Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A little about me... briefly!

I've been studying Wicca for almost 10 years now! (I got into it at the age of 16). I'm an Eclectic Witch.... I collect rocks and gemstones.... study faeries... I've just started reading about the Chakras... Hecate and Cerridwen are my favourite Goddesses... My favourite Wiccan authors are Scott Cunningham, Christopher Penczak and D. J. Conway... I'm fascinated by Irish and Norse folklore... I can read and write fluently in the Runic language... And Samhain is my favourite Sabbat! :)

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  1. Krissy:

    I have a manuscript here titled "The Book of Shadows." It was apparently written by you; your (old) return address on Gardenia Bay appears on the return envelope. Main character's name: Doyle. Also Amarantha, Celestia.

    You had sent this manuscript to a man named Paul in 2007 to edit.

    Please contact me at irish_belle9@hotmail.com (Laurie Ann)