Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The White Faerie Mare’s Spiral

Imagine that you are standing at a gate which leads into a meadow. The time is midsummer and it is duck. The meadow is full of long grass, be speckled with wild flowers, buttercups and clover. In the center of the meadow is a white mare. She has a flowing mane and tail and her white coat shines under the moonlight. You watch her as she grazes for a few moments. She is completely at peace and is an enchanting sight. The mare wears a white velvet bridal and the reins hang loosely around her withers. Attached to the reins are many tine bells.

After observing her for a while, you climb over the five-barred gate into the field. You are wearing light summer clothing and your feet are absolutely bare. Before you reach the mare you stop at a cluster of daisies. You feel an impulse to make a daisy chain, so you sit down in the long grass and become absorbed in the activity of splitting the little stalks and threading.

When at last you complete the daisy chain, you look up and see that the mare has wandered over to you. You stroke her soft white muzzle and it is like velvet to the touch. You say, “Hello”, and pat her strong white neck. She appears to be very friendly and loving, and as a special gift you give her your daisy chain by placing it over her head.

You spend a few moments patting, stroking and generally becoming acquainted with the mare. She has a wonderfully gentle and wise energy about her, and you feel relaxed in her presence.

When you feel that you are comfortable with her, you gather up the velvet reins and climb upon her bare back. The evening has waned to night now, and the full moon’s light leaks gently into the meadow and dapples through the trees that surround the field. It is a good, safe feeling being astride the hose as you hold the reins and look across the meadow as the grass and wild flowers sway in the breeze. You suddenly become aware of the elements and feel as if you are experiencing a heightened state of awareness. Each second is a minute, each minute is an hour and you are very mindful of the breeze. It is a soft, light breeze and very pleasant on this warm summer’s evening. You feel the breath of the wind running across your face and body and you see it ruffle the horse’s long white mane. It tickles your toes and makes you feel alive and free. That is where the white faerie mare wants to take you, not to a place, but to a feeling. She is aliveness, the embodiment of a free spirit. Let her take you to the place where your spirit can soar. Succumb to the sensations of freedom and be totally and utterly in the bliss of tranquility and oneness with nature.

The bells on the reins tinkle beautifully in the fine breeze and the mare begins to walk slowly and deliberately in a large clockwise spiral. She seems to know exactly where she is taking you. Trust her to take you on the journey and just relax into the experience. Take in the enchanting stillness of the night and as the mare walks in her spiral, feel the tips of the long grass touching the soles of your feet. This is a sensory journey, and your body is attuning itself to the small and beautiful details of the meadow and the mare. Feel relaxed and in control, feel the breeze, the grass on your feet, the moonlight on your eyelids, hear the bridle bells tinkle. This is all for you. Care not where you are heading, but drink in the experience of the moment.

The faerie mare is treading a spiral in the meadow, but also a spiral in the universe. She is treading the dream, taking you from one world to another through the portal of your senses. Everything feels calm and you may feel a sense of bliss and oneness with the universe.

The mare’s steps start to become smaller as her spiral brings her to the center of the meadow. You begin to see small winged faeries surrounded by light dancing on the spiral path that she has trod. You also notice that the spiral pathway has made the grass a darker green than the rest of the field.

Once she has reached the very center of her spiral, the faerie mare stops walking. The stillness of the meadow and the night touch you and you begin to feel lulled by the whole experience. You feel safe enough to lie back on the mare’s body and close your eyes. For a few moments you can freefall and just listen to your senses and the calmness within. With your eyes still closed, feel the breeze on your face and the measured breathing of the horse beneath you. Feel held by the universe in these moments. Your body is safe with the faerie mare, so let your spirit wander in the tranquility.

The white faerie mare nods her head gently, causing her bells to ring. This brings you back to the meadow and to yourself. You open your eyes and sit up on the mare’s back.

Once you are comfortable and ready, the mare begins to retrace her steps back along the spiral. You feel relaxed and refreshed as you let her carry you on the spiral pathway.

Continue to take in your surroundings as she treads the pathway. You are becoming aware that the mare is no ordinary horse. It feels as if she is a faerie queen in a horse’s body, as if you are being carried by an aspect of the goddess, a beautiful being for whom your spiritual well-being and happiness are the utmost concern.

Soon the circle becomes more expansive, and as it does so do you feel more and more alert and less aware of the microcosm of the sensory world.

The mare eventually halts at the meadow gate, and you pat her neck and reluctantly slide down from her back. You stroke her muzzle and kiss her forehead before you climb over the gate to end your Pathworking. The faerie mare wanders contently back into the depths of the meadow and grazes once more at the nucleus of the spiral pathway.

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