Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Earth Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably in a favourite spot. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Acknowledge your personal guardians and gods, and project a circle around you. Breathe deeply and steadily.
You are standing in your power place, a place of safety and peace. Feel the earth beneath your feet as you look around at the landscape. It is Winter, and there is a thick blanket of snow on the ground, but you are not cold. You feel only peace and a sense of adventure. You sit on a rock and feel a pulsating energy, its vibratory frequency, the energy pattern that makes it a rock. You find you can somehow repeat this frequency in your own body, and now you can literally feel your flesh and bones with a heightened awareness. Every fibre, every cell is alive, buzzing with energy, vibrating to the frequency of the rock beneath you and the earth beneath that. You begin to rise, and suddenly find that you can’t get up. You are glued to your spot, finding yourself sinking into the rock, deeper and deeper, until you are part of the rock, the earth, the soil. You slip a little deeper, and find yourself in total darkness.

You are deep within the body of the earth, and you have no idea how deep you really are. You seem to be swimming, or flying, but the matter around you is hard, smooth as stone, but malleable as clay. You lean a little to the right, and you go right… you merely think about going another direction, and you’re on your way. You can go anywhere you wish to under the earth, and you begin to dip and dive and turn at whim, glorying in the sensation of the earth around you… You find you can even experience with breaking through the upper soil, and diving back in again, like a dolphin in water… you enjoy exploring for as long as your heart wishes to… on this earth journey, you learn much about your body, your abilities to manifest, as well as about the Mother’s body and her ability to manifest… your thoughts are as open as your journey in this dark place of Mysteries unfolding… and you soar…

After a while, you find yourself emerging into an enormous glittering cavern… all around you are ancient crystals, reflecting the tiny shafts of light streaming in from a few small holes in the cave roof. You touch the smooth, sharp jewels, and realize that this is one of the Mysteries. You are like these gems: fine and multifaceted, filled with light and colour. You are a reflection of the light, even in the dimmest surroundings, like the crystals in this cavern… you open yourself to the knowledge that you are nothing… less… than precious. Fine and beautiful… the way the gods made you. You touch your body, and realize what a miraculous thing it is. Every cell, every fibre has a purpose… you remember what you learned while you are flying through the earth earlier. You hug yourself, and glide sweetly and gently back to the surface where you began this journey, remembering all that you learned.

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