Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Veglia (use on a Full Moon)

Once, long ago, all Witches worshipped in the open fields and upon the ancient sites. And our chants were carried upon the winds. Our prayers were received upon the smoke of our incense by the Old Ones. But in times, we were enslaved by the worshippers of a jealous god, and our villages were given over to the cruel Lords. The Old Ways were forbidden and we were forced to accept the ways of our oppressors.

Now it is a time of gathering in the shadows. We have suffered persecution for our beliefs, and many of us have died. Yet we have been reborn among our own again. Always has it been that the cycle of Life pass and return again. All things are remembered, and all things are restored.
I am one of the hidden children of the Goddess. From generation unto generation has the knowledge been passed and the Old Ways been kept by those who kindle the flame. In remembrance, I come this evening beneath the Full Moon, to honour the past, secure the future, and receive the essence of the Old Ones. As it was in the times of our beginning, so it is now. So mote it be.

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