Saturday, April 25, 2009

Writer Charm

1) Begin with a 6 inch square of white fabric (the four sides represent the four elements).

2) On that fabric, place one or two pieces of citrine or hematite, a sprig of rosemary, and some fresh shavings from a pencil you write with.

3) Add a small piece of paper on which you’ve inscribed several stars. Recite the following:

Gathered here, within this square,
Signs of creative power.
Embolden thus my magick craft,
That I may write for hours.

4) Tie the fabric square shut and place it on your desk, or in the location that you do most of your writing. When you sit down to write, imagine that energy is pouring from the charm, ready to inspire your writing.

5) Each time you sit down to write, hold the charm in your hand and repeat the above rhyme. This will recharge the charm, allowing it to work indefinitely.

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