Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Divination Basics

* Set the scene with enhancements (candles, lighting, music) to get into a better state of mind.
* Properly center yourself.

* Invite a proper deity to provide extra power.

* Pay attention to the timing of the reading for specific types.

* Focusing Technique

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, filling your belly with air and your body with energy. Now imagine your skin becoming translucent and the energy from your body moving out through your skin and into the space around your body. Feel this energy body as a “receptive outer skin”, able to sense in its own way, through emotions and fleeting impressions. Breathe and notice your thoughts and feelings.

* Work with your psychic energy.

* Start any divination session with a protection technique of using white light. Visualize a cloud of bright light encompassing you, at least 2 feet out, from your head to your toes. Put together your index and middle fingers, forming a type of pointer. Pointing down, draw an imaginary circle of white light around yourself and any materials you will be using.

When your session is done, visualize the circle lifting into the air through the ceiling, through the roof, into the atmosphere. Wash or shake your hands to be rid of excess or energy residue.

* Keep a “Divination Diary” for every time you do a reading. Record your thoughts, goals, successes and failures. You will be able to tell what worked, what didn’t and why.

++ Include:
Day of the week
Moon phase
The place where it was performed
Type of weather
Explore how you were feeling
Record the type of divination used
Questions you asked
Thoughts about what you saw, thought, felt, or sensed.

* True power comes from within.

* Increasing your level of concentration will increase your psychic abilities.

* Specific Times for Divination Techniques

* Use Spirit Talking Boards from Monday to Thursday.

* Use Cartomacy (reading playing cards) any day of the week.

* Crystal gazing and scrying is good on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

* Use Runes on Friday and Saturday.

* Use pendulums on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.


Using a compass, centre yourself in the proper direction. Using a simple form of divination (like a pendulum) try asking the same question in each of the four directions. See if you can sense any difference. Note this in your journal.

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