Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meditation: Journeying to the Realm of Earth

1) Conjure up the World Tree, enter it and go into your Inner Temple.

2) Orient yourself in the center of your sacred space. You will notice four doorways around you. You may have never noticed them before, but they will be very clear to you now. Each of the doorways leads to a different elemental plane. Each one will be in a different colour and have a different symbol on it for the element, such as the elemental triangles. By its markings, find the doorway that leads to the realm of earth, and stand before it. Usually the earth doorway is oriented to your northern direction in the temple, but your Inner Temple is beyond direction in the physical world, so go to whatever door calls to you as earth.

3) Hold the intention to enter the realm of earth and in your silent, magickal voice, ask permission to open the door. You are asking permission of the highest aspects of yourself, and the realm of earth.

4) If you get a yes response, open the door of earth. If you know the invoking pentagram of earth, you can use it as your key. Feel the heavy earthen door slowly sway open. In the doorway is a dark tunnel, digging deep to the earth plane. Enter the realm of elemental earth.

5) Feel each step as you walk deeper into the darkness without fear. Feel your body move into the unknown, growing quiet, immobile, and solid. Smell the fresh earth. Feel the sacredness of the land around you.

6) As you move deeper into the tunnel, you lose sight of your inner temple and immerse yourself in the earth sensations. Ahead you find a light, leading you out of the tunnel and into the realm of earth. You find yourself at the edge of a primordial forest, a place of power. This is the edge of the realm of earth, the realm of gnomes and dwarves and their ruler Ghob.

7) Before you there is a path into the heart of the forest. The path pulls you deeper. Take notice of the plants and animals you see in the forest. Walk deeper into the place of earth power. At the end of the path you arrive in a clearing with a mound and an opening. You enter the mound and find yourself in another deep tunnel. The tunnel has minerals and crystals shining in it as you descend into the land.
8) At the end of the tunnel is a cavern, and in the center of the cavern, a figure, your personal guide to the element of earth. It could be an elemental being, animal, deity, or angel, there to guide you on the path of earth. Introduce yourself, and ask the guide its name and function. Follow this guide, and receive what your guide has to offer. Since touch is the sense of earth, this experience could be very tactile. Follow your feelings and impressions. Take this wisdom in, and ask any questions you have.

9) Ask your guide upon whom shall you call as your guardian of earth in ritual. Sometimes it is the guide itself, but often the guide will point you to a deity or other being of power.

10) Your guide will lead you back through the mound tunnel, back through the forest, and to the tunnel of earth leading you to the inner temple. Your guide will bid you farewell. Thank your guide for this time and knowledge. Know that you now have a link in the realm of earth. The guide may give you a gift to inspire your own grounding and mastery.

11) Return through the tunnel of earth, feeling each step as you return. Come back to the inner temple, and close the gateway of earth as you opened it. Orient yourself in the temple. If you have a gift from the earth realm, you can put it in your temple space if you desire.

12) Return back through the World Tree tunnel, and stand at the base of the tree. Thank the World Tree. Step back through the screen of your mind’s eye and let the World Tree gently fade from view.

13) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, giving yourself clearance and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

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