Friday, March 6, 2009

Meditation: An Otherworld Landscape

(This exercise involves the construction of an Otherworld landscape, in which you will eventually meet and converse with the many Otherworld contacts who work through the Irish Celtic magickal tradition.)

Ideally, this Otherworld landscape should contain a river with a lord, a large open plain, mountains, woodlands (which can include your own grove), a seashore, and a large, Celtic-style fort. This fort should be constructed of wood and surrounded by a palisade, and should be typical of the period (definitely not a later, stone-built mediaeval castle).

Spend some time on this exercise, and construct in your visual imagination, as clearly as possible, this Otherworld version of the physical Green World. You will be spending a good deal of time here as you make progress. When you get the chance, even in day-dream if not actually in meditation, close your eyes and see your Otherworld landscape unfolding before you. Go for walks in the woods. Stroll along the banks of the river. Cross the ford and see what is on the other side. Climb the mountains. Watch the wildlife on the plain. Have a good look around the outside of the fort and see what it is like inside. Explore its many rooms and outbuildings until you are completely familiar with it. Remember to open up all of your Otherworld senses, not just sight, and do all the things you would do in this world. Smell the air, and the scents of the trees and flowers around you. Touch the earth, the trees, rocks and anything interesting lying around. Feel the wind on your face, and notice any changes in temperature. Listen to the birds singing, hear the river bubbling over the wet rocks. Feel totally at one with the Otherworld life forces as you walk about this green and fertile place.

Do not, for the moment, visualize anyone else being with you. That will come later. Just enjoy the solitude and feeling of belonging that comes with the construction of your own Otherworld place of work and study.

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