Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Addressing the Goddess on the Full Moon

“O Great Diana, Queen of all Witches, hear my adoration. Hear my voice as I speak Your praises. Receive my words as they rise heavenward, when the Full Moon brightly shining fills the heavens with Your beauty. See me for I come before You, and reach my hand up to You. As the Full Moon shines upon me, give me all Your blessings.

O Great Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of the Mysteries of the Moon, teach me secrets yet revealed, ancient rites of invocation that the Ancient Ones spoke of, for I believe. When they spoke of Your timeless glory, when they said to entreat You, and when seeking for knowledge to seek and find you above all others.

Give me powers, O Most Secret Lady, to bind my enemies. Receive me as Your child, receive me though I am earth bound. When my body lies resting nightly, speak to my inner spirit, teach me all Your Holy Mysteries. I believe Your ancient promises that all who seek Your Holy Presence will receive of Your wisdom.

Behold, I Ancient Goddess, I have come beneath the Full Moon at this appointed time. Now the Full Moon shines upon me. Hear me and recall Your Ancient Promise. Let Your Glory shine upon me. Bless me, O Gracious Queen of Heavens. In your name, so mote it be.”

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