakening after sleep. Now the moon emerges, a crescent out of the dark; the Birthgiver returns from Death. The tide turns; all is transformed. Tonight I am touched by the Maiden who yields to all and yet is penetrated by none. She changes everything She touches; may She open me to change and growth. Merry meet.”

Purify, cast the circle, and invoke the Goddess and God.

Take the bowl of grain from the altar, saying:

“Blessed be, creature of earth, moon seed of change, bright beginning of a new circle of time. Power to start, power to grow, power to make new be in this seed. Blessed be.”

Going sunwise around the circle, offer the bowl to each quarter, asking, “What will you plant with the moon?”

Returning to the center of the circle, ask yourself the same question. Reply with what plans you wish to begin, or hopes you want to grow, in the moon to come.

“The blessing of the new moon be upon it.”

Visualize a clear image of what you want to grow, charging the seeds with the image. One by one, plant the seeds in the earth in the central cauldron.

Raise a Cone of Power to charge the seeds and earth with energy, and empower the projects they represent. The Cone is grounded into the cauldron.

Trance work or scrying may focus on clarity of vision for the projects now begun.

Feast, and open the circle.

Opening the Circle

Go to each of the four directions and draw a Banishing Pentacle.

“Guardians of the East, Powers of Air,
I thank you for joining in my circle
And I ask for your blessing as you depart.
May there be peace between us
Now and forever.
Blessed be.”

“Guardians of the South, Powers of Fire,
I thank you for joining in my circle
And I ask for your blessing as you depart.
May there be peace between us
Now and forever.
Blessed be.”

“Guardians of the West, Powers of Water,
I thank you for joining in my circle
And I ask for your blessing as you depart.
May there be peace between us
Now and forever.
Blessed be.”

“Guardians of the North, Powers of Earth,
I thank you for joining in my circle
And I ask for your blessing as you depart.
May there be peace between us
Now and forever.
Blessed be.”

Raise your athame to the sky and touch it to the earth, then open your arms and say:

“The circle is open, but unbroken,
May the peace of the Goddess
Go in our hearts,
Merry meet, and merry part.
And merry meet again.
Blessed be.”

Farewell to the Goddess and God

“Goddess and God
We thank you
For your presence,
For your circle,
For light and love,
For night and change,
We ask for your blessing
As you depart,
Hail and farewell!
Blessed be.”

Blessing Over Cakes and Wine

“All life is your own,
All fruits of the earth
Are fruits of your womb,
Your union, your dance,
Goddess and God
We thank you for blessings and abundance.
Join with us,
Feast with us,
Enjoy with us!
Blessed be.”

The chalice is drunk from.

Give thanks for good things that have
happened since the last ritual.

Plan future rituals.

Meditation: Memory

Cast a circle, go into trance, and orient yourself in your Place of Power. Face in the direction that feels most comfortable to you.

In front of you, you see a path. Search for the path, and find it. Now follow it, looking around you, noticing what you see and hear and feel and sense. Follow it along, further and further.

The path leads over a ridge. Climb the ridge, and begin to descend, going down… down… down… circling down the hillside.

On your way down, you will see the entrance to a cave that leads deep…. Deep into the hill. Find the cave, and stand before the entrance.

Within the cave are all of your memories, from this life, and from all previous life-times. In a moment, you will enter the cave. You will be able to go as deep as you wish, to explore any branching tunnel, any cavern that you wish. If you have a particular memory you want to experience, hold it in your mind, and you will be led to the proper place. If there is a memory you are not ready to face, the path to it will be blocked.

Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, and, as you count to three, enter the cave of your memories. Take as much time as you need to explore.
(Allow at least 10 minutes).

Now prepare to come back from your memory. Take time to end it. Come back to the entrance of the cave.

Take a deep breath - inhale, and as you exhale count to three and come out of the cave. Exhale - count one, two, three.

Come out of the cave, and climb back up the hillside. Return up the hill, over the ridge, following the path back to your own Place of Power.

Bid farewell to the four directions and come out of the trance.


Cast a circle. Ground and center. Sit on a comfortable position, and gaze at your crystal or focusing object. Some people prefer to have the room completely dark; others light a candle. Lighting should never be bright.

Relax, and wait peacefully. Do not force anything to come. Many people feel fear and insecurity. Acknowledge the fears, relax into them, and let them dissolve.

After a time - and it may require regular practice over several sessions - the surface of the crystal may “could over” with raith energy. For some people, the clouds clear, and images appear in the crystal. Others find themselves closing their eyes, and seeing the images with the inner eye. Both methods are valid - choose the one that comes most easily.

To end, let the clouds return. See the crystal as the solid object it is. Cover it, and open the circle.

Meditation: The Rainbow Emerging

In the pearl, prepare to awaken. When you awake, you will feel refreshed, alert, renewed, and filled with energy. You will remember all that you have experienced. Now turn and face the East, then the South… then the West… then the North. Take a deep breath… inhale… exhale…

You are floating up… up… on a beautiful violet cloud, and your whole body is violet as you drift gently upward…

On a beautiful blue cloud, and your whole body is blue and you are beginning to awaken gently and you drift gently up…

On a beautiful green cloud… and your whole body is green… as you drift gently…. Up… up…

On a yellow cloud… getting more and more awake… your whole body is yellow…. As you drift gently… up… up…

On a beautiful orange cloud… filled with energy and vitality… your body is orange… as you float up gently…
On a beautiful red cloud… almost fully awake now… and your whole body is red as you float gently… remembering fully…

And in a moment you will count to three and awaken fully and come to feeling refreshed, renewed, and filled with energy… take a deep breath… inhale… and exhale… one.. Two… three….

Open your eyes, and awake.

Meditation: Place of Power

Get into your magickal mindset and do the Rainbow Inducing Trance.

In a moment, you will enter into a new space, a place in which you are completely safe and protected, where you are in complete control and in touch with your deepest source of strength. It may seem to be indoors or outdoors - it may contain anything or anyone you like. It is completely yours. Wherever you may be, whatever state of consciousness you may be in, you can return to your Place of Power, simply by visualizing it.

Now turn and face in the direction that feels most comfortable to you. On the pearl’s wall, draw an invoking pentacle. If you like, you may use a symbol of your own, that will be your own secret key into your Place of Power. See the symbol glow with a deep blue flame. Take a deep breath - inhale - exhale. See the wall open, and walk through into your Place of Power.

You are in your Place of Power. Turn and face the East. Notice what you see and hear and feel and sense.
Turn and face the South. Notice what you see and hear and feel and sense.
Turn and face the West. Notice what you see and hear and feel and sense.
Turn and face the North. Notice what you see and hear and feel and sense.

Now take time to explore your Place of Power.
(Allow at least five minutes)

You are about ready to leave your Place of Power. Finish whatever you need to complete.

Now turn and face the East, and say goodbye.
Turn and face the South, and say goodbye.
Turn and face the West, and say goodbye.
Turn and face the North, and say goodbye.

Now look for your symbol. See it glow. Take a deep breath - inhale - exhale - and walk through back into the pearl.

(Take time to emerge slowly and gently, reversing every process of the induction.)

Meditation: The Rainbow Trance Induction

Lie down comfortably relaxed and get into your magickal mindset.

Breathe deep - you are floating down… down… on a beautiful red cloud, and your whole body is red - as you go drifting and floating… rocking gently… deeper… deeper… deeper…

Breathe deep - you are floating down… down… on a beautiful orange cloud, and your whole body is orange - as you go drifting and floating… rocking gently… deeper… deeper… deeper…

Breathe deep - you are floating down… down… on a beautiful yellow cloud, and your whole body is yellow - as you go drifting and floating… rocking gently… deeper… deeper… deeper…

Breathe deep - you are floating down… down… on a beautiful green cloud, and your whole body is green - as you go drifting and floating… rocking gently… deeper… deeper… deeper…

Breathe deep - you are floating down… down… on a beautiful blue cloud, and your whole body is blue - as you go drifting and floating… rocking gently… deeper… deeper… deeper…

Breathe deep - you are floating down… down… on a beautiful violet cloud, and your whole body is violet - as you go drifting and floating… rocking gently… deeper… deeper… deeper…

Land very gently… very softly… in the center of a round, white pearl. See it glowing, softly, gently…

Now turn and face the East…
And then the South…
And then the West…
And then the North.
Open all of your inner senses.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Element Associations

* East - Air

- the Mind
- Dawn
- Spring
- Colours: white, violet
- the power to know
- Bird: eagle, high flying birds
- Symbol: athame, sword

* South - Fire

- energy, spirit
- noon
- summer
- Colours: red, orange
- quality of will
- the solar lion
- Symbol: wand (used to channel energy)

* Earth - Earth

- considered the most powerful direction
- Mystery, the unseen
- winter
- the body
- midnight
- Colours: black, brown, green
- power to keep silent
- to keep secrets
- Dark Maiden
- New Moon
- Symbol: pentacle

* West - Water

- emotion
- twilight
- autumn
- Colours: blue, grey, deep purple, sea green
- power to dare
- Symbol: cup, chalice
- sea serpents, dolphins, fish

The Crossing

* A Wiccan funeral

* A Rite of Remembrance

* Can be done every year.
* Samhain is the perfect time.

* One can symbolize the crossing in a myriad of ways:


Use a white rose for each departed loved one (white symbolizes the eternal), and to speak to each of them for a few moments, before letting go of the rose in some symbolic way. Perhaps floating it on the water in your cauldron.


Scatter the petals on your altar. Then release them later outside to the wind.

The Importance of Water

It can shape and change landscapes in drastic and startling ways. It wears down all that it touches by flowing over and over the stone or the earth, and little changes become big ones with the passage of time.

It is emotion. Sorrow and joy. Our emotions can wear us down too, for to keep them bottled up is hard on physical health.

The Importance of Fire

Close your eyes and imagine a flame.

What does it do?

Flames burn away old growth and can create fertile
fields for new growth to come.

It promotes change.

It purifies.

It charges. It calls forth that raw, instinctive, protective
and projective energy of the God.

Create Your Own Oil

¼ cup cooking oil
½ tsp crushed rosemary
½ nutmeg
½ tsp powdered myrrh (chervil)
Or 3 drops of myrrh oil (or other herb such as anise)

Use this mixture within 30 days.

Mix the ingredients together on a Waxing Moon. You can strain the mixture if you like. Keep in a glass jar for 24 hours before use to charge with positive energy.

Correspondence of Colour

* Red

- blood (life force)
- useful in many types of healing because of the blood association
(purifying blood, healing wounds)
- love and lust, passion, sex
- anger, madness, contempt
- impulsiveness, irrationality
- bitterness, hatred

* Pink

- romance (combination of red and white)
- the colour of Divine love
- not as “strong” as red if used in love or lust spells
- close relationships, friendships
- openness, easy-going

* Orange

- use for bringing ideas into form
- combination of red and yellow
- creates a small amount of warmth
- insecurities
- a less intense type of fire
- platonic passion, weak passion
- the fizzling of a relationship

* Yellow

- the Sun
- illumination (in the world and within the self)
- warming

* Green

- wealth, money
- plant life, Nature
- comforting, protective
- combination of yellow and blue
- a cooling colour (as forests are green and provide shade - protection - and coolness)
- herbs, grass
- gnomes, faeries
* Blue

- element of Water
- emotion, tears
- calm, peacefulness
- healing of the mind (depression, stress, insecurities, other emotional issues)

* Indigo

- the night sky
- deep oceans, water

* Purple

- combination of red and blue
- passion
- the halfway mark between anger and calmness

* Brown

- a grounding colour
- healing the earth or animals
- use in combination with green

* White

- the reflection of all colours
- white-hot spark of pure energy
- can be generic (send the light, let the spirit choose the colour)
- for Full Moons, initiations, forgiveness
- a blank slate

* Black

- totality of the Mystery
- the absorption of all colour
- that which is hidden, the shadows
- the space between the realms
- use for divination
- use for understanding deeper or underlying issues
- banishing, to clear negative energy
- honour the Crone

* Silver

- the Moon, stars, universe
- receptivity
- Goddess energy
- the female
- dreaming and meditation

* Gold

- the Sun
- God energy
- the male
- the dawn, morning, day time

Correspondences of Earth

* North

* Winter

* Its energy is that of beginnings - the dream, conjured swiftly and truly. The idea made so clear in our minds that we can almost see it whole and manifest. It is not yet the seed, but the idea of the seed.

* The energy is also the end result - the idea brought to form, material, complete.

* Symbol: earth dish, salt, dirt, pentacle, gemstones (as they come from the soil.)

* This element allows a person to connect more intimately with Gaia (the spirit of the planet) and the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess (like returning to the womb).

* It puts one more in touch with Nature and the living things around us because our feet are always touching the ground.

* Colours: greens (for plants), brown/black (for soil)

* Just as the plant is rooted to the soil, so is our spirit to our physical being.

* Use this element for grounding.

Meditation: Past-life Exploration

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) In your mind’s eye, visualize the great World Tree.

3) Imagine that the screen of your mind’s eye is like a window or doorway, a portal through which you can easily pass. Step through the screen and stand before the World Tree. Look up and feel its power. Touch the tree and place in it the intention of visiting your inner temple to do past-life exploration.

4) Look around the base of the giant tree, in the roots, and search for a passageway to your inner temple. Enter it. At the end of the tunnel you see a light, and you move toward that light and step out into your inner temple.

5) Affirm your protection shield and invoke your guides to be with you. Remember that they are present to answer any questions and send you in the right direction. When in doubt, ask them to help.

6) Ask to find the Gateway of Memories. Ask for the past-life experience correct and good for you. Once you stand before the doorway, open it up. It leads you through a long tunnel with many doors.

7) One door in particular will stand out to you, perhaps by its colour or a symbol. This door leads to the past life correct for you. Go to that door and open it up. See the staircase descending and walk down it, counting each of the twenty-two steps backwards, from 22 - 1.

8) Jump off the last step and feel yourself jumping into your past life. Immediately look down at your feet. What are your impressions? What do you see? Are you wearing shoes? Scan the body upward and describe what you are wearing. Are you a man or a woman?

9) Look up and around at your environment. What do you see? If there is a reflective surface around, look into it and describe yourself. Do you recognize the time period or location? Access the memories of this person. Who are you? Where are you? What is the season? What is the year?

10) How do you feel in this life, physically and emotionally? Are you healthy? Are you happy? If you are uncomfortable or in any pain, you can step out of your body and observe the events like a movie.

11) Is there anyone around you? What are the relationships between these people and you? Do you recognize them as people in your current life? What are they doing?

12) If you feel prepared to experience your last moments, move forward in time to your passing, as you count down from five to one. Look around and describe what you see. Where are you? How are you dying? Is there anyone with you? How do you feel about your life?

13) Watch your spirit leave your body and travel outward. Follow this passing spirit beyond the veil, where other spirits will greet it. You can hear their messages, and take this time to speak with your won guides to understand the significance this life is having on your current incarnation.

14) Before you are the stairs leading back up to the inner temple. Count them up, from 1 - 22. Walk down the hallway back to the center of your temple and close the Gate of Memories. Listen for any messages your guides have and ask any further questions.

15) When you are done, return through the World Tree tunnel and stand before the World Tree. Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

16) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

Meditation: Visiting the Inner Temple

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) In your mind’s eye, visualize the great World Tree, a gigantic tree reaching up to the heavens and deep below the earth, larger than any tree you have ever seen. It is a sacred tree and you may recognize it as an oak, ash, pine, willow or any other tree that has meaning to you.

3) Imagine that the screen of your mind’s eye is like a window or doorway, a portal through which you can easily pass. Step through the screen and stand before the World tree. Look up and feel its power. Touch the tree and place in it the intention of visiting your inner temple.

4) Look around the base of the giant tree, in the roots, and search for a passageway. It may be a hole or tunnel, or even a pool of water that gives you entry into the tree. As you enter, you find yourself in a tunnel, winding and spiralling to your inner temple.

5) At the end of the tunnel you see a light, and you move toward that light and step out into your inner temple. Look around. Take stock of all you see. Notice all the fine details of your sacred space. Let the images come to you.

6) First look for a reflective surface, a mirror or pool of some kind. Gaze into the mirror and see yourself, your spiritual self, as you truly are. Look at your self-image. Do you like it? Do you like yourself? More importantly, do you love yourself? Love is the foundation of true magick. Look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that you are loved.

7) Leave the mirror and continue exploring, looking for your place of water. Here you bathe in the water of your own power. Think of all your worries, hopes, fears, dreams, and insecurities. Think of all the things that bring you unrest. Feel them rise out of your body and sit on the surface of your skin, and then wash then away. Wash away all that does not serve your highest good and release it, to be dissolved in the waters.

8) When you are done with the water, look around your temple again. Look for your place of earth, perhaps a small garden. It may have grown wild or be fallow at this point. Do not worry. Feel yourself in the garden, grounded and centered, yet still present. This is your place of stillness. Think about the things you wish to manifest and materialize in the world. Think of your plans and dreams, your projects. Think of manifesting your creativity. Take those thoughts and feel then take form as seeds in your pockets. Take the seeds out and plant them with love. Water your garden and allow the seeds to grow. As your dreams manifest, this garden will flourish.

9) If you notice any of the other elements calling to you - fire, air, the Sun, the Moon - visit with them and experience these energies for yourself.

10) Journey to the center of your temple, if you are not already there. Somewhere in the center, you will find the gateway of healing. Go to the gateway. Open the door and feel a chamber filled with healing light. The light could be any colour you need. Enter the room and feel the light fill you up, healing you on all levels. Your healing spirits may join you there, but you will not necessarily see them or hear them. Such guides may lay you down as they do their work, releasing illness, filling you with light or power objects such as crystal and plant spirits. You could be wrapped in healing bandages, like a mummy, or placed in a healing chamber, like a sarcophagus.

11) When you feel the process is complete, thank your healing guides and exit the gateway of healing, returning to the center of the inner temple. Now you will search for your gateway of guidance. It could be the same doorway, leading to a different location, or another doorway altogether. Ask to see the gateway of guidance and you will be led to it.

12) Open the gateway of guidance, and look out into the vast sea of stars. Say, “In the name of the Goddess and God, I call on my highest and best spirit guides, those correct and for my highest good, to come through and meet with me now.” You see a shape or two come out of the gateway, and with each moment, the figure comes into clearer focus. You see your guide or guides standing before you.

13) Speak with your guides. Ask each guide its name. Who are they and where are they from? Ask each guide’s purpose and if they have any messages for you. If ready, ask your guides what your purpose is right now. If you have any other personal questions, take this time to speak with your guides and gain their wisdom and advice.

14) Thank the guides when done and see them back out through the gateway of guidance. Now that you have made contact, you can speak with them at any time.

15) Invite the Goddess and God, the forces of creation, into your inner temple. You may see the Goddess and God manifest in your temple, filling it with their perfect love for you and all life. Feel them bless and protect this sacred space. At this time, you may speak with them or be with them.

16) When done, thank the Goddess and God. If there is anything about your temple that you do not like, you can change it now by doing some inner spiritual decorating.

17) Once done, return through the World Tree tunnel that brought you to this place and stand before the World Tree. Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

18) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

Building your place of power: The Inner Temple

* Center - refers to the center of the temple, a place that represents the center of the self and easily leas to all areas of the temple.

* Reflective surface - used to look at your spiritual self, to take stock of the changes going on within you. (a magick mirror, pool of water, crystal ball).

* Place of water - some source of water in the temple (wishing well, pool, stream, waterfall, river, lake, seacoast, etc).

* Place of earth - a place of grounding, to help you find your way when feeling lost or underground, a place of manifesting (forest, jungle, garden, etc).

* Place of fire - candles, the sun, torches

* Place of air - the sky, incense

* Gates of consciousness - represent different energies and levels of awareness.

1) Guidance: opened to invite your spirit guides and spiritual helpers to your temple.
2) Creativity: lends help in expressing your artistic and creative sides.
3) Learning - opens the gateway to understanding teachings, both mystical and mundane.
4) Memories - reveals past experiences, of this life and previous incarnations.
5) Purpose - illuminates your true purpose at this time.
6) Healing - leads to a chamber of healing, where your healing guides can work on you deeply in safety and comfort. Used for healing on all levels.
7) Peace - brings tranquility and comfort when feeling stress or unease.
8) Transformation - reveals parts of us that we have hidden, such as the shadow self, and urges us to transform ourselves, to take the next step in our evolution. Use with caution.
9) Journey - leads to different lands and dimensions throughout time and space. Used for exploring and quests for knowledge of a personal and spiritual nature.
10) Ancestors - used to connect to those who have come before us, to those from whom we descend, genetically and spiritually.
11) Harmony - manifests an experience of unity and openness with everyone. Helps create group consciousness.
12) Dreams - opens to the realm of our personal and collective unconscious, the spiritual lands we visit when we sleep. Best to be used before going to sleep and close it in the morning.

Using a Pendulum

1) Get out your pendulum and prepare a list of yes/no questions. The first question should be, “What is a yes response?” and “What is a no response?” Once you know that you can ask any other questions.

2) Meditate and open up your awareness. Once you feel sufficiently open, maintain a light meditative state.

3) Hold out the pendulum with the weight dangling. Keep your hand steady. Stop the weight from moving and let go. Tune in to your guides.

4) Ask your question and close your eyes.

5) Visualize a happy, peaceful place to clear your mind. Do not worry about getting an answer. Relax for a few moments.

6) Open your eyes and take note of the motion of the pendulum for your answer.

7) Thank and release your guides when done, saying, “Hail and farewell.”

Spirit Guides

* Spirit Guide - Those who are there to help you and direct you, like a good friend, to be there to speak when you need them and to be there to listen when you need to talk. They act like spiritual therapists and good friends. They may cross over with any of the other following roles, and are the most common to interact with during a shamanic journey or meditation.

* Protector - These spirits are concerned with your physical welfare, but also with your spiritual protection. Different spirits may be in charge of different aspects of protection for you. Angel and animal spirits are often viewed as protectors.

* Gatekeepers - They are not physical protectors, but protectors of your consciousness, guardians of your mind and spirit. They may simultaneously assume the role of protector as well.

* Healer - These spirits are available for your healing on all levels and to aid others in healing. When you desire self-healing, call on your healers and ask for instructions. Once you have called on them, lie down and they will align your physical and subtle bodies, just like when you visit a witch or any other kind of hands-on healer. Your guides will put their spiritual hands on you and create balance. Ask them for any special instructions. Intuitively, you may feel like you have to change your position to facilitate their work. They will also let you know when the session is complete. When it is over, thank and release your healing guides. They can act as internal alchemists, healing body chemistry. If you do any other healing work, call on your healers before you begin, to guide you.

* Joy Guide - They are said to help you remain in contact with fun, laughter, and your inner child. Also known as a laughter guide, tricksters, faeries, and other mischievous spirits take on this role, sometimes hiding things from you. It is related at times to the gatekeeper function, guarding your consciousness from energies that would harm the inner child.

* Runner - Those who help you manifest and find things in the physical world. Elementals and nature spirits are usually the embodiment of these.

* Master teacher - Concerned about your spiritual development and the course of your study. They will provoke you not only to learn, but also to practice and develop your skills. Think of this spirit as a mentor, who will often be connected in some way to your chosen life profession.

* Patron - Usually refers to a patron deity, a goddess or god whom you serve and for whom you act as an agent in this world. Your learning and development is directly tied to the patron whom you choose, or who chooses you, and can sometimes change with time as your path changes. A patron may also act as your master teacher.

Chakra Opening and Balancing

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Be aware of the energy around you, your aura, and the flow of energy up and down the spine.

3) Focus your attention on the base of the spine, the root chakra. Be aware of this bright red disc. Feel the chakra start to spin open and activate as you inhale. Feel it spin open, cleansing any blocks you have to the physical world and to your sense of community. Release any anger you have for anyone or anything in the world. The chakra spins open like a red water lily or lotus flower revealing a fiery ruby within it, clear and energized.

4) With the next inhale, focus your attention on your naval area, at the belly or sacral chakra. Be aware of this flowing orange wheel of light. Feel the chakra start to spin open and activate. Feel it spin open and cleanse any blacks you have to your instincts and your relationships. Release any sense of betrayal. The chakra spins open like an orange lotus flower revealing an orange carnelian stone within it, clear and energized.

5) With the next inhale, focus your attention below the diaphragm muscle, at the solar-plexus chakra. Be aware of this shining yellow disc. Feel any blocks you have to your personal power and will. Release any fear you have. The chakra spins open like a yellow lotus flower revealing a yellow citrine stone within, clear and energized.

6) With the next inhale, focus your attention on the sternum bone, at the heart chakra. Be aware of this pulsing green wheel. Feel the chakra start to spin open and activate. Feel it spin open and cleanse any blocks you have to unconditional love, perfect love, and perfect trust. Release any grudges and forgive. The chakra spins open like a green lotus flower revealing an emerald within it, clear and energized.

7) With the next inhale, focus your attention on the thorax, at the throat chakra. Be aware of this spinning blue light. Feel the chakra start to spin open and activate. Feel it spin open and cleanse any blocks you have to communication, including psychic communications. Release any judgements you hold. The chakra spins open like a blue lotus flower revealing a blue sapphire within it, clear and energized.

8) With the next inhale, focus your attention on the brow, at the third eye chakra. Be aware of this deep-indigo point of light. Feel the chakra start to spin open and activate. Feel it spin open and cleanse any blocks you have to your psychic and magickal gifts. Release any blindness you have to the truth. The chakra spins open like a purple lotus flower revealing an amethyst within it, clear and energized.

9) With the next inhale, focus your attention on the top of the head, at the crown chakra. Be aware of this dazzling light, violet or white in colour. Feel the chakra start to spin open and activate. Feel it open and clease any blocks you have to your connection to the divine, the Goddess and God. Come into your joy. The chakra spins open like a white lotus flower revealing a dazzling diamond within it, clear and energized.

10) With all seven chakras open and cleared, visualize your symbol of balance above the crown. Intend that it balance the energies of the crown chakra. Hold it there. Let it descend to the third eye with the same intention. Bring it down to the throat. Then bring it to the heart, solar plexus, belly, and root. When you are done balancing all the chakras, let the symbol descend from the base of your spine, down into the Earth, creating your grounding cord, a beam of light grounding you to the center of the planet.

11) Ask Mother Earth to send you this energy, and feel it ascend through this grounding “straw” or taproot to the root chakra as you inhale. Feel it energize the root, and with each breath, feel it move up through the belly, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown, rising out of the crown and connecting you to the sky.

12) Ask the Sky Father to send his energy down, and feel it descend down through the crown like water, flowing down through the seven chakras and into the earth. Pause a moment at each of these points to feel the energy flow through. Feel the balance in each chakra and in your entire body.

13) When done, slow down the energy flow with your intent, and then stop it, allowing the remaining earth energy to flow upward and out, and the remaining sky energy to flow down and out into the Earth, helping ground you.

14) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up and giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.


* Chakra is Sanskrit for “spinning wheel”, referring to the spinning wheels of light within the energy body. As your physical body has physical organs, your spiritual bodies have spiritual, or energetic, organs, points of light, that process energy in much the same way physical organs process food, water and oxygen. Each works on a different level of reality.

* Each chakra contains one of the main colours of the spectrum, starting at the bottom of the spine and ascending.

* They are connected through a “central core channel”, like a tube, through which energy flows, as well as spiralling kundalini channels.

* Each chakra is associated with a different function of consciousness as well as particular body systems, glands, subtle bodies, and gemstones.

* Consecrating and carrying the associated gemstones or laying them on the chakra, will help alleviate any imbalances or issues you have with each.

Root Chakra

* Found at the base of the spine, at the perineum point, between the sexual organs and the anus.
* Colour: Red
* The first chakra because it deals with our most basic functions and earthly needs, “rooting” us to the physical world.
* Our physical bodies relate to the root, because its function is to keep us alive. Our survival instinct, our sense of grounding or being “in the body”, and the desire to procreate and carry on our genetic identity.
* Glands: sexual - gonads, ovaries
* System: excretory, purging physical toxins out of the body to allow us to live.
* The root stores the energy of kundalini, which means “coiled serpent”. This is part of our personal energy, our life force that lies dormant. It spirals up the body through the kundalini channels, the ida and pingala, as a double helix, through the seven chakras.

Belly Chakra

* Also called the Sacral Chakra.
* The lower sacral spine, abdominal chakra.
* Slightly above or below the navel.
* Colour: blue
* Gemstone: carnelian
* It deals with the realm of primal instincts and emotions.
* The energy relates to our basic need to reach out and commune with another being.
* This is the relationship to others, symbolizing our recognition that there is more than just “me”.
* Sexual and social relationships and one-on-one relationships.
* Organs: kidneys, intestines, lower digestive system, spleen, pancreas.
* The etheric body, the energetic template to the physical body; this level of the energy body holds our shape.

Solar Plexus Chakra

* Located right below the diaphragm muscle, beneath the rib cage.
* Colour: yellow
* The basic human desire to exercise control over the things that are beyond us.
* We seek to exercise our will on the outside world. Our sense of power, on all levels, from physical power, health, metabolism, and energy to our strength of will, mental control, and even spiritual energy.
* Self image - How do you view yourself? A healthy self-image relates to your sense of security in the world.
* The astral body - astral travel, psychokinesis
* System: musculature - the power to move
* Organs: stomach, liver (cleanses and stores toxins from the body), gall bladder, adrenal glands (when you feel fear, these glands give you a boost of adrenaline - “butterflies in your tummy”)

Heart Chakra

* Located near the sternum
* Colour: green
* The middle chakra, the bridge between our lower and higher selves.
* Associated with emotion (to bring us spiritual awareness through the connections we feel to our family, friends, community, and eventually the entire human race and all of nature).
* Colour: pink
* Its true purpose is to bring us to a state of unconditional love, or perfect divine love.
* Gemstones: anything pink or green; emerald, rose quartz
* System: heart muscle, circulatory
* Organs: skin, immune system, thymus gland

Throat Chakra

* Colour: blue
* The base of the neck
* Relates to the ability to express ourselves and communicate, encourages us to express higher thoughts and feelings to others.
* A message relaying system - the ability to speak up and state what you desire to happen is part of your magickal abilities.
* System: respiratory - vocal cords, larynx, tonsils, thyroid
* Gemstone: turquoise, sapphire, lapis lazuli

Brow Chakra/Third Eye

* Located between and slightly above the eyes,
* Organ: pineal gland - located in the brain, it can sense light.
* Relates to the function of seeing: physical seeing, seeing situations clearly, and seeing things psychically, our sixth sense, seeing things as they really are, to learn the spiritual reality that interacts with our physical reality.
* This is where our “mind’s eye” is when we visualize something during meditation.
* Powers of intuition, clairvoyance (psychic seeing), visual-related tasks
* Colour: indigo
* Gemstones: anything purple - amethyst, anything indigo

Crown Chakra

* At the top of the head
* Colour: violet, lavender, dazzling white
* The culmination of the chakra system, expressing our innate connection to To the divine and all life.
* The source of inspiration and divine wisdom.
* It opens the gates to spiritual epiphanies and insights, giving us greater spiritual understanding.
* The connection to the Great Mother Goddess and Father God, the Great Spirit and source of all that is.
* Our sense of divine love and a higher power.
* Organ: pituitary gland - the master gland of the endocrine system, controlling hormonal levels throughout the body.
* Gemstones: diamond, opal, clear or white quartz

What Chakra Activating Feels Like

* A warmth or a tingling of energy rushing at the top of the head, bringing a heightened state of bliss (Crown Chakra)

* A need to close the eyes in order to really “see”, which often brings a sensation of pressure or sensitivity between one’s eyes and a heightened state of psychic awareness (Brow Chakra; Third Eye)

* A tingling in the throat, even an itch, indicating a need to speak up more (or a need to remain silent) (Throat Chakra)

* A deep warmth or vibration in one’s heart which compels an even stronger and more genuine love and caring for one’s companions (Heart Chakra)

* A pulling (even an ache, sometimes nausea) in one’s solar plexus (Solar Plexus Chakra)

* A “buzzing” in one’s genitals, leaving a person in a fairly constant state of sexual arousal having nothing to do with their sexuality (Belly Chakra)

* A pulsing or heaviness in one’s anus or perineum, facilitating the compelling need to become “rooted”, to sit on the earth and connect to Her energy (Root Chakra)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meditation: Aura Clearing

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Be aware of your own aura, an egg or sphere shape around your body. Everyone perceives it differently. You can feel the energy of the aura moving around you, particularly in terms of temperature or magnetic resistance. You may psychically see it around you even with your eyes closed. What colour is it, and what does that colour mean to you? Do you notice any unusual patterns of colour, or places that seem out of balance? Allow the information to come. Be aware of the energy around you.

3) Ground yourself by visualizing a beam of light, any colour that feels right to you, descending down from your spine and into the center of the Earth. Your aura will look like a balloon being tied down, preventing it from going far. This sense of grounding is very important before doing the rest of this meditation.

4) Put out the intention that you wish to “completely cleanse the aura of any harm”, and ask this cleansing come with “ease, grace, and gentleness”. Ask your healing guides to aid you. Ask for the love and guidance of the Goddess and God.

5) Look closely at the aura. Scan it from top to bottom, sensing any rips or tears. Look for leaks in the aura where you are releasing vital life force or allowing other energies to come in to infect you. They may feel like cold or “windy” spots. The event that created this hole might pop into your mind, allowing you to deal with the feelings associated with it. The white light fills this area like plaster over a hole in the wall. Allow the white light to change to whatever colour is appropriate for that section of your aura. Continue this process until you have sealed all the holes in your aura.

6) Again scan the aura from top to bottom, this time searching for any unwanted thought forms. They will appear as areas of density, dark unhealthy-looking masses floating in the auric field, like garbage floating in water. When you find one, psychically reach out and “grab” it. When you do, the program, or thought creating it, becomes apparent, allowing you to push it out of the aura, and dissolve it in a burst of energy. Continue this process until you have cleared all the harmful thought forms in the aura.
7) For the last step of the auric cleansing, scan the aura and body for any cords, beams of energy connecting you to someone or someplace else. Psychically reach out and “grab” the cord, and the connection if often revealed to you. Notice where the cord is in the aura. The location will be a clue to the type of harm it is doing to you. Cords in the heart indicate emotions. Cords in the belly are often fear or sexuality. Cords in the throat are communication issues. Cords in the back mean trust issues. When they are on the right side, it indicates masculine issues, and on the left, feminine issues. When you find a cord, pull it out gently. The cord may be lodged in your body or in the aura, in the space around your body. Bless and release whatever is attached to the cord. Do this in love and healing, not anger or malice. Resentment is a common feeling, particularly when disconnecting from an abusive relationship, but you are coming into your power now. Let it go as much as you can. Pull the cord out, and send white light down the tube, dissolving it safely, causing no harm to you or anyone at the other end. Release them by saying, “Blessed Be”. Fill in any holes created in your body or aura with white light, allowing it to change to the appropriate colour. Continue this process until you have cleared all cords. The cords revealed to you now are the issues you are prepared to clear. Check on all sides, above and below you.

8) Change your aura’s colour through intention, choosing a colour with qualities you desire. Do whatever feels good to you. You can even arrange colours in layers. If your aura is tight around you, expand it to a comfortable size. If your aura is large and diffuse - bring your boundaries into a comfortable space, roughly a bit wider than arm’s length.

9) Reaffirm your protection shield:
“I charge my protection shield to protect me from all harm on any level, and reflect love back on the source of the harm.”
Repeat this three times and end with:
“So mote it be.”

10) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. So any necessary grounding.

Aura Gazing

1) Light a candle and place it somewhere in easy view. If you can have it up against a neutral background, like a white wall, do so. Such backgrounds make the exercise easier. If you find using a white background difficult, hang a black cloth behind the candle. Take a few deep breaths. Stare at the candle flame. Do not focus on the flame or wick, but on the glow of light like a halo around the flame. Focus on this glow until you can see it. This is the first step of aura viewing. Blink as needed so you don’t stress your eyes. Remember, you’ll be looking with your spiritual eyes, not your physical ones, but we are giving your physical body a point to focus. Act like you are looking “through” the flame. Your eyes may go into a soft focus, or feel like they are crossing. That’s fine. Do not force it.

2) Gently bring the halo of light down to the base of the candle. See and feel the light at the edge of the candle, below the flame. As you gaze, slowly bring this glow around the edge down the candle. If you lose it at any point, go back up at the flame and start again.

3) Bring the glow not only around the candle itself, but also around the candlestick holder. This will probably be fainter than the candle, which was fainter than the flame. This glow may come in flashes and not hold continuously. That is normal. Close your eyes and rest for a few moments.

4) Now pick an object of power, something you have consecrated. Place it where the candle is, up against the neutral background. Let your soft gaze fall on the new object, and look for the same glow or halo around it. It is often seen as a fuzzy white outline about a half inch above the physical object.

5) When that feels comfortable, repeat step 4, but with a plant. This can feel like you are looking into its cells as patterns of energy.

6) Now take the black cloth in your lap and hold your hands over it. Rub your hands together and feel the energy between your palms. Let your soft focus fall between your hands. You may see wisps of smoke like energy trails. Others describe it as cotton candy. The black background makes it easier to see the energy, and the more practice you get, the less you will need the cloth.

7) Finally, have a partner stand up against the neutral background. Start by looking at the crown and allowing the soft halo to come into focus. As if the crown is the candle flame, bring down along the head and shoulders, and around the entire body. Again, it will probably appear as a haze an inch or so away from the physical outline. Allow that experience to happen, even if only for a moment. Get comfortable with it.

8) As you continue your aura gazing, you may start to notice more than just the first layer of the aura, what is called the etheric body. You may see a whole egg or sphere shape around the person. At first it will probably be the edge of it, but you may see an overlay of colour, from very faint to very vibrant. Think about the colours of light and what they mean to you as you gaze. You may be drawn to a particular location in the body and notice some imbalance there. Ask your partner if there was an injury or upset in that body part. The injury does not have to be recent. You will be surprised at how many “hits” you get, letting your intuition and gaze naturally take you to the part of the body needing attention.

9) Ask your partner to think of very specific things while you aura gaze, in order to notice the differences. Try thinking about “home” first. The word home is charged with many different emotional meanings, and could be a childhood home or the current living space. Take note, and then ask your partner how they feel about home, and match your observations with their thoughts. Try again with thoughts of “mother”, “father”, “job” and “someone with whom you have strong feelings”. See what reactions you get. Happy and unhappy associations cause different colour shifts in the aura.

Meditation: Showers of Light

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Visualize a cloud floating several feet above your head. The cloud can be white and fluffy, or dark and grey. It hovers a few feet over your crown.

3) The cloud will rain down drops of light. At any time, if you feel uncomfortable, experience the discomfort for a moment and, if you desire, change it to a more comfortable colour. If drops of light are causing the discomfort, you can change their form to snow, mist, bubbles, or a beam of light descending down upon you.

4) The cloud rains down drops of red light. Feel the ruby red drops descend upon you, and flow from your crown all over your body. They cover you inside and out, even inside and around your protective shield. Feel the energy of red light.

5) After a few minutes, change the colour of the drops, spending some time on each colour in the spectrum. Use the following order of colours at first, but when you repeat the meditation, change the order as you see fit.

Red - like a ruby
Red-orange - like the embers of a fire
Orange - like the fruit
Gold - like the metal
Yellow - like a lemon
Lime - like the fruit
Green - like the grass or an emerald
Turquoise - like the stone or warm seawaters
Blue - like the sky
Indigo - the colour of a clear, midnight sky
Purple - like a grape
Violet - like the flower
Black - like a windowless room
Brown - like the earth
Rust - like metal
Pink - like a flower
Silver - like the metal
White - crystal white like a prism or opal

6) After you spend some time with each colour, end on crystal-clear white light to clear out any remaining energies that you do not want to carry with you.

7) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

Spell: Protection Shield

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Be aware of your energy field, the space around your body at about an arm’s length. Feel your energy field like an egg or sphere around your whole body.

3) Visualize the edge of the energy field becoming like a faceted crystal. It is clear like quartz or diamond, and hard, strong, and protective. Let the light of your mind reflect in the dazzling facets of the gem. The crystal surrounds you, above and below.

4) Hold the intention of protection from all harm in your mind. The shield will protect you from all harm. It blocks harmful energy and allows in the energy you need for your highest good.

“I charge my protection shield to protect me from all harm on any level, and reflect love back on the source of the harm.”

5) Repeat the process as many times as you would like and hold the image. When done, let the image fade from your mind when it starts to wander. You can continue on to other meditations, or end your session.

Tree Meditation

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) In your mind’s eye, invite the image of a deciduous tree to appear, such as an oak or maple. You are seeking a tree that sheds its leaves in the winter. Feel it take form on your screen.

3) Project your consciousness into the tree. Become one with the tree.

4) The season is spring. Feel the warm Sun shine down upon you. The energy of the Sun awakens you to the world. Feel your sap moving through the main trunk. Feel the rain of the early spring showers. Absorb the nutrients and minerals in the soil beneath you. The soil is fresh from all the decaying leaves of winter. Feel the spark of life rejuvenate within you. Feel the buds form at the end of your branches and grow into small leaves.

5) Spring moves into summer as the Sun’s light grows brighter and warmer. The light of the Sun activates your cells, transforming light and carbon dioxide into your food. Feel your leaves grow bigger and greener. Feel yourself release oxygen, providing for all the living animals around you. Feel the birds within your branches and the insects crawling around your bark. None cause you any harm. This is exactly as it should be.

6) Summer changes to fall as the Sun’s light cools down. The days are still warm, but your energy has peaked. Your sap is running a bit slower. Your leaves are starting to wilt and change colour. Feel the rainbow of colours in your leaves. Notice that there are not as many birds around, but the squirrels are diligently busy collecting acorns. You may be making your seeds, acorns perhaps, and preparing to release them. Your leaves and seeds fall to the ground, and your branches are becoming bare once more.

7) Fall shifts into winter as the Sun seems to hide behind the clouds. Everything slows down. You move slower. The world seems to move slower. The air grows colder and you find yourself slipping into a deeper and deeper sleep, a hibernation. You await the spring.

8) Project your consciousness out of the tree, back through the magickal screen and into your body. As the Sun, water, and Earth all have an effect on the tree, aiding in its changes and growth, realize that your own changes and growth are the effects from many different sources in your life.

9) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance, and balance. Do any necessary grounding.