Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seasonal Moons of the Lunar Calendar

January * Wolf Moon

* also known as the Cold, Snow or Winter Moon
* a time of protection and strength
* a time of beginnings and endings

February * Storm Moon

* also known as the Death or Quickening Moon
* time to do magick for fertility and strength
* magick to help you face life’s challenges
* time of internal and external cleansing

March * Chaste Moon

* also known as the Seed or Worm Moon
* time to plant mental seeds, thoughts of success and hope
* time of purity and newness

April * Seed Moon

* also known as the Egg, Grass or Wind Moon
* sow the seeds of magick
* move from the planning phase into action
* fertility is in the air
* good time to get pregnant

May * Hare Moon

* also known as the Flower or Planting Moon
* tome of health, love, romance, wisdom
* rekindle the romance spark and passion in a relationship

June * Lover’s Moon

* also known as the Strawberry or Rose Moon
* energy for love, marriage and success

July * Mead Moon

* also known as the Blessing, Lightning, or Thunder Moon
* time of enchantment, health, rebirth, success and strength
* first harvest; enjoy the fruits of your labour

August * Wyrt Moon

* also known as the Wort, Barley, Corn or Red Moon
* abundance, agriculture, marriage magick

September * Harvest Moon

* also known as the Hunter’s Moon
* protection, prosperity, abundance magick

October * Blood Moon

* also known as the Falling Leaf Moon
* new goals, protection, resolution, spirituality
* divination of any kind
* reflect on what you’ve done during the year and evaluate your accomplishments

November * Snow Moon

* also known as the Mourning or Tree Moon
* use divination to tell what the future brings

December * Oak Moon

* also known as the Cold or Long Night Moon
* hope, healing, completion of a project
* the Moon has reign over the Earth

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