Monday, May 18, 2009

Northern Mysteries & Magick - Freya Aswynn

This is, by far, the BEST book that I've EVER read in regards to learning about Runes (their meanings, how to use them in divination, the story that they tell collectively - which is comparable to the idea that the Major Arcana in Tarot cards tell a continuous story)...

Anyone interested in these mystical stones should DEFINATELY buy this book! :D


  1. I love her book too. My copy is ALL underlined and highlighted (I return to it on occasion for reference). Meanwhile I found her organization to be way out of whack and when she writes about one rune to begin discussing another before moving on to another topic and she fails to give reference back and forth so I was constantly flipping through the pages to remember what else she had written about a particular rune.

    For more organized Rune knowledge (which includes all of the Norse mythology) I found I prefer "The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes." That book is so incredibly awesome it gives Rune colors, comparative Tarot cards, the PRONUNCIATION of the Rune, the meaning (so very much more). I would NOT part with either book . . . but I refer to the latter as a quick reference much more often. (Information is so much easier to find than it was in Freya's book).

  2. I'm hoping to interview Freya Aswynn on my site, since she was kind enough to link to me from her blog. My mother loves her writing too. I find her extremely useful, though I've looked at a lot of sources and I try to bring insight from other places like psychology, sociology and philosophy into consideration.

    I hope you'll stop by the Rune Secrets blog and leave some comments. I really value anything other runesters have to say or ask :)