Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walking Between the Worlds: Faerie Meditation

(The faerie realm mirrors our world but is just out of our range of perception.)

Items Needed:

* Celtic music, other dance music

* a bowl filled with earth

* pinch of thyme

* seven small white stones

1) Begin by turning on the music.

2) Put the bowl of earth in front of you.

3) Cover the top of the earth with the pinch of thyme.

4) Put the stones in seven points around the bowl as if they are the points of an elvenstar.

5) “To the woods and other lands,
With an elf and faerie in hand.
Mind and spirit, now set free,
Open the faerie door, so I may see.”

6) Close your eyes for a minute or so, and imagine descending a long, natural rock stairway into the earth. At the end of the stairs is a circular doorway. Imagine opening the door and stepping into the magickal other land of the faeries. Enjoy yourself as you experience the delight of faerieland. Continue doing to for several minutes. Allow the candle to safely burn down and the music to continue playing as long as you like.

7) When you are done, return the soil, thyme, and stones to the earth.

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