Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Wishing Incantation

Place your written wish in front of you on your altar. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. Hold your hands over the wish, saying:

“Power of the east, winds of sacred birth
Gather all your force and bring desire to earth.
Power of the south, winds of hot creation
Separate the earth by fire, refine this incantation.
Power of the west, winds of down below
Bubble up to meet the sky and make the pattern so!
Power of the north, winds of sacred treasure
Solidify my own desire and formulate the measure!
Power of Spirit, winds of dusk and dawn
Align the planets in their places, words convey the song!
Power of myself, the winds of my demand
Thrice I speak to penetrate and bring about my plan!”

Clearly speak your desire three times.

Burn your wish paper in your cauldron.

Let the ashes loose upon the wind so that the Elementals can grasp your wish properly.

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