Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poem to the Water Element

Soothing calm,
And endless ocean
Water Undines
Empower my potion!

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  1. i chose to come out to my mother because shes my mother i thought she had the right to know what i believed plus she asked me about my book by scott cunningham and asked me if it involved witchcraft i told her yes, that is when she said it was "scary" lol. then she made sure i had read the bible enough to understand it but i sat firm and told her what i did and didnt believe in it. this is a religion im comfortable in im more comfortable with god as nature than god as a person i just dont agree taht it says in the bible that there should be no idolizing or depiction of god yet hes all over every church. i will always be wiccan no matter what anyone tells me i have found my place now i just need to find my purpose.

    blessed twilight you are special.