Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lesson: Blasting

Focus on pulling in all that light and energy, concentrating the light inside you to a laser beam’s width and intensity. See the energy from the Earth Mother coming up into your spinal column in a thin, bright silver beam, and the Sky Father coming down into your bliss chakra (just above your head) in a thin, bright gold beam. Concentrate those beams and make them smaller and smaller. Let the energy pool in your solar plexus chakra (near your bellybutton), your center of power and will. Breathe a few breaths, concentrating the energy, and then become aware of a circle, about three feet out from your body, as a boundary. Now, when you’re ready, blast that energy out in an explosive sweep, clearing away any unwanted energies from your personal sphere. You can even yell, psychically or openly, “Begone!”

This is good for pushing away any entity or energy, whether in spirit or incarnate form, that is bothering you. Continue with the visualization of your tree. If you ever find yourself in the position of having to do a blasting, keep a conscious shield around yourself for a while afterwards, until you feel safe.

(“Dedicant” - Thuri Calafia)

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