Sunday, March 1, 2009

Faerie Godmother Dream Ritual

(This exercise is a dream ritual to put you more in touch with your own faerie godmother. Do this dream ritual on a warm spring or summer night, on or just before a full moon.)

1) Turn on some soft faerie-like music. Create a faerie ring and faerie circle around your sacred space, and call in your faerie guardian.

2) Take the cup of water, and sprinkle the water clockwise around the faerie ring, starting and ending at the east point.

3) Light the candle. Dedicate it to your faerie godmother by saying:

“May this light guide my faerie godmother to me tonight.”

4) Sit comfortably with your notebook and pen on your lap, and breathe deeply in time with the soft music for a few minutes while focusing on the candle flame to center your awareness. Then write this question in your notebook:

“In what ways can I bring more magick into my life?”

Continue to focus your attention on the candle flame. Keep watching the flame, and imagine contacting your faerie godmother. Think about what your ideal faerie godmother would be like. Continue breathing deeply to the music to more clearly visualize the details of your faerie godmother. Write these details in your notebook.

5) Now return your focus to the candle flame. Imagine your ideal faerie godmother stepping out of the candle flame and into the room with you. You feel a bright expansive feeling, and you know magick is afoot. Imagine your faerie godmother speaking your name and smiling brightly at you. When she calls you by name, it might be more like a whisper or a thought. Keep breathing deeply, and ask your faerie godmother the question you wrote in your notebook. Repeat the question a total of three times. Each time you ask her the question, take a few minutes and write down any answers she gives you. The answers might come in words, thoughts, pictures, or sensations. Just be open to the communication and make note of anything you receive without analyzing it too much.

When you’re done, thank her and blow out the candle.

6) As you drift off to sleep, leave the faerie ring and circle intact. Repeat over and over to yourself:

“Faerie Godmother, dream with me tonight.”

In the morning, write down everything you recall about your dreams in your notebook. At this time, bid farewell to your faerie guardian by standing or sitting at the center of the circle, ringing the bell once, and saying:

“Faerie Watchers of all directions
I bid you farewell.
Please depart in peace and love.
Thank you for our presence.”

Ring the bell once more, and say:

“Blessed be! Evo-He!”

7) Pull up your faerie circle and ring. Face east and hold your power hand outward. Slowly turn in a counterclockwise. As you do this, imagine the blue-white light of the circle being drawn back up into your hand. Then do the same thing with the green light circle. Scatter the flowers in the ring. Next, erase the ring mark with the heel of your shoe or with your hand if you are doing this ritual outdoors. Do this in a counterclockwise motion. When you are done, face center, ring the bell once, and say,

“Blessed be! Evo-He!”

8) For the next 21 nights, as you are drifting to sleep, repeat the phrase over and over:

“Faerie Godmother, dream with me tonight.
I will remember my dreams in the morning light.”

Continue writing down everything you recall from your dreams in your notebook. Refer to your notes for insights and messages that will help you bring more magick into your daily life.

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