Friday, April 10, 2009

Meditation: Contacting the Gnomes

A little boy is walking in the woods in winter with his parents and he has brought with him a present for the faeries. At his favourite tree he stops and places a tiny piece of cake in a hidden nook within the roots. He stays a while talking to the faeries that he knows live in the beautiful old gnarly tree. He also leaves a sparkling stone from his garden that he has found and polished.

At last his parents call him, as they are walking deeper into the woods. The little boy reluctantly says farewell to the faeries and hurries on to his parents. Once he is certain the boy has gone, a white-bearded gnome pokes his head out from around a root. He has been there all the time, in fact his boots have been sticking out of a hole in between two crossing roots, but they have been very well camouflaged. He takes the cake and scatters it around the roots of the tree for the squirrels and birds. He then picks up the stone and smiles and places it in his waistcoat pocket. A shrew comes to sit next to him and he strokes it as if it were a cat. He seats himself on a mossy part of the tree and take out some knitting from his jacket pocket. He is knitting himself a pair of socks and methodically knits with the shrew curled up at his feet. He smiles as he knits and a purple light glows around his waistcoat where the stone lies in his pocket.

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