Friday, March 6, 2009

Meditation: Re-enacting a Legend

Choose a legend involving one of your Otherworld guides, read it again and again, until you are completely familiar with it, and then visualize the whole legend unfolding before you in your Otherworld landscape. Not only should you visualize the legend taking place before you, but you must also see yourself taking an active part in it.

Don’t just stand on the sidelines and watch it as if you were watching a film, or play. All of the legends have characters within them, either named or implied, which for the purposes of this exercise, you could become, and thereby take an active role in the events unfolding before you. Do not assume the role of the main character, but rather adopt a minor role. Be content to participate at such a slight level that you are still left with plenty of opportunity to observe what the others are doing.

It is only by becoming an integral part of the legends that you will start to understand what the legend is saying, and not just what it appears to say on the surface. This is also the way that you will understand and appreciate how many deities and characters interact with each other, and how they behave in any given situation. These are all things which are vital to know, if you are ever to make full use of your Otherworld contacts.

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