Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Storm Moon (March)

The Full Moon of March rains upon us, fertile and strong. Cold soil and soul, warm and awaken, softening in innocence with the first stirrings of Spring. Reflecting on the future we prepare for the time of fertile readiness by cleansing and blessing the growing ground, sanctifying the soil. The earth is prepared for planting, and the self is readied for change and growth. In the days before the birth, the Mother cleans the nest, preparing for the soon-to-arrive Innocent. Operating from instinct and cleansed of illusion, truth guides our choices. The primal self knows what to sew and what to cull.
Anticipation, inspiration, and imagination grow, their magical strength beckoning to the seeds of future harvests.

“Seed Moon, Plow Moon,
Moon of Winds,
Illusion ends as true growth begins,
Hecate, Athene, Astarte, Morrigan,
In pure inspiration the cycle begins again.”

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