Monday, March 2, 2009

Wedding Ring Verses

Take hands, both of you. And all of you who love each other, please take

each others’ hands as well. We all understand the gesture that you are now

making. To reach out to someone and be acknowledged, held, and loved, is

what we all want. Taking the hand of one who loves you is the symbol of that

unspoken bond.

Your hands are also the part of you that you use the most. Every day you look

down at your hands as they do their job, and this is also why we wear a token

of our wedding vows there. Every day, as you look down, you will see a

brief flash of light, a sparkle as the ring placed on your finger today will

shine. It will remind you, gain and again, over and over, of your promise to

your loved one. Every time you take hands, you will feel that wedding ring

on your partner’s hand and you will both be reminded again in turn. It will

always be with you, visible, worn openly and with pride. It will say to the

world that someone loves me enough to make me a promise to share a life.

1 comment:

  1. This is my wedding band and the verse which will be read right before we exchange the rings! :)