Friday, May 1, 2009

Talking Boards.... To Use or not to Use...

I was having an interesting conversation with a coworker last week and it gave me some time to put my thoughts about ouija boards into perspective. I know a lot of people are against using them, claming "they don't work" or "they only attract bad, evil entities". I used to think so too.

When I was in junior high, a friend came over on Halloween night and we decided to try to ouija board. We were in my bedroom, sitting on the carpet, our anticipation rising as we asked, "Is anyone there?" Moments passed and there was nothing. The planchet never moved. The minutes ticked on and still there was nothing. Then, a wind up music box that I had bought BROKEN began to play! We were frozen in our positions as the tiny notes filled the room. I went white and my heart was beating a mile a minute! When it was finished playing, we immediately put the board away and she destroyed it the next day.

Now, I've been thinking a lot about whether to use a ouija board again or not. Truthfully, they really do scare the crap out of me! :P

But through all the reading I've been doing of Wicca books, the odd one touches on the very subject of spirit boards and I've changed my view of them. I believe that they are safe to use, so long as you know what you're doing and how to protect yourself.

The analogy I gave my coworker was that using a ouija board is like driving a car: You don't get behind the wheel of the car for the first time and drive into heavy traffic! You need to learn what you're doing first because it can be dangerous to you and those around you!

In the same way, learning to respect the spirits to whom you are trying to contact is a VERY useful thing! (And knowing a protection spell or two doesn't hurt one bit either!) :) The intent of your contact also helps to funnel the type of spirit you wish to contact.

But I invite those to share their own views about spirit boards and their experiences with them! :)

Blessed be! )o(


  1. Hi Krissy, interesting post! I have to be honest with you, I am scared of them.I am open minded about them, but I am scared of them. you will know why shortly. When I was over in America (years ago) they seemed to have a ouija board in every shop I went into, including Walmart. Is it the same in Canada? I got the impression that it was not really that way thought of as a "bad" thing. Of course, me having been a recovering catholic as they say, growing up in Ireland, The oujia board was somewhat frowned apon! haha! Nevertheless, good luck if you are going to do it, just be careful. I have too many stories of growing up, listening to friends who got sucked into mirrors and never came back and all that! (Can you tell im a recovering catholic?) Look forward to hearing what happens next!

  2. My best friend in from Columbia and she said that ouija boards were NEVER played with where she came from! She was astounded when she came to Canada and you could buy one right off the shelf! (They even have a "girlie" version that's pink that's currently selling in Toys R Us!) So, I guess to most Canadians - and probably most North Americans - the ouija board seems to be just a toy, something that groups of girls play with at slumber parties. Most adults I knew at the time thought it was just a bunch of BS, being able to conjure spirits and such through a piece of plastic and cardboard.

    I'd love to hear your stories concerning them though! :)

    I'll keep you posted when I decide to use it again. I bought another one, but it's still in the box. The timing does feel "right" yet, so I'll just let it sit there until it does! :)

  3. I used to have a glow-in-the-dark (LOL) Parker Bros. Ouija. I was always a little scared of it, I'm not even sure it ever got used! That was when I was a kid, though...the idea of it now as an adult intrigues me. I've often thought of picking one up, or making my own.