Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon Ritual

The Moon Mother shines in her brightest glory at this time. In addition to being a time of protection magick and the dismissing of unwanted energies in our lives, Full Moons offer us a chance to say, “Thank you”, for the things accomplished during the previous lunar cycle. Giving thanks for completed work is part of achieving the cycle of balance that we work toward achieving in our lives.

“Lady Mother, I, who am your child,
Stand between the worlds in sacred space
Under your light.
Once more I affirm my joy in life
And in my union with you upon your path.
I honour you, Lady Goddess,
For the favors and energy you bring to my life,
And ask your blessing upon me.
Beautiful Lady, thank you for the light and
Beauty you bring to my life.
Thank you for the energy and wisdom you give
To me to walk in balance in your world.”

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