Friday, April 17, 2009

The Week of the Spirits (Halloween)

October 24 - Festival prelude. The children put up seasonal decorations,
and parents set up the family shrine.

October 25 - The Night of the Heroes. Remembering those of the family who have done much in war and in peace, and recounting their deeds.

October 26 - The Night of the Seers. Remembering ancestors who have dealt with the supernatural, who have foreseen the future, and telling stories of their adventures.

October 27 - The Night of the Martyrs. Those of our people who have died for their faith, their convictions, their freedom or for our people.

October 28 - The Night of the Bards. Artists, musicians and others who have spoken of or pictured the Old Ways, and those others whose work evokes magick.

October 29 - The Night of the Recent Dead. Remembering relatives and friends, and telling about their lives.

October 30 - The Night of Remembrance for Family Pets. Pets are family members; they must be recalled and their memories cherished.

October 31 - Family Fire Festival. After the mundane celebration of the night, conduct a prayer ceremony for souls still undergoing purification. Children relight the hearth and pilot lights. A commemorative midnight dinner is held, at which the dead are welcomed.

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