Tuesday, February 3, 2009

An Air Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably in your favourite spot. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Acknowledge your personal guardians and gods, and project a circle around you. Breathe deeply and steadily.

You begin in a small grove of young trees, which are surrounded by older and fuller trees. There is a gentle breeze blowing, and you are safe, secure, breathing in time to the rhythm of the wind. The trees around you seem to be keeping in time with the gusty breeze, which somehow resonates with your own breath. You feel yourself exhale, and it’s almost like the wind becomes stronger; when you inhale, the trees seem to lean in toward you. You play with the rhythms some, and then focus on the power you are raising with your breath. With your mind. You think about how your mind is your greatest ally; it can take you wherever you wish to go…

You touch the tree nearest you, the littlest sapling, and feel the surge of power between the two of you. You realize how compatible the tree is with the air, its ally. You are the tree’s ally, and as soon as you acknowledge this, the little sapling in your hands begins to expand and grow.
It grows so fast, in fact, that before you can react or let go, you find you are being lifted higher and higher into the tree as he grows into the sky. You are far above all the other trees in the forest, and you can see their shining auras, luminous egg shapes of light. The wind increases in intensity, and the tree bends with it, laughing. Yes, you realize, the sound of those quaking leaves is actually laughter, so glad is the tree to be so big, strong, lithe. You cling to the branches tightly as he bobs and weaves, and then you remember that you share power now with both the tree and the wind. You inhale fully, and exhale soooo slooowly, stilling the raging wind by simply being calm and centered within. You place your feet farther out on the branch, and deliberately exhale a little more strongly, only in a much more controlled fashion. You step out a little farther, now onto branches so thin and small it is impossible that they are actually holding you. You exhale a little more strongly, and with each indrawn breath, you exert the same energy in a balance so perfect that there is no difference in your grip on the cushion of air below your feet. You step out a little farther and exhale again, so perfectly, and you see that there are no branches, not even a leaf beneath your feet, and you are… walking… the wind!

You walk to the top of another tree, a lower tree, and back again. When you are safely back in your special tree, you climb down a little to where you have solid branches below your feet again. You hug the tree with all your might in gratitude and love, and as a reward for your devotion and affection, the tree tells you his secret name. You know that he will always be here with his special magick, anytime you need him. You start to climb down, and he laughs heartily, to remind you of your newfound power. Exhaling slowly toward the ground, you let yourself fall the numerous yards, gently as a cloud, until your feet rest safely on the Mother again.

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