Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Angel Wings Visualization

See yourself surrounded by sparkling white light, a light that could only be celestial in origin. The light fills your aura, shimmering and twinkling, as if it contains a million tiny stars. As you become bathed in the luminescent glow, it emanates a feeling of peace. Allow yourself to feel at peace and rest in the radiance of its beautiful energy. Know that you are safe and being held by the goodness of the universe. Relax into a peaceful state for a few moments and concentrate on the enveloping light.

After a while the white light begins to become energized and almost pulsates. Behind you, you sense a loving presence arriving. Very slowly you feel two enormous feathered wings reach around your body, as if they are screening and protecting you from any negativity. Allow the wings to enfold you and softly bring a feeling of pure love and devotion. You are in the arms of your guardian angel.

You may wish to see more of your angel at this stage or you may not. If you would like to, you may visualize yourself looking up to see them above you. They may show themselves to you in this visualization or they may leave this for another time. Just accept what happens and know that they are working with your best interests at heart. You may stay within the wings of your angel for as long as you like.

When you feel that it is a comfortable time to move on, you can visualize your faeriecraft pathway. See a footpath in the countryside before you. You may be walking through a meadow of wild flowers and sweet grasses or a woodland pathway covered in scrunch leaves and flanked by trees. The type of pathway is your choice, but it does symbolize your spiritual pathway with the faeries, so make it a beautiful image, perhaps filled with butterflies and crystals, running streams and spiders’ webs glistening with dew. Make it a pathway that you would definitely delight in treading.

Now visualize yourself walking along that footpath, and see your guardian angel walking by your side. Visualize this image strongly. See yourself and your guardian angel surrounded by the lovely luminescent white light. Stand back and see yourself and your angel both walking along the pathway until you have disappeared over the horizon. By going through this process, you are symbolically calling upon the assistance and protection of your guardian angel.

Now free your mind of the pathway visualization and come back to yourself, with your angel ever present behind you. Thank you angel, either mentally or verbally, and send out loving thoughts to them. Feel the angel’s wings gently releasing you from their enfoldment and as they do so the glow of the celestial white light begins to fade. After a few moments, you see yourself as you were before you began to visualize.

When you are ready, you may open your eyes and eat and drink. You can also leave a little thank you on your faerie altar to acknowledge your experience with you angel.

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