Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Imbolc Ritual

A symbol of the season, such as a representation of a snowflake, a white flower, or perhaps some snow in a crystal container can be placed on the altar. An orange candle anointed with musk, cinnamon, frankincense or rosemary oil, unlit, should also be there. Snow can be melted and used for the water during the circle casting.

Arrange the altar, light the candles and censer, and cast the Circle.

Recite The Blessing Chant:

“May the powers of The One,
The source of all creation;
All-pervasive, omnipotent, eternal;
May the Goddess,
The Lady of the Moon;
And the God,
Horned Hunter of the Sun;
May the powers of the Spirit of the Stones,
Rulers of the Elemental Realms;
May the powers of the stars above
And the earth below,
Bless this place and this time,
And I who am with You.”

Invoke the Goddess and God:

Invocation of the Goddess

Crescent One of the starry skies,
Flowered One of the fertile plain,
Flowing One of the ocean’s sighs,
Blessed One of the gentle rain;
Hear my chant ‘midst the standing stones,
Open me to your mystic light;
Waken me to your silver tones,
Be with me in my sacred rite!

Invocation to the God

Blazing God,
You Who are the King of the Gods
Lord of the Sun,
Master of all that is wild and free;
Father of woman and man,
Lover of the Moon Goddess and protector of all the Wicca;
Descend, I pray,
With Your Solar ray of power
Upon my Circle here!”

“This is the time of the feast of torches,
When every lamp blazes and shines
To welcome the rebirth of the God.
I celebrate the Goddess,
I celebrate the God;
All the Earth celebrates
Beneath its mantle of sleep.”

Light the orange candle from the red candle on the altar (or at the southern point of the circle). Slowly walk the circle clockwise, bearing the candle before you.

“All the land is wrapped in Winter.
The air is chilled and
Frost envelops the Earth.
But Lord of the Sun,
Horned One of animals and wild places,
Unseen you have been reborn
Of the gracious Mother Goddess,
Lady of all fertility.
Hail Great God!
Hail and welcome!”

Stop before the altar, holding aloft the candle. Gaze at its flame. Visualize your life blossoming with creativity, with renewed energy and strength.

If you need to look into the future or past, now is an ideal time.

Celebrate the Simple Feast: Hold up a cup of wine or some other liquid between your hands to the sky, and say:

“Gracious Goddess of Abundance,
Bless this wine and infuse it with Your love.
In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God,
I bless this wine.”

Next, hold up a plate of cakes (bread, biscuits) with both hands to the sky and say:

“Powerful God of the Harvest,
Bless these cakes and infuse them with Your love.
In your names, Mother Goddess and Father God,
I bless these cakes.”

The Circle is released.

(“Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” - Scott Cunningham)

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