Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spirit Talking Boards

* Each Ouija board has its own unique energy, offering a little something different.

* Make your own!

* You can set the environment with candles, etc. to set the mood.

* You might not want to do it at night: Some feel that the world slows down - the veil between the realms grows thinner.

* Some won’t use it during eclipses because it’s a gateway for things to enter our domain more easily.

* Face the West (where the Sun sets).

* Have a pen and paper for notes when using the Board.

* Visualize a silver cloud around yourself for protection.

* Questions:
1) Is there a spirit present?
2) What is your name?
3) Are you male/female?
++ Give me a sign to know that we are in contact.

* Place your planchette on “good bye” when you’re done.

* If buying an old Ouija board, clear it before using it.
+ Visualize the old energy leaving the Board.
+ Sprinkle with salt.
+ Run through incense smoke.

* Never use the Board if you aren’t of complete piece of mind. It leaves you vulnerable otherwise.

* At the beginning of your session, the planchette might move in a deliberate configuration. This is a way for a spirit to identify itself.

* If you feel a new spirit has entered, simply ask for their name.

* Keep your Board in a safe place and out of sight. Having it open to others allows it to absorb their energy like a sponge.

* Clear your Board and bless it before getting rid of it to protect the future users.

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  1. i cant seem to get on the make your owboard
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