Monday, April 27, 2009

Ten Ways to Piss off a Pagan

* Be considerate, rearrange their altar so it will look neat.

* Blow out their altar candle if it is still day light. (No need to waste a good candle!)

* Pick up their gems for a closer look.

* Sharpen their dull black-handled knife.

* Witness to them about the "true religion".

* Untie the knots in their cord.

* Take hold of their jewelry for a closer look.

* Play card games with their Tarot cards.

* Ask them if they are Satan worshippers.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Symbolic Great Rite

“As our beloved Lord is to our beloved Lady
So is the athame to the chalice
That union being the Creator
That union being all that has been created
That union being my love and I.”

Invitation to the Lord and Lady

“Here do I invoke to aid my goal
My Father above and Mother below
Here do I invoke to bless this rite
Our Lord and Lady upon this night.

Here do I invoke that I may be whole
Their love into
My mind, body and soul
For thou art the gods that were
Thou art the gods that will be
And thou art the gods that are.”

Lustral Baths and Recipes

* Mix equal amounts of each herb with sea salt.

* Bundle it into cheesecloth and fill the tub with scalding water. Get in when the temperature is comfortable.

* When having the bath, try to think of nothing. Empty your thoughts.

* Take a palm full of sea salt and slowly let it run from your hand into the water. As you do, see the union of sky and Earth in your bath.

* Watch the water go down the drain, taking all your problems, worries and stresses with it.

* Infusion: Boil the ingredients over the stove. Allow to cool, strain and set aside for when needed.

Initiation Bath
2 parts rosemary
1 part sandalwood chips

Divination Bath (simple)
2 parts rose
1 part yarrow

Divination Bath (better)
3 parts damiana
2 parts thyme
2 parts yarrow
1 part rose
1 part nutmeg
1 part cinnamon (can be a skin irritant)

General Lustral Bath (for Sabbats)
3 parts rosemary
2 parts galangal
1 part ginger
1 part cinnamon
* Used to clean the soul as well as the mind.

Habit Breaking Bath
3 parts lemongrass
2 parts sage
2 parts rosemary
1 part lavender

Healing Bath
3 parts rosemary
2 parts peppermint
1 part rose
1 part lavender

Love Bath
3 parts lovage
2 parts rose
1 part orris root
1 part dill seed

Lust Inspiring Bath (for men)
2 parts jasmine
1 part rose
2 vanilla beans

Lust Inspiring Bath (for women)
2 parts patchouli
1 part rose
1 part myrtle

Prosperity Bath
3 parts patchouli
2 parts basil
1 part cedar
1 part clove

Protection Bath
2 parts pine needles
1 part bay leaf
1 part basil

Sleep Bath
3 parts lavender
1 part rose

Writer Talisman: A Ritual

Select a stone of your choice - it can be one with a writing correspondence, or simply one that you find pleasing. Cleanse the stone, then charge by placing it on your altar or under sun/moonlight for another 24 hours.

When you are ready to empower the talisman, dissolve some sea salt in a small bowl of water, and light a candle. Dip your fingertips into the sea salt water and anoint the stone as you repeat the following:

I bless this stone with water.
May the waters of inspiration flow through me!

I bless this stone with the salt of the earth.
May earth s constancy embolden me!

Now pass the stone above the candle flame as you repeat the following:

I bless this stone with air.
May air s transcendence blow through me!

I bless this stone with fire.
May the passions of fire inspire me!

Earth, air, fire, and water, now held within this stone.
May they gift me with energy and joy as I ply my craft.

Set the stone on your desk. Apply it to your crown chakra for inspiration.

Writer Charm

1) Begin with a 6 inch square of white fabric (the four sides represent the four elements).

2) On that fabric, place one or two pieces of citrine or hematite, a sprig of rosemary, and some fresh shavings from a pencil you write with.

3) Add a small piece of paper on which you’ve inscribed several stars. Recite the following:

Gathered here, within this square,
Signs of creative power.
Embolden thus my magick craft,
That I may write for hours.

4) Tie the fabric square shut and place it on your desk, or in the location that you do most of your writing. When you sit down to write, imagine that energy is pouring from the charm, ready to inspire your writing.

5) Each time you sit down to write, hold the charm in your hand and repeat the above rhyme. This will recharge the charm, allowing it to work indefinitely.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Solitary Affirmation Ritual

Place a flame at the north point of the stone circle, saying:

“I give honour to the Lands of my Gods,
Ancient and good.
And the power that is within them.
Hail Odin!”

Put a flame at the east point, saying:

“I give honour to the Winds of my Gods
Ever fresh and new,
And the power that is within them.
Hail Odin!”

Put a flame at the south point, saying:

“I give honour to the warm Sun of my Gods,
Ever giving of new life,
And the power that is within.
Hail Odin!”

Put a flame at the west point, saying:

“I give honour to the seas and lakes
And rivers of my Gods,
And the power that is within them.
Hail Odin!”

Stand before the altar and place a light before the Rune of Odin, saluting and saying:

“hail Odin, giver of victory,
Thou who knowest the runes of wisdom,
And of power.
Bring me again to be with thy people.
Those who know the strength of thy
Ancient ways.
Give me of thy wisdom.
That I may better honour thee
As I prosper in thy name.
Hail Odin!”

Add any other items which you might wish to mention to Odin, and then drink in his honour. Next place a light before the Rune of Thor, saluting and saying:
“Hail Thor, laughing, red-bearded
Thundered and guardian.
Bring me again to be with thy people.
Those who know the joy and robust power of thine
Ancient Ways.
Give me of thy might, and of thy laughter
That I may better honour thee
As I prosper in thy name.
Hail Thor!”

Add any other items which you might wish to mention before Thor, and then drink in his honour. Next place a light before the Rune of Freya, saluting and saying:

“Hail Freya the Fair One,
Beautiful enchantress, jewel of the Gods
And chooser of the mortals who are most honoured.
Bring me again to be with thy people.
Those who know the magick and beauty
And triumph of thine Ancient Ways.
Give me of thy pride and persuasion
That I may better honour thee
As I prosper in thy name.
Hail Freya!”

Add any other items which you might wish to mention before Freya, and then drink in her honour.

Stand silently for a long while, meditating on the presences of the Old Ones, the Gods of our folk who are eternally young, eternally powerful, and returning again here and now to cast their sacred presences about you. Sense their power about you. Now is the time to add any words which you would deem appropriate, for yourself or for others.

When you feel that the rite should end, face the runes of the Gods and take up the chalice one last time, saying:

“O Great Ones of High Valhalla,
I give honour to thee
For being with me here.
May some of thy presences
Remain within me as I leave.
And be ever near me, as well as with
Those who are my true people.
To thee do I drink this toast,
And pour this libation.
Hail Freya! (salute)
Hail Thor! (salute)
Hail Odin! (salute)

Pour some of the drink out before the altar, and drink what remains. Then put out the candles at the North, East, South and West. Stand before the altar with your arms out, saying:

“I thank thee, O Great Ones.
The rite is ended.”

Maiden’s Day (February 2)

Set up the ritual so that you face North. Take eight stones and lay them down at equal intervals starting from the north and working sunwise. Between the altar and the stone marking the north-point of the circle, place or draw the runes of the Gods: Odin at the center, Freya to one side and Thor at the other. Have a full chalice on the altar as well.

Light the candles at he four quarters and recite:

“I light here a flame
In honour of the coming season
Of chill, and of solitude.
Be with me now Odin, Freya, Thor!”

Light the candle on the altar.

“O Great Ones, I dedicate this place
In thy honour and for thy magicks.
Be with me, and in me, and of me,
Odin the Wise,
Freya the Beautiful,
Thor the Mighty.”

Sit before the altar and then raise the chalice.

“I drink to thee, O Great Ones.
Though I am the only one of our people
Here in this place, it is still
A place of the Gods.
So long as thy magical flame
Burns in my heart.
Hail Odin! (drink)
Hail Freya! (drink)
Hail Thor! (drink)
Hail Hulda! (drink)
I salute also the spirit of the Vala,
The far-seeing prophetess
Who sought out the patterns
Of the future for Great Odin.
Grant me thy clear vision,
O Wise Woman! (drink)”

Lay out the runestones which are symbolic of the coming season. Then take up pen and paper and write the runes which best summarize why you feel guilty, and all that you feel you have done wrong in the past. Scribe the runes, and write plainly all that bothers you the most about yourself. Spend a lengthy time looking at the runes and meditating on them all, looking for the link between the symbols and the season and what you wish to accomplish. Finally, fold your paper with your own personal desires runed on it, and burn it in the cauldron, saying:

“Hear me, O Hulda,
Dark Goddess of times for distant.
I place before thee the symbols
Of all which hinders,
Harms, and makes guilty
Within my own soul.
As this flame burns, O Ancient Norn,
I ask thee to consume all my guilt, all my pain,
That it be gone forever.
And leave me pure
In thy holy Name.
I swear by the Sun, O Dark One,
That I shall do all within my power
To build myself stronger, better,
And more noble
In the year to come.
And I thank thee,
O Goddess before the Gods.
Hail Hulda!”

Gaze into the flames for a long while to see if you can perceive impressions, images or patterns which might give some hint of the future. If so, write them down.

Next this time you may perform any other observances or meditations which you feel are appropriate.

When you feel that the rite should end, face the runes of the Gods and take up the chalice one last time, saying:

“O Great Ones of High Valhalla,
I give honour to thee
For being with me here.
May some of thy sacred presences
Remain within me as I leave.
And be ever near me, as well as with
Those who are my true people.
To thee I drink this toast,
And pour this libation.
Hail Hulda! (salute)
Hail Freya! (salute)
Hail Thor! (salute)
Hail Odin! (salute)

Pour some of the drink out before the altar, and drink what remains. Then put out the candles at the North, East, South and West. Then stand before the altar with your arms out, saying:

“I thank thee, O Great Ones,
This rite is ended.”

The Festival of Lights (December 24)

“I light my candle in honour
Of the Child of Promise,
Of a magickal time,
And a magickal night.

This is the time for wonder,
For living again the time of beauty
And of joy.
On this beautiful night I again
Renew, within myself,
The promise of hope and joy
For the seasons to come.

This is the time for wonder,
For magick, for enchantment,
And for love.
On this beautiful night I who am grown
Can once more remember a child’s joy,
And children can touch the sky!

May the Holy Lady bless my home,
My family, and all I own.
So mote it be!

May my Lord and my Blessed Lady
Give blessings upon me.
Let me give joy and good friendship
Before the Great Ones,
And in doing, honour them.
This rite is ended.
The Gods be with me!”

Festival of Odin (November 12)

“Let us give thanks
For the foods of the harvest, and
For the challenge of the hunt.
May the wise Allfather bless my home
And bless my animals, one and all.
So mote it be.

Let me give thanks
For the fullness of this time,
For the rich promise of the harvest time,
And for the love which binds my family
And my people.
May the Holy Lady bless my home,
My family, and all I own.
So mote it be.”

The Week of the Spirits (Halloween)

October 24 - Festival prelude. The children put up seasonal decorations,
and parents set up the family shrine.

October 25 - The Night of the Heroes. Remembering those of the family who have done much in war and in peace, and recounting their deeds.

October 26 - The Night of the Seers. Remembering ancestors who have dealt with the supernatural, who have foreseen the future, and telling stories of their adventures.

October 27 - The Night of the Martyrs. Those of our people who have died for their faith, their convictions, their freedom or for our people.

October 28 - The Night of the Bards. Artists, musicians and others who have spoken of or pictured the Old Ways, and those others whose work evokes magick.

October 29 - The Night of the Recent Dead. Remembering relatives and friends, and telling about their lives.

October 30 - The Night of Remembrance for Family Pets. Pets are family members; they must be recalled and their memories cherished.

October 31 - Family Fire Festival. After the mundane celebration of the night, conduct a prayer ceremony for souls still undergoing purification. Children relight the hearth and pilot lights. A commemorative midnight dinner is held, at which the dead are welcomed.

Winter Solstice Ritual

“The Ring of the Year continues,
Without beginning and without end.
The second half-year has passed.
This time of old was called the Wolf Season,
In our old lands a time of cold and harshness.
But surely as the warm seasons
Shall follow this,
So also shall out Gods be with us.

The times that shall come are cold,
Yet look to the sky
And see the promise that the High ones
Have made to us:
The stars which we call “Freya’s Gown”
Are high in the winter sky,
And the winter way winds from her feet
To mark the path of souls across the sky.
So also, in the coldest of seasons,
Is the promise of life and plenty to come.”

Prayer of the Dead

“We come from beyond the stars,
And beyond the stars we shall return,
Ennobled and possessed of great powers,
If we each prove ourselves worthy.
To one who is a hero of our people,
One who has done great things, learned much,
Death is but a portal to the Godhead
Which each of us can attain, in the fullness of time.
It is said that the Great Lords of High Valhalla
Once trod the sacred groves, and were as us.
Saluted the fierce and honourable wolf,
Honoured the raven as messengers of the Gods,
And learned wisdom. So shall it be with us.
Know that though we change form and essence
We shall be ever yet the same.
Know that, sooner or later, for each and all of us,
Our own divine and everlasting Sparks of life
Shall go beyond.
Shall range among a million million worlds.
Like great Odin himself, we shall eventually become as Gods,
To be in all times, and in all places.
This is Odin’s message to each and all of us.
Hail Odin!”

Samhain Ritual

“Ever-present at this time is the beautiful,
Yet dark and fearsome Ruler of the Realms
Of the Dead, known to men as Hellia or Hel.
She gathers in the souls at twilight’s end,
And gives to each, what each deserves.
Without hate, without love, without pity.
Hail, Queen of the Dead!

Let me now place flames before the
Portals of the East and West,
For at this night the veil between
The living and the dead are thin,
And in times long past did the Dark Queen
Lead the spirits and the shades on procession
Through the dark forests, the night,
And the storms
Of this Middle Earth of humankind.
So let me now, in symbol, open the path
That leads between the worlds.”

Light the candles in the appropriate colours in the West and East.
Pour the drink into the chalice.

“On this night, O Great Ones,
Do I offer thee mead in lieu of blood,
For the times have changed.
Yet our honour and reverence to Thee
Remains as unchanged now
As it was in ages past.
On this night may we drink to welcome
The Gods of High Valhalla, and the ghosts
Of those who were of our people
In times past.”

Drink now in honour of the dead, those whom you have loved, and those you know not, yet all who were your kindred.

Personal Cleaning Ritual

“Take now the parchment from the altar,
And writing implements.
In silence, put on thereon the symbolic runes
Of all within yourself which hinders,

Harms and makes guilty.
Think upon it, yet let it be known
Only to the Gods, and then it before
The Ancient One.
And afterward look into the flames,
And search for the future.”

Write or draw that which symbolizes your weaknesses and guilts. After you’re done writing, read the sheet aloud to yourself and burn it.

“Hear me, O Hulda,
Dark Goddess of times far distant.
I place before thee the runes
Of all which hinders,
Harms, and makes guilty
Within my own soul.
As this flame burns, O Ancient Norn,
I ask thee to consume all which weakens me,
That it be gone forever, and leave me
Cleansed and strong
In thy holy Name.
I swear by the Sun, O Dark One,
That I shall do all within my power
To build myself stronger, better,
And more noble
In the year to come.
And I thank thee,
O Goddess before the Gods.
Hail Hulda!”

When the paper is completely turned to ash, look into the flames for images, signs and the like that might attribute to the future.

Personal Blessing Prayer

“At this time, as in times far past,
Are those of us who follow the Old Ones
Blessed and consecrated in their sacred presence.
May the strength, power, magick, and wisdom,
The courage and the steadfastness
Of the Gods themselves
Remain forever within me.
Hail Odin!”

The Worshippers Chant

“I tread the path to the Rainbow Bridge
With joy in heart and flame in hand.
Call to the Gods and spread the word,
The Old Ways return across the land!”

Prayer to Gaia (Mother Earth)

“Since the first dawn I have been
A child of the good Earth.
Giver of life, giver of home
Giver of mysteries and magicks
That echo in our legends.
Care for me, O lands of my people
As I do love and care for thee.
Hail Earth, Mother of All!”

Invoking Freya

“O Noble Freya, Lady of the far Shining Realms,
Goddess of Power,
Leader of those who come for
The spirits of the noble dead,
Thou who takes away to thy realms
When day is done,
Beauteous Lady with thy necklace of enchantment,
Co-ruler with out great Chief Odin
Of the shining Lands of the Gods.
I call on thee, O blessed Freya
Be with me here, in this rite.”

Invoking Odin

“O Great Odin, Azure-Cloaked Wanderer
From the far, ancient lands of my people,
Lord of the Shining Ones
Who do protect my land, my folk and my family.
I call to thee to be with me here.
I call to thee across all of time
And all the worlds of the Gods.
Thy people are still here, O wise One,
Come to me again, and give me to drink of thy
Horn of life and of inspiration
That I may prosper once again.
Come to me now and be with me here.
Great Odin!”

Birthday Faerie Prayer

“Once upon a time,
On this special day of mine,
A rainbow spanned from heaven to Earth,
A bridge of light to bring my birth.
A childe of the heavens I used to be,
Now of the Earth I’m Blessed Be.
To celebrate my birth here today
I wish to make merry in the faerie way.
So sylph of air, salamanders of flame,
Come together and dance from Elphame.
Undines of water and gnomes of earth,
Welcome to my circle, on the day of my birth.
Birthday cake and mead so sweet,
I share with you to drink and eat.
So, faeries, now I invite you to tea,
To celebrate my birthday and Blessed Be.”

Ritual: Faerie Treedom

Prepare yourself, your altar and your circle for the ritual. The method of raising the power most suitable for this rite is “treading the spiral”. Sit before your altar in a comfortable position and say an invocation to the gnomes:

“To the gnomes I invite your King
Into the circle, please come in.
To follow a path I go seldom,
To tread the dream of faerie treedom.”

Now visualize the King of the Gnomes descending into your circle. He wears garments of brown and green and a crown of acorns. He carries a staff of twisted oak and comes with the energy of benevolence and the wisdom of the earth. He has a long grey beard which tapers down to his waist. Once you have visualized him entering the circle, then welcome him:

“Welcome to my circle divine,
A place of light, cast by thine.
Wise King of the Gnomes,
Take me to your home,
Right through the oaken door,
To the place that you do adore.
Blessed be.”

Now visualize the Gnome King placing a crown or tiara of acorns and leaves upon your head, a symbolic key for you to enter the realms of the gnomes. Now the King of the Gnomes will take you on a journey.

Imagine a majestic oak tree in the center of your circle. In the trunk is a small wooden door, carved beautifully into the oak. The Gnome King opens the door and enters, and you follow him.

As you close the door behind you, you feel that you are in the safest place you have ever been. The walls are rooty and meet the earthen floor, which is a rich red colour. There are torches flaming in the brackets on the walls, producing a warm orange glow throughout the inner tree trunk. You feel totally secure and held by the earth.

The Gnome King has started to walk down an earthy tunnel, rather like a large rabbit warren. He beckons you and you too start to make your way down the pathway. It is lit by torches and as you walk down it you spy glinting amethyst and rose quartz crystals bejewelling the walls. Everywhere is warmth and beauty.

The tunnel twists and turns, weaving and wending its way down on a slight incline all the way. At last the Gnome King reaches a jewel-studded door, glittering and shining with rubies and garnets. He opens the beautiful door and walks into a crystal chamber. It is glimmering with crystal pools of water and waterfalls running gently over sparkling semi-precious stones. There are also crystal caves within the chambers, with clusters of gnomes within them.

The Gnome King gestures for you to enter one of the beautiful caves. The gnomes within the cave part as you enter to reveal a stunning altar, fashioned by the roots and leaves of the oak tree. It is an obvious faerie altar with a chalice, crystal wand, plate of cakes, pentacle, smoking sweet-smelling incense and brown candles with flickering flames. You instinctively reach into your pocket and find a stone in your hand. As you bring it out you see that it is a stunning uncut ruby. You know that you must leave it on the altar as a gift to the gnomes.

Also on the altar is a gift for you. It is a piece of parchment with a painting of a gnome on the front. You pick it up and turn it over. On the other side is a message written flamboyantly in deep brown ink. It is a message for you and you alone are able to read it. It is a personal message from the gnomes to help you in some way. You may stay there and ponder on your message as long as you like.

Once you are ready to leave the crystal cave, the Gnome King goes through the jewel-studded door and leads you through the wending, winding earthy passageway once more. Soon you reach the oak tree entrance hall and the Gnome King indicates that you should leave through the wooden doorway.

You close the door behind you and visualize yourself back before your circle faerie altar once more. Visualize the oak tree in the middle of your circle dissolving and disappearing into thin air. Now complete your faerie Treedom experience by thanking the Gnome King:

“Wise King of the Gnome,
I came to your home,
I went through the oaken door,
To the place we do adore.
Now I bless and honour thee,
Revere the earth and Blessed Be.”

When you feel ready, you can open your eyes. If you are in need of a spell, now would be a good time for spell craft and if your rite is taking place on a waning moon, a banishing spell would be appropriate.

Once you have completed the work of your rite, then bless your cakes and mead and close down your circle, eventually ending up with your feast and not forgetting to leave an offering from it on your faerie altar or in your garden.

Faerie Blessing for Cakes and Mead

“Blessed Faerie King and Queen,
I have trod your land of dream.
Now I seek to honour thee
With Elphame food that blessed be.
With this mead and honey cake,
Of faerie food I do partake,
Two worlds are one within this rite
On this a most enchanted night.
Blessed be.”

Calling the Faerie Elements

“I call upon the Guardians of the East,
The sylphs of air,
I invite and invoke you,
By the whispering wind.
I call upon you to commune with me
And protect my rite.
So mote it be.”

“I call upon the Guardians of the South,
The salamanders of the flickering fire.
I enchant and invoke you,
By the summer’s warmth.
I call upon you to commune with me
And protect my rite.
So mote it be.”

“I call upon the Guardians of the West,
The undines of the shimmering water.
I beseech and invoke you,
By the sparkling rain.
I call upon you to commune with me
And protect my rite.
So mote it be.”

“I call upon the Guardians of the North,
The gnomes of the fertile earth.
I call and invoke you,
By the seed sower and the moonrise,
By the earth that is her body.
I call upon you to commune with me
And protect my rite.
So mote it be.”

“Of all the elements far and near,
Witness, bless and be present here.
Hail and welcome.”

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Healing Past Life Regression

1) Go to your Inner Temple, and connect with the guides and spirits that are appropriate for this healing. Reaffirm your protection shield, and feel the protection and love of your guides.

2) Ask to find the gateway of memories. Ask for the past life experience in need of healing that is correct for you. Once you are standing before the doorway, open it up. It will lead you through a long tunnel with many doors.

3) One door in particular will stand out to you, perhaps because of its colour or a symbol. This door leads to the past life correct for you. Go to that door and open it up. See the staircase descending, and walk it, counting each of the 22 steps backward, from 22 - 1.

4) Jump off the last step, and feel yourself jumping into your past life. Immediately look down at your feet. What are your impressions? What do you see? Are you wearing shoes? Scan your body upward and describe what you are wearing. Are you a man or a woman? Look up and around at your environment. What do you see? Do you recognize the time period or location? Access the memories of this person. Who are you? Where are you? What is the season? What is the year?

5) How do you feel in this life, physically and emotionally? Are you healthy? Are you happy? If you are uncomfortable or in any pain, you can step out of your body and observe the events like a movie on the screen of your mind. Try to remain focused on the life, yet detached. You are experiencing something in the past that can no longer hurt you. Witness and observe your feelings, but do not attach to any unwanted emotions or thoughts.

6) Is there anything in need of healing here for you? Ask your guides, healers, and higher self what to do to help heal this situation. They will guide you to the proper techniques, from simple compassion to healing light or spirit medicine. Perform what your guidance tells you to do.

7) When done, release your awareness and go back to the stairs leading to your inner temple. Walk up the stairs, counting from one to 22 as you go. Walk the hallway back to the center of your temple, and close the gate of memories. Listen for any messages your guides have, and ask any further questions.

8) Once done, return through the World Tree tunnel and stand before the World Tree. Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye, and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

Dream Herbs

* apple leaf and blossom

* chamomile

* catnip

* comfrey

* elder

* eucalyptus

* heather

* jasmine

* lemon/lemon balm

* vanilla

* lilac

* lily/lily of the valley

* valerian

* may flowers

* mugwort

* orris root

* rose

* sage

* sandalwood

Dream Gemstones

* aquamarine

* beryl

* blue aragonite

* blue calcite

* clear quartz

* Herkimer diamond

* laboratories

* moonstone

* mother of pearl

* opal

* pearl

* red jasper

* rhodochrosite

* selenite

* silver

* sugilite

Invocation of the Horned One

By the flame that burneth bright,
O Horned One!
We call thy name into the night,
O Ancient One!

Thee we invoke, by the moon-led sea,
By the standing stone and the twisted tree,
Thee we invoke where gather thine own,
By the nameless shrine forgotten and lone.

Come where the round of the dance is trod,
Horn and hoof of the goat foot God!
By moonlit meadow, on dusky hill,
When the haunted wood is hushed and still.

Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,
As the moon betwitches the midnight air,
Evoke thy powers, that potent bide
In shining stream and the secret tide.

In fiery flame by starlight pale,
In shadowy host that rides the gale,
And by the fern-brakes faerie-haunted
Of forests wild and woods enchanted.

Come! Come!
To the heart-beats drum!
Come to us who gather below
When the broad white moon is climbing slow
Through the stars to the heaven’s height!
We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night!
As black tree branches shake and sigh,
By joy and terror we know thee nigh.
We speak the spell thy power unlocks
At Solstice, Sabbat and Equinox.

Tree Breathing

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) Focus your attention on your heart. Bring all your awareness to your heart and remember that it is the center of compassion and unconditional love, the witch’s Perfect Love.

3) Imagine planting a seed in the fertile green light, the spiritual “soil” of your heart. Plant a seed of the same type as your World Tree.

4) Feel the water of your love nurture the seed. Feel the air of your mind coax it. Feel the light of your soul appear like sunlight and guide its growth. Feel the tree in your heart grow, with its trunk within your body, parallel to you spine.

5) Focus on the world below. Feel your inner tree’s roots reach down through your legs and feet and into the earth, connecting you to the heart of the earth and into the Lower World. As you inhale, feel yourself drawing up the energy below into your roots and into your body. Feel the energy below you. Breathe steadily for a few minutes.

6) Now focus on the world above. Feel your inner tree’s branches reach up through your crown and touch the stars in the heavens of the Upper World. As you inhale, feel yourself drawing down the energy of the sky realms into the branches. Feel it flow down into your crown and body. Feel the energy above you. Breathe steadily for a few minutes.

7) Alternate each breath, focusing on the world below for one full breath, and then the world above. Bring the energy into your body.

8) Simultaneously draw in energy from above and below with each breath. Breathe steadily for a few minutes.

9) As you breathe in the energy, will it to your heart chakra, and say to yourself the affirmation of “Perfect Love, Perfect Trust”, infusing the energy with this intention. As you exhale, feel the qualified energy fill your body. As you continue to qualify the energy and exhale, feel it expand into your aura, the energy field around your body.

Pathworking of the Enchanted Sherwood Forest

It is early autumn and the time is twilight. You are at the edge of Sherwood Forest and you can hear the strains of merry music coming from deep within the wood. You begin to walk along the well-trodden pathway, following the sounds of the music and laughter. As you walk, newly fallen leaves scrunch underfoot. You carry a candle lantern on a stick before you and feel quite safe walking alone on such a beautiful evening. The air is warm and the forest feels like a merry, welcoming place.

As you walk farther into the forest, the music and laughter gradually become louder. You feel that very soon you will be among the revellers. There is a sense of excitement in the forest, and you too feel excited at the thought of what you will find. You notice the nocturnal animals and birds of the forest beginning to emerge as the evening draws in. An owl hoots softly from a tree as you pass, and you see hedgehogs scurrying noisily and busily through the pathway of leaves.

All of a sudden the music stops and so does the laughter, just as you thought you were about to come to the woodland party. Instead you turn a corner, and before you is an enchanting sight to behold. You have come across a forest clearing, but it is illuminated with what must be a hundred lanterns suspended from branches, tucked in nooks of trees and forming a circle in the magickal glade. There is an air of mystery and enchantment, as if you have stumbled upon a faerie grotto. You also have the feeling that you are being watched, not in a sinister way but with curiosity and mischievousness.

In the center of the forest glade is the most enormous tree that you have ever seen. It is an oak. Its girth is huge and there is a cavernous entrance in the trunk, large enough for several men to enter at once. This entrance is lit by lanterns hanging on branches that are stuck in the earth. Suspended around it are little bells that tinkle in the breeze, acorns threaded on string and wooden wind chimes clanking gently in the autumn wind. This entrance sight seems to be a bewitching invitation to enter the tree.

You walk into the glade, illuminated by the lanterns, and all at once you feel as if you have entered another realm, a magickal place, not of this time or this Earth. As you walk into the tree, again you feel a shift in the atmosphere and now you are in a different realm entirely. The tree trunk is completely hollow and the woody walls are lit by torch flames. You feel safe in the tree, encircled and held by the earth and all its magick.

As you look around you, you see things that you feel could belong to Robin Hood in nooks and crannies in the tree trunk. In a knotty alcove lies a quiver of arrows, as if waiting to be used. Hanging from an inner branch is a green velveteen hat, almost moss-like, with a single feather in its side. In another woody nook is a goblet fashioned entirely from wood. You touch the goblet and it is exceptionally smooth, something only elfin hands could have created. On another wooden hook hangs a horse’s bridle made from the finest and softest leather and trimmed in moss-green velvet. You feel honoured to be in Robin’s realm and you feel that he could have just left the tree trunk hideout seconds before you arrived. You can almost touch his presence in the hideout, yet you instinctively feel that he and the rest of the forest revellers do not with to be seen.

You leave the tree hideout and walk back into the glade. It is totally night now and the tree lanterns sparkle and wink in the moonlight, swaying in the breeze.

As you leave the woodland clearing you hear music and laughter once again. Their revelling had been suspended for you to enter at least part of the forest magick. As you walk along the pathway, back to where you first began your journey, you feel something in your pocket. You reach in and pull out the feather that had been in Robin Hood’s moss-like cap. Taking this piece of magick home with you, finally you reach your destination, the edge of the forest.

Calling the Faeries to the Circle

“Dearest Faerie King and Queen,
My elfin mentors who are unseen,
To learn the magickal faerie art
Is the wish within my heart.”


“Dear Faerie King and Queen,
Take me to the land of green,
To the realm where no one knows
Of the land of elves and trows.
Faerieland is not quite here,
Through the arch in another sphere.
An enchanted place,
Through time and space.
Take me away.
Be sure to bring me back today.
Blessed be.”


“I claim the faerie priesthood.
With you I follow, pixie-led,
To use this gift for only good.
A magickal path to faerie tread.
Blessed be.”

Opening Your Faerie Wings

Imagine that you are walking towards a misty green veil. You are quite safe and no harm will come to you. Proceed towards the green veil, made of the finest fabric you have ever seen, and push your way through it. You will find yourself in a beautiful place belonging to fair Elfland.

A serene garden awaits you. Here there are many varieties of roses, all in full bloom. Lavender bushes adorn the perimeter of the lovely garden and you can tell that the garden is regularly tended. All the elements are represented here: there is a small ornate pool with a white cat sitting at the edge and occasionally tapping the surface of the water with her dainty paw, there are garden lanterns with flickering candle flames around the pool’s edge, there are little ornate windmills turning in the breeze and there are smooth pebbles and crystals at the pool’s edge. The elemental faeries are hidden, but this is their place and they will assist you in your work.

Today you require the help of the sylph faeries of the air. In your mind, call upon them politely to assist your Pathworking. Ask them to be with you in this winged meditation.

After you have done this you may feel their presence in the garden. If you do, then in your imagination reach into your pocket, where you will find a feather. Place the feather by the windmills as your acknowledgement of the faeries and your offering of thanks.

Imagine that you are sitting down on the grass by the little windmills. Take a few deep breaths of the sweet-smelling air and concentrate on being really relaxed. You are going to focus on your body. Imagine a lovely green light surrounding it. This light raises your spiritual self to a higher vibration and brings you more in tune with the garden and all of nature.

Now focus on your skin. Imagine that it is sparkling all over, as if a faerie had painted you with rainbow glitter. Now you are a being that resonates with the beauty and magick of the garden. Visualize them enhancing your psychic awareness and making it possible for you to metamorphosize.

Now focus on your back and visualize a green bud on either side of your shoulder blades. These buds are bursting with life and you can see and feel them quivering, waiting to unfurl. They contain your faerie wings, but before they unfold you need to decide how you want them to appear. You may feel drawn to grow wings fashioned from gossamer thread, dainty and easily carried by the wind. Alternatively, you may desire wings which align you to a particular insect or bird - butterfly, moth - or the feathered wings of a blackbird or dove perhaps. The choice is yours, but each of these wing types comes with its own special energies, and you need to feel comfortable with your own wings’ magickal personalities. Choosing wings that you feel especially drawn to and can imagine easily is important, as they will become part of your own etheric body.

Focus on your wings buds again and then visualize your wings, crumpled and damp at first, slowly emerging from the bud kernels. Use your mind and will to move them. Unfold them fully, so that their span reaches out to the very tips. For a few moments, let them be still to dry out in the breeze and the sun. Take this opportunity to really feel that they are part of your etheric body. Feel the weight of them on your back and imagine you have sensations in them. If you have feathered wings, you can feel the breeze ruffling through your feathers. If you have insect or gossamer wings, you can feel the sun drying them out and making them first and taut, ready to take flight.

Once your wings have dried in the sun, extend them skywards and reach the tips to the sky. Go on, give them a stretch! Feel how beautiful you are with wings and sense the opportunities that they give you. Feel free to embellish them. If they are butterfly wings, give them a pattern, for example. Let your vision have no boundaries, for these are your wings and they are the embodiment of your freedom in every sense.

You need to become accustomed to your faerie wings and also the way your body feels with them extended. Give your wings a ripple. Flutter each in turn and watch them too, feel happy at their appearance. Be joyful to own faerie wings. Flap them about as much as you like and have a good giggle at the same time if you want. Really revel in the experience.

When you have had enough of exercising and playing with your faerie wings, then it is time to put them away for now. In future pathworkings you may eventually fly with them, when you feel that the time is right. However, you need to become fully accustomed to their sensations before you do.

Imagine your wings are folding up very tightly into the wing buds until all you can see are the green buds on your back. Dissolve the green light around your body and brush the glitter away with the palms of your hands. Bid the garden farewell, stand up and walk towards the green veil. Once you have walked through it, you find yourself back in the everyday world.

The White Faerie Mare’s Spiral

Imagine that you are standing at a gate which leads into a meadow. The time is midsummer and it is duck. The meadow is full of long grass, be speckled with wild flowers, buttercups and clover. In the center of the meadow is a white mare. She has a flowing mane and tail and her white coat shines under the moonlight. You watch her as she grazes for a few moments. She is completely at peace and is an enchanting sight. The mare wears a white velvet bridal and the reins hang loosely around her withers. Attached to the reins are many tine bells.

After observing her for a while, you climb over the five-barred gate into the field. You are wearing light summer clothing and your feet are absolutely bare. Before you reach the mare you stop at a cluster of daisies. You feel an impulse to make a daisy chain, so you sit down in the long grass and become absorbed in the activity of splitting the little stalks and threading.

When at last you complete the daisy chain, you look up and see that the mare has wandered over to you. You stroke her soft white muzzle and it is like velvet to the touch. You say, “Hello”, and pat her strong white neck. She appears to be very friendly and loving, and as a special gift you give her your daisy chain by placing it over her head.

You spend a few moments patting, stroking and generally becoming acquainted with the mare. She has a wonderfully gentle and wise energy about her, and you feel relaxed in her presence.

When you feel that you are comfortable with her, you gather up the velvet reins and climb upon her bare back. The evening has waned to night now, and the full moon’s light leaks gently into the meadow and dapples through the trees that surround the field. It is a good, safe feeling being astride the hose as you hold the reins and look across the meadow as the grass and wild flowers sway in the breeze. You suddenly become aware of the elements and feel as if you are experiencing a heightened state of awareness. Each second is a minute, each minute is an hour and you are very mindful of the breeze. It is a soft, light breeze and very pleasant on this warm summer’s evening. You feel the breath of the wind running across your face and body and you see it ruffle the horse’s long white mane. It tickles your toes and makes you feel alive and free. That is where the white faerie mare wants to take you, not to a place, but to a feeling. She is aliveness, the embodiment of a free spirit. Let her take you to the place where your spirit can soar. Succumb to the sensations of freedom and be totally and utterly in the bliss of tranquility and oneness with nature.

The bells on the reins tinkle beautifully in the fine breeze and the mare begins to walk slowly and deliberately in a large clockwise spiral. She seems to know exactly where she is taking you. Trust her to take you on the journey and just relax into the experience. Take in the enchanting stillness of the night and as the mare walks in her spiral, feel the tips of the long grass touching the soles of your feet. This is a sensory journey, and your body is attuning itself to the small and beautiful details of the meadow and the mare. Feel relaxed and in control, feel the breeze, the grass on your feet, the moonlight on your eyelids, hear the bridle bells tinkle. This is all for you. Care not where you are heading, but drink in the experience of the moment.

The faerie mare is treading a spiral in the meadow, but also a spiral in the universe. She is treading the dream, taking you from one world to another through the portal of your senses. Everything feels calm and you may feel a sense of bliss and oneness with the universe.

The mare’s steps start to become smaller as her spiral brings her to the center of the meadow. You begin to see small winged faeries surrounded by light dancing on the spiral path that she has trod. You also notice that the spiral pathway has made the grass a darker green than the rest of the field.

Once she has reached the very center of her spiral, the faerie mare stops walking. The stillness of the meadow and the night touch you and you begin to feel lulled by the whole experience. You feel safe enough to lie back on the mare’s body and close your eyes. For a few moments you can freefall and just listen to your senses and the calmness within. With your eyes still closed, feel the breeze on your face and the measured breathing of the horse beneath you. Feel held by the universe in these moments. Your body is safe with the faerie mare, so let your spirit wander in the tranquility.

The white faerie mare nods her head gently, causing her bells to ring. This brings you back to the meadow and to yourself. You open your eyes and sit up on the mare’s back.

Once you are comfortable and ready, the mare begins to retrace her steps back along the spiral. You feel relaxed and refreshed as you let her carry you on the spiral pathway.

Continue to take in your surroundings as she treads the pathway. You are becoming aware that the mare is no ordinary horse. It feels as if she is a faerie queen in a horse’s body, as if you are being carried by an aspect of the goddess, a beautiful being for whom your spiritual well-being and happiness are the utmost concern.

Soon the circle becomes more expansive, and as it does so do you feel more and more alert and less aware of the microcosm of the sensory world.

The mare eventually halts at the meadow gate, and you pat her neck and reluctantly slide down from her back. You stroke her muzzle and kiss her forehead before you climb over the gate to end your Pathworking. The faerie mare wanders contently back into the depths of the meadow and grazes once more at the nucleus of the spiral pathway.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Snow Queen’s Procession

You see before you a field at twilight covered in virgin snow, in the field is a mound, or hollow hill as it is known, and beyond that are snow-covered woodlands. It is the night of the full moon and the stars shine sharply in the darkest blue sky. The snow glitters in the moonlight as the sky slowly creeps to black. You stand all alone in the tranquil surroundings.

When it is completely dark, you begin to walk through the snow towards the hollow hill, leaving deep footprints as you go. You are dressed warmly, all in white.

As you approach the hollow hill, you see something sparkling and glistening next to it. It seems to be transparent and quite beautiful, and if you are not mistaken it is a sleigh. It seems to be a solid object and is one of the most beautiful and engaging sights you have ever beheld. Sparkling around it are coloured lights that appear and disappear in the darkness. You recognize them as faerie lights and you feel in a very magickal and special place.

The faerie lights gravitate to the ground before your eyes. As you watch them, they begin to transform into faerie beings, lantern-bearing snow spirits.

You have hardly had time to take in this astonishing sight when you hear the sound of excited dogs playing and barking in the woods next to the field. You can also see the bobbing and swaying of a large lantern being carried through the dense woodland. The snow sprites around the sleigh start to chatter excitedly and gather upon the glistening sleigh, lighting it up with their tiny lanterns.

The dogs seem to be drawing nearer, together with the luminescent lantern. At last you can just about see through the darkness of the trees who the lantern-bearer is. You recognize the Snow Queen herself, Holda, grasping a long spiralling stick with her magick lantern suspended on it. The lantern seems to emanate a silvery white light, quite unlike a candle flame. The queen is tall and slender and has bountiful dark hair which reaches in cascades of curls to her knees. She wears a striking white dress with a fur-edged train at the back which glides across the snow, creating a swift swishing sound. She also wears a heavy white velvet cloak with a fur-trimmed hood. Her face is animated and vivacious. She is a beautiful creature with a twinkle in her bright blue eyes and a smile on her red rosebud lips. She comes with a kindly energy and being in her presence feels magickal.

When the Snow Queen reaches the sleigh, her pack of husky dogs gather quickly into their respective places at the front of the sleigh. They do this without fuss, as if they know exactly what is coming next. The snow sprites buckle the dogs into white leather harnesses. The Snow Queen gestures with her hand for you to get into the sleigh. You sit down on the sheepskin-covered seat and she seats herself next to you.

You have a feeling of excitement and suspense as everything feels so enchanting. All at once it begins to snow in moonlit flurries and you are transfixed by the falling flakes. As though that were the cue to begin, the Snow Queen rings a little bell on the sleigh. At this sign the dogs begin to pull the sleigh swiftly and smoothly across the snow meadow. They are enthusiastic in their endeavours and seem to be enjoying every minute. For you too the sleigh ride is a joyful experience; the breeze flies through your hair and the sleigh is lit up by the many tiny lanterns which the snow sprites hold. It is an exhilarating experience. You sit back and revel in the fun of it all.

Then the Snow Queen rings the little bell once again and without warning the sleigh glides up into the air, the dogs pulling it upward into the starry sky. The Snow Queen whoops with delight and, like you, seems to be enjoying the whole journey immensely.

You ascent becomes steeper as the huskies climb higher into the clear night sky. The flurries of snow still whirl all around the sleigh, even though there appear to be no clouds. It is as if this were the Snow Queen’s own personal snowfall that follows her wherever she goes. Although you are high in the winter sky, you do not feel the slightest bit cold, but surprisingly warm.

The snow flurries seem to be getting more intense, and for a few moments you cannot see where you are going. Then the snow whirls suddenly disperse and everything has altered. You seem to have entered another place. You are travelling over another landscape entirely. The woodlands are no longer English, but Scandinavian forests of tall spruce trees, topped with caps of snow. The landscape is dramatic and the countryside expansive.

The Snow Queen rings the little bell once more and the huskies begin to descend into a clearing in the forest. You cannot see exactly where you are going to land, but you do see hundreds of coloured faerie lights twinkling below. After a few moments it becomes clear that you are heading for a glorious lantern-lit frozen lake in the middle of the dense forest.

The sleigh glides gracefully and smoothly down to land on the ice. As you look around you, you realize the place is utterly enchanting. There are hundreds of snow sprites bearing lanterns around the perimeter of the frozen lake. In the center of the ice is a gorgeous faerie altar, decorated with swathes of white velvet, tiny white flowers and lanterns, emanating the same silvery white light as the Snow Queen’s lantern. At the center of the altar are two icicle crowns. One is large and ornate and rests on a circlet of white velvet. Eight snow sprites glide over and, taking hold of the crown, place it on the Snow Queen’s head. She kisses them all and they seem to find this very amusing and giggle a lot! They then glide to the smaller, more intricate icicle crown. This time they place it on your head. With this gesture you have been honoured by the faeries and granted entry into their realm. The Snow Queen kisses you on both cheeks. Her kiss is not cold, as you would expect, but extremely warm, so warm that you feel filled with love.
She climbs back into the beautiful sleigh with you by her side and rings the tiny bell once more. Suddenly a flurry of whirling snowflakes encompasses you both, the huskies and the sleigh. It is not an unpleasant experience and you can see the pattern of each individual snowflake as they swirl before your eyes. For a few moments, there is nothing except glittering snowflakes. Then you hear the little bell once again and the flurry subsides. Although you had no sensation of traveling anywhere, you are now sitting in the sleigh in the field next to the woodland where you set off. The Snow Queen is standing next to the sleigh with her lunar lantern, surrounded by her excited huskies. She smiles and blows you a kiss and then begins to walk into the woodland, disappearing a few moments later. The snow sprites take your hands and guide you out of the sleigh. You step out and take one last look at the enchanting faerie sleigh.

Your journey to the faerie realm is complete. Bid the sprites farewell and when you feel ready you may open your eyes.

The Norse World Tree of Nine Worlds, Yggdrasil

Upper Worlds

1) Asgard - The realm of the ruling gods, the Aesir. Gods such as Odin, Thor, and Balder belong to this tribe. In our soul cosmology, the first world represents our god consciousness, the higher self.

2) Alfheim - the realm of the light elves. Though not the Aesir, they are Upper World spirits of enlightenment and awareness. Some think of this realm as a world of the semi divine, of demigods and enlightened ancestor spirits who live with the elves. In our personal inner tree, Alfheim is our intellect and awareness.

Middle Worlds

3) Midgard - the realm of mortals. Humanity is found in the center of the tree. Some gods are more concerned with the realm of the mortals than others. In our inner anatomy, Midgard is the middle self and the body. Here we find our day-to-day consciousness.

4) Niflheim - the realm of ice energy, one of the primal forces in the Norse cosmology. Ice is the power of stasis and solidity. Many would equate it with the earth elemental principle.

5) Jotunheim - the realm of the giants. Mythically the giants are in battle with the gods. They represent the forces of motion and change within all things. This force could be equated with the air elemental principle.

6) Muspellsheim - the home of the other primal polarity - fire. Paired with ice, the two forces provide the dynamic motion of Norse myth and magick. Muspellsheim has obvious associations with the elemental quality of fire.

7) Vanaheim - the realm of the Vanir, a tribe of gods more attuned to earthly concerns than with heavenly ones. In a war with the Aesir, the Vanir were defeated. As part of the truce, the tribes exchanged gods. The Vanir gave the Aesir custody of Freya and Frey, the two primal gods sometimes seen as embodiments of the Lady and Lord. The realm of Vanaheim is one of natural balance. Vanaheim is sometimes connected with the forces of elemental water by modern pagan practitioners.


8) Svartalfheim - the mirror image of Alfheim, being home to the dark elves, the dwarves, and the spirits of nature that dwell below. They are considered mischievous and sometimes even malicious. Svartalfheim, in our inner world, is the realm of emotion.

9) Hel - the lowest of the worlds. Hel is the realm of the Underworld, the realm of the dead ruled by the goddess Hel. This is simply the realm of the dead, not of punishment or torture. In our inner tree, Hel is the unconscious realm. When you become more aware of the lower energies of Svartalfheim and Hel, you are in contact with your lower self.

The Gnome Pathworking

As you enter the woods, you notice a magnificent tree. It is a glorious old oak with twisting vies and ivy growing all around its wide trunk. Its roots spread out, spanning the earth all around it and giving a sense of expansion and security. Such is the friendly nature of the tree that you feel invited to sit beneath its majestic boughs.

You sit down on the cushioned moss-covered ground with your back leaning against the trunk of the tree. This in itself is a pleasant and peaceful experience and you are lulled into repose by the tree’s serenity. You enjoy the relaxation that being in the company of the oak brings.

Gradually the tree becomes the centre of everything, the only thing that matters in your slumbering mind. After a while you feel a glowing warmth next to you. You look down to see an orb of amber light, glowing and pulsating by a thick root. Slowly the light fades and in its place, still surrounded by an aura of amber light, stands what you instantly recognize as a gnome. He is about six inches tall and wears a moss-green jacket with matching trousers. He wears no shoes and his pointy hat is also green. He has a kindly face and of course a beard, which is very fluffy and more like the ‘old man’s beard’ which blows off trees in the autumn than a human beard. He seems to be very preoccupied with sewing a blanket that appears to be torn in the middle. The blanket is made from leaves, all sewn together with minute stitches, intricately worked.

You watch him for a few moments sewing his little faerie stitches. He seems to be concentrating so deeply on his task that he is completely absorbed, almost as if it were a meditation. You also become drawn into the methodical sewing and you wonder if he is aware of you sitting next to him. As if in reply to your thought, he looks up from his sewing, smiles and nods you a greeting. Then the orb of amber light around him begins to shimmer and glow. It pulsates for a moment and then suddenly disappears, as if it were a bubble that has burst.

Your faerie bubble has also burst as you find that with the gnome’s disappearance the woods appear normal again. The tree no longer dominates everything and seems to be just an ordinary tree. You get up and walk out of the woods into the sunshine, your Pathworking now complete.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Undine Pathworking

You enter the beautiful woodland on a fine midsummer’s day. As you do so, you hear a lovely woman’s voice singing in the distance and you are instantly drawn to it. You begin to follow the woodland pathway in the direction of the entrancing singing. The song sounds joyous and full of feeling and you have never before heard a voice so exquisite. You long to find out whose it is.

As you make your way along the footpath, all sound seems to be accentuated. You notice the birdsong more than ever before, the rustle of the breeze among the trees and the bees buzzing among the wild flowers. You pass the clearing where you sat with the sylph butterfly and continue on your journey. All the time the voice seems to be getting louder and you believe that you must be getting nearer to the singer.

Quite suddenly you turn a corner and find yourself beside a still pool. The water seems cool and inviting, and you realize that the singing has faded away. You sit down beside the woodland pool. There are dragonflies skimming the surface of the water, their shimmering bodies catching rays of sunlight. You take your shoes off to feel the cool damp moss beneath your feet and it is a pleasant experience.

A dragonfly skims very close to your feet, which makes you look up. You immediately notice a very beautiful young woman sitting on the opposite side of the pool. She could almost be human, but there is something a little fey about her. So striking is this feeling that you feel honoured to be able to see her. She sits on the wet moss as you do, but she is naked, with a pale slender body, almost tapered at the ends. Her hair is the most amazing sight, for it is black, wavy and luxuriant and reaches down to her knees, draping most of her body. A little frog sits beside her. She seems to be talking to him and he seems to be listening. You do not think that she has noticed you until she looks up from her tete a tete with the frog and gives you a little smile. She then slips effortlessly into the water and disappears, apart from her hair, which splays out on the surface of the water. You reach out to try and touch a thread of it and feel water weed slipping through you fingers. With faerie glamour, she has become her element.

Feeling as if you have witnessed a very special faerie, you leave the poolside and retrace your steps to the pathway. As you walk back along the footpath you begin to notice things that you don’t think were there before: little coloured orbs of light in the trees, spiders’ webs glistening in the sun and a feeling of the consciousness and interconnectedness of nature.

After a magickal walk you reach the end of the pathway and emerge into the sunshine, bringing an end to your Pathworking.

The Salamander Pathworking

Imagine that you are in the woodland once more, but this time following a different footpath. This is a steeper pathway carved into a hill. The uphill walk is made easier by some steps made from wood build into the earth at intervals. You begin by following the steps and the sun beats down, as this pathway is less shady, being at the edge of the woods.

As you reach the top of the path, you see a stable and a barn. There are two chestnut horses in a meadow beyond, grazing contently. Outside the stable you notice a small smouldering bonfire where stable waste and dry hedge clippings are being burnt.

The smoke spirals upwards into the sky as if it has a consciousness of its own. This catches your eye and you stop and watch. The smoke seems to be spiralling in the most peculiar and beautiful patterns, quite unlike any smoke you have seen before. This entrances you and you sit down on a tree stump to watch it.

After a few moments you begin to see a form within the smoke. It is a long, thin tapered faerie form, its limbs are lithe and seemingly flow into the rest of the smoke.

Suddenly you become more aware of the breeze; it is accentuated in your mind and senses. It must have been there before, but you do not recall it. You think you hear tinkling bells on the breeze, but you cannot be sure where they are coming from. It is a smoke salamander. Your attention focuses on the smoke salamander once again and she seems to be dancing to the faerie bells on the breeze. She is enjoying every movement of it and you take pleasure in observing her. As she dances her body elongates and then comes back to its original shape (such is the nature of smoke) changing its form continually. She seems to be aware that you are watching her. Your senses are heightened and you are experiencing the natural world in a timeless bubble of bliss.

After you have watched the smoke for a while, the faerie fades and the smoke once again spirals with no particular form. You turn and retrace your steps down the wooden stepped hillside until you come out into the sunshine outside the woods.

Your Pathworking has ended and you may now open your eyes when you are ready.

The Sylph Pathworking

Imagine that you are in an English woodland with many varieties of trees. There is a pathway wending its way through the trees, flanked by moss and trailing ivy. The time is mid-summer and the woods are at their most lush and vibrant.

Follow the pathway into the woods. You are completely alone and the only sounds come from the birds singing, insects buzzing and your own footsteps. Take in your enchanting surroundings as the late afternoon sunlight dapples on the green leaves and the pathway.

After a short walk along the footpath, you come to a pleasant clearing. A fallen tree lies here amidst an array of wild flowers. The tree trunk is luxuriantly covered in moss, so you may take a seat there. Sitting down, you can watch the many butterflies which are fluttering and flitting among the charming wild flowers. You sit for a while, taking in the fresh air and watching the butterflies in the beautiful clearing.

After a while one butterfly in particular catches your attention. The sunlight seems to catch it most mysteriously, almost as if it is surrounded by an aura of golden light. You become very interested in this particular butterfly and focus upon its movements. Sometimes it flits very close to you and you can actually see it taking nectar from the flowers. It is a red admiral butterfly and the patterns on its wings are incredibly detailed.

Suddenly your special butterfly comes to land on the mossy tree next to you. Although you have seen no actual transformation, it appears that it is not a butterfly after all, but a sylph faerie. He has the exquisite wings of a real admiral butterfly and the slender body, but he is definitely a faerie. He is slightly furry all over his body and face and his eyes are velvety black. He blinks a few times and definitely looks at you as if he has something important to say: a message perhaps, or a question. A breeze rustles around the trees and the woodland clearing, the sylph faerie takes off to join the other butterflies and now, quite strangely, becomes indistinguishable from the other butterflies tending the flowers.

You get up and retrace your steps back to the footpath. As you walk along the track, you wonder what the faerie wanted to say to you. Perhaps you will find out when you visit the clearing once more. When you have reached the end of the pathway, come out of the woods and into the sunshine. Now you can open your eyes in your own time. Your Pathworking is completed.

The Angel Wings Visualization

See yourself surrounded by sparkling white light, a light that could only be celestial in origin. The light fills your aura, shimmering and twinkling, as if it contains a million tiny stars. As you become bathed in the luminescent glow, it emanates a feeling of peace. Allow yourself to feel at peace and rest in the radiance of its beautiful energy. Know that you are safe and being held by the goodness of the universe. Relax into a peaceful state for a few moments and concentrate on the enveloping light.

After a while the white light begins to become energized and almost pulsates. Behind you, you sense a loving presence arriving. Very slowly you feel two enormous feathered wings reach around your body, as if they are screening and protecting you from any negativity. Allow the wings to enfold you and softly bring a feeling of pure love and devotion. You are in the arms of your guardian angel.

You may wish to see more of your angel at this stage or you may not. If you would like to, you may visualize yourself looking up to see them above you. They may show themselves to you in this visualization or they may leave this for another time. Just accept what happens and know that they are working with your best interests at heart. You may stay within the wings of your angel for as long as you like.

When you feel that it is a comfortable time to move on, you can visualize your faeriecraft pathway. See a footpath in the countryside before you. You may be walking through a meadow of wild flowers and sweet grasses or a woodland pathway covered in scrunch leaves and flanked by trees. The type of pathway is your choice, but it does symbolize your spiritual pathway with the faeries, so make it a beautiful image, perhaps filled with butterflies and crystals, running streams and spiders’ webs glistening with dew. Make it a pathway that you would definitely delight in treading.

Now visualize yourself walking along that footpath, and see your guardian angel walking by your side. Visualize this image strongly. See yourself and your guardian angel surrounded by the lovely luminescent white light. Stand back and see yourself and your angel both walking along the pathway until you have disappeared over the horizon. By going through this process, you are symbolically calling upon the assistance and protection of your guardian angel.

Now free your mind of the pathway visualization and come back to yourself, with your angel ever present behind you. Thank you angel, either mentally or verbally, and send out loving thoughts to them. Feel the angel’s wings gently releasing you from their enfoldment and as they do so the glow of the celestial white light begins to fade. After a few moments, you see yourself as you were before you began to visualize.

When you are ready, you may open your eyes and eat and drink. You can also leave a little thank you on your faerie altar to acknowledge your experience with you angel.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Meditation: Contacting the Gnomes

A little boy is walking in the woods in winter with his parents and he has brought with him a present for the faeries. At his favourite tree he stops and places a tiny piece of cake in a hidden nook within the roots. He stays a while talking to the faeries that he knows live in the beautiful old gnarly tree. He also leaves a sparkling stone from his garden that he has found and polished.

At last his parents call him, as they are walking deeper into the woods. The little boy reluctantly says farewell to the faeries and hurries on to his parents. Once he is certain the boy has gone, a white-bearded gnome pokes his head out from around a root. He has been there all the time, in fact his boots have been sticking out of a hole in between two crossing roots, but they have been very well camouflaged. He takes the cake and scatters it around the roots of the tree for the squirrels and birds. He then picks up the stone and smiles and places it in his waistcoat pocket. A shrew comes to sit next to him and he strokes it as if it were a cat. He seats himself on a mossy part of the tree and take out some knitting from his jacket pocket. He is knitting himself a pair of socks and methodically knits with the shrew curled up at his feet. He smiles as he knits and a purple light glows around his waistcoat where the stone lies in his pocket.

Meditation: Contacting the Undines

A young woman with long dark hair is sitting by the loveliest well she has ever come by. In fact she comes here whenever she can get away. If you could see the well, you would know why. It is in a lonely lush woodland and is made from stones, now covered in moss and lichen. The young woman is not the only one to have discovered the well, for it is believed to be a sacred place, associated with the goddess. Today around the walls, visitors have placed sprigs of primrose, feathers, stones, seashells, bunches of herbs and ribbons, all in honour of the goddess and the spirit of the well.

The young woman does not know why she is drawn here and why she feels a sense of peace when she visits. She could not tell you the reason why she has come here on a drizzly day, the air smelling of wet ferns and damp moss. As she sits beside the well she places her own bunch of primroses with the other offerings. She takes a deep breath and instantly feels at peace with her verdant surroundings and in turn with her inner self. She feels the breeze running through her waist-length hair and thinks for a split-second that she hears a woman singing on that breeze. She wonders if someone else is coming to visit the well. She listens for the singing again, but only hears the sounds of the woodland. She drops a primrose petal into the well water and watches the ripples spread across the sun-speckled water. When the ripples have ebbed away she looks down at her own reflection.

In the well water she sees a beautiful young woman with waist-length dark hair. She smiles when she smiles, she blinks when she blinks, so she thinks it must be her reflection. And yet there is something different today. She drops another petal into the water and the reflection ripples. She whispers her goodbyes to the well and starts to make her way back home, down the public footpath. She ponders on her reflection, not knowing why she is dwelling upon the image. Until she realizes one thing: her undine reflection was naked, whereas she had peered into the well fully clothed. The reflection could not have been her.

Meditation: Contacting the Salamanders

An old woman sits before her fireplace in a velvet armchair. She is so close to the fire that her slippered feet are almost touching the hearth. But she feels the cold, and evenings by the fireside knitting are her favourite form of comfort. Her contented tabby cat sits upon the arm of the chair and purrs contentedly at the all-encompassing heat that emanates from the fireplace.

The wood spits and crackles from within the flames as the fire gently roars. The coals glint and gleam with red heat and periodically tiny sparks from the dry wood flit from the flames onto the hearth tiles. The old woman gradually knits more slowly, until finally her hands rest motionless on her lap. The soporific gentle heat has lulled her to sleep. She falls willingly into dreams, while the cat is mesmerized by the flickering flames.

As the cat watches the blaze, entranced, the flames begin to take shape and look like long golden curls and wisps belonging to raptures of fiery-coloured hair. Through the center of the flaming locks slowly emerges the mischievous face of a captivating young girl. She throws her head back and appears to be totally absorbed by her own being. She has a warm and loving feeling radiating from her. She peers out at the cat, who is mildly interested in her appearance. She blows a kiss to him and as she does so, several sparks spit from the coals onto the hearth. When the cat receives the salamander kiss his eyelids become heavy and eventually he too succumbs to the blissful warm sleep that the old lady rests in.

With no one to add more logs to the fire, it slowly dies down. The salamander’s hair becomes less ravishing as the fire diminishes to a flameless heat of hot coals, twinkling red stars into the room. The salamander rests her head on the coals and closes her eyes, preparing herself to be reborn from the ashes tomorrow.

Meditation: Contacting the Sylph Faeries

Imagine a garden in the autumn. A little girl is there, dressed in a woolly hat and coat. There is a blackbird sitting on the fence whistling its morning song. The little girl calls to the blackbird, whom she visits every morning before she goes to school. The blackbird is singing as if to her, watching her from the fence with an extraordinary knowing look in his eye. The little girl has a small piece of folded paper in her hands, which she holds up as if to show the blackbird.

Her mother’s voice calls from inside the house, telling her that it is time for her to get ready to go to school. She puts the little letter she has written to her blackbird friend under a heavy stone, then she runs inside.

When the blackbird is sure that the little girl is inside the house, he hops down from the fence, landing on the large stone. His wings begin to shimmer with a green light which then surrounds his whole body. The beautiful sleek black feathers on his body transform into feathered garments draping a faerie form. The sylph boy looks an enchanting creature with his slanting green eyes and long black hair. His shoes are lined with feather down and his trousers and jacket are the green-black of a blackbird’s sheen. He tugs the letter out from underneath the stone and tucks it in his black jewelled crown. He pulls out a feather from his wings and leaves it under the stone for the little girl to find. He raises his wings to their full span and all at once he is encircled by a whirl of green light. He takes flight to a nearby tree and there he stands on the edge of a blackbird’s nest and takes the letter from under his crown. He places the precious letter in the nest, among the moss and down, as if it is a piece of treasure.

Wiccan Cartoon #6

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meditation: Lift up your elbows

Take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take another deep breath, filling your stomach, your diaphragm, and finally your lungs. Hold this breath for five seconds…1-2-3-4-5... And exhale, allowing the breath to exit your lungs first, then your diaphragm, and finally your stomach. Take one more deep breath, and as you breathe in, feel the energy of a misty morning enter you, supporting your fingers, your toes, your legs and shoulders, even the top of your head. Hold the breath for seven seconds…1-2-3-4-5-6-7. As you exhale, feel all tension leave your fingers, your toes, your legs and shoulders, even the top of your head. Continue breathing deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel the prickling of drying dew on your hands and face. The grass slicks wetly against your boots. A pink and lemon-yellow light peeks tentatively over the bare tree limbs of a nearby forest. The sunrise tints the lowering clouds a muted amber and salmon and then disappears behind the darkened cloud mass. The earth reverberates with strength and surety, and you relax against her as you stride forward through the mist toward your destination. The mist settles around you, wispy yet with a force almost beyond comprehension. Allow the mist to dissipate any remaining fear and anxiety as the world around you relaxes in the gray light of the dawn. You have never felt so relaxed, so secure, so calm.

As you walk through the gray mist with the green earth beneath your feet, a building begins to take shape, rising stealthily out of the fog. It is a fairly large lean-to barn, constructed from old wood and burned-out beams, uneven rocks and smooth stones. The leftovers from other buildings, some long gone, form the structure of this barn. The planks are gray from ceaseless rainy days, weathered and broken in places. Patches of whitewash cling to the recesses of the stones, allowing their virginal, natural beauty to shine. The thatched roof, however, gleams in the gray light of morning, sparkling and bright. There are no windows in this barn, but as you circle the structure, you see a golden light emanating from the open doorway. You are drawn to it and stand at the edge of the barn, looking in.

The barn is dark, so you have to wait several minutes before your eyes adjust to the diminished light. You hear a snuffling sound to your left and a scratching straight ahead. Remnants and patches of straw litter the ground by your feet, trailing thickly into the barn. To your far right, a large pile of hay rests softly against the ancient barn boards. As your eyes clear, the darkness receding, the mist lifting, you see a pitchfork leaning lazily against the wall, sticking randomly into the hay pile. The soft sound of a bleating sheep draws your attention away from the far wall and to the space directly in front of you.

You see a large, fleecy white sheep lying in a protective pen. Her eyes roll toward you with a look of pain and surprise, sleep and patience. Her stomach is distended and moves with a mind of its own. The sheep bleats plaintively and tries to get up, but a strong hand holds her down, comforting and soothing. The hand is reddened from hard work. A slight hiccup or cough, a sound made in the back of the throat, wakes you from your study of the hand, and your eyes fly to the face attached to the hand. It is twisted in a wry smile, a grin just hovering on the edges of a wide mouth.

Hazel eyes, the colour of a winter storm, tighten slightly, looking at you, taking your measure. The face is delicate yet strong, with a straight, thin nose and high cheekbones. A riot of red hair tumbles down her back, held in place by a rough, rawhide leather strap. A stray piece curls against her cheek, and the woman impatiently casts it behind her ear. She is dressed in a long, green, woollen skirt with a heavy, gray, woollen coat protecting her from the early morning chill. The coat is too big for her, as if, in her haste, she grabbed the wrong coat from the hook next to the door and didn’t have time to get another. Underneath, she wears only her white shift, with no adornments or outer bodices. She is wild and spirited, but her voice and movements comfort and soothe.

“We have been waiting for you,” she says, her voice deep and rounded, melodious to your ear. “Trixie here will be birthing a little lamb soon.” She smiles then, her hand patting the sheep warmly. The light from a lantern flickers in her eyes. “Her time is soon,” the woman continues, turning her sparkling eyes to you. Their warmth reaches into your soul, drawing you immediately into the intimate embrace of this woman who kneels, hunched on the ground, beside a birthing sheep. “Could you bring us some water from the well?” she requests, holding out a bucket to you. You nod mutely and take the bucket from her outstretched hand, retreating back into the gray-tinged morning.

Not knowing where the well was located, you circle the barn until you stumble across a thin, worn pathway leading into the woods. You decide to follow the pathway, thinking it might lead you to water. As you walk, you notice small details on either side of the path: The trembling of a drop of dew on a blade of grass. The soft sloughing of your booted feet. A simple white snowdrop flower. A sighing birch tree. And as you look, a single ray of sunlight shines down from a break in the clouds. It illuminates something on the side of the path. What is it? (pause) Stop to look and study the object, remembering it for later. (pause) This is your key to understanding your relationship to the goddess Brigid.

Having received this divine information, you find yourself at the edge of the woods. Peering into its dark, shadowy depths, you see a simple stone structure among the trees. It is a well, hidden in the depths of the darkness, stalwart and alone, life-giving and healing. Taking a deep breath, you plunge into the recesses of the forest, walking with purpose to the well. You tie your bucket to the end of the frayed rope and drop it over the side of the well, listening for the satisfying plop. The silence spins out forever. “Where is this water?” you wonder, hoping you do not have to delve deeper into the forest in search of another well. And then a voice comes to you, from deep within the well.

“Look inside the well,” it beckons in a warbling voice. It is thin and cracking, as though unused to speaking. “Look inside my depths, for they are your depths. Look inside my darkness, for it is your darkness. Look inside my heart, for it is your heart. I offer you healing and peace, comfort and cure. Trust me. Trust yourself. And look inside.” You glance over your shoulder to make sure no brigands or robbers lurk behind you. No one is there. You are completely alone except for the trees and the well and the voice. Taking a deep breath, you lean over the well and look inside. In the darkened depths of the well, an image forms - a part of yourself to be healed. What is it? (pause) The image disappears beneath the waters of the well, and the bucket floats up so you can easily grasp it.

A powerful voice says, “Drink some water and be healed,” and you do. The water is clean and crisp and cool. It slides down your throat, sweet and soft. It is liquid candy. It is springtime. It is sunshine and blue clouds and blooming flowers. It is all that is good and beautiful and innocent in the world, and for a split second, the forest darkness lifts and the light shines amid the tall trunks. “Go now,” the voice says, and you do, tripping over your feet, sloshing water out of the bucket, hurrying down the narrow pathway until you stumble into the golden light of the barn.

“Quickly<“ commands the red-haired woman next to the sheep as you walk in the door. She is crouched next to the sheep, her hands feeling the animal’s stomach. “Bring the water,” she says, “and then hold up the light.” The sheep’s upper legs have been tied to a post to keep them from thrashing and injuring herself or the shepherd woman. The woman washes her hands in the water and dries them on her stained skirt. “We’ve got entwined twins here,” the woman says briskly, easing her hands into the belly of the birthing sheep. Her gray eyes narrow as she begins, by touch, to sort out the eight legs and two heads of the baby lambs. “I’ve got to get them going the same way,” she grunts. The sheep’s belly moves fluidly with the ministering actions of the woman. “I need your help,” she says, grasping your hand quickly and lithely, snakelike in movement. She gives you no time to refuse her request. She thrusts your hand against the left side of the sheep’s uterus, placing two spindly, firm objects into it. The sheep grunts her displeasure.

“These are the lamb’s front legs,” the red-haired woman explains. “You need to keep them here, away from me but near this object.” She pushes your hand against a rounded, heavy object. “That’s the lamb’s nose,” she says, turning back to her work. You hear her muttering under her breath, talking to the sheep, to the lamb, to the forces of nature, and the faerie folk. But you cannot make out more than a few words here and there; your concentration is divided between holding steady the lamb’s front hooves and head and holding high the wavering lantern.

“Take your hand out,” the woman says urgently but quietly. You remove your hand, just as she does, and within minutes, two newborn lambs lie nestled in the hay, next to their mama. The shepherdess unties the mother sheep and cuts the umbilical cords. With steady hands, she coaxes the lambs to feed. Never faltering. Never wavering. Never rushing. Secure in her knowledge of what to do next, she cares for her animals as you stand by, amazed, touched, and honoured to be witness to this scene. You hold the lantern high with one hand, as the other drips sheep fluid on the toes of your boot.

The woman washes her hands in the water bucket and then offers it to you. You place the lantern on its hook and sit on the rough, hay-strewn floorboards. You are tired, more tired than you can ever remember being. You wash your hands in the water and dry them on a towel handed to you by the red-haired woman. As you sink down into the floor, pillowing your head on a pile of hay, the face of the shepherdess swims into view.

“By the way,” she says, grinning, “I’m Brigid. Nice to meet you.” And she shakes your hand as you descend into a much-deserved rest.

Now, take a deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take another deep breath, filling your stomach, your diaphragm, and finally your lungs. Hold this breath for five seconds…1-2-3-4-5... And exhale, allowing the breath to exit your lungs first, then your diaphragm, and finally your stomach. Take one more deep breath, and as you breathe in, feel the energy and the wonder of the world around you in your fingers, your toes, your legs and shoulders, even the top of your head. As you exhale, wiggle your fingers and toes. Shake your legs and move your shoulders up and down. Take another deep breath and, as you exhale, move your head from side to side. Feel the ground under your body touching every nerve ending and muscle. Hear the rustlings of the people around you. Notice the movements outside. Continue breathing. Stretch your arms out above your head. You are returning to the present, to the here and now. Continue stretching. Continue breathing. When you are ready, open your eyes, blink and focus, and sit up.