Friday, April 17, 2009

Maiden’s Day (February 2)

Set up the ritual so that you face North. Take eight stones and lay them down at equal intervals starting from the north and working sunwise. Between the altar and the stone marking the north-point of the circle, place or draw the runes of the Gods: Odin at the center, Freya to one side and Thor at the other. Have a full chalice on the altar as well.

Light the candles at he four quarters and recite:

“I light here a flame
In honour of the coming season
Of chill, and of solitude.
Be with me now Odin, Freya, Thor!”

Light the candle on the altar.

“O Great Ones, I dedicate this place
In thy honour and for thy magicks.
Be with me, and in me, and of me,
Odin the Wise,
Freya the Beautiful,
Thor the Mighty.”

Sit before the altar and then raise the chalice.

“I drink to thee, O Great Ones.
Though I am the only one of our people
Here in this place, it is still
A place of the Gods.
So long as thy magical flame
Burns in my heart.
Hail Odin! (drink)
Hail Freya! (drink)
Hail Thor! (drink)
Hail Hulda! (drink)
I salute also the spirit of the Vala,
The far-seeing prophetess
Who sought out the patterns
Of the future for Great Odin.
Grant me thy clear vision,
O Wise Woman! (drink)”

Lay out the runestones which are symbolic of the coming season. Then take up pen and paper and write the runes which best summarize why you feel guilty, and all that you feel you have done wrong in the past. Scribe the runes, and write plainly all that bothers you the most about yourself. Spend a lengthy time looking at the runes and meditating on them all, looking for the link between the symbols and the season and what you wish to accomplish. Finally, fold your paper with your own personal desires runed on it, and burn it in the cauldron, saying:

“Hear me, O Hulda,
Dark Goddess of times for distant.
I place before thee the symbols
Of all which hinders,
Harms, and makes guilty
Within my own soul.
As this flame burns, O Ancient Norn,
I ask thee to consume all my guilt, all my pain,
That it be gone forever.
And leave me pure
In thy holy Name.
I swear by the Sun, O Dark One,
That I shall do all within my power
To build myself stronger, better,
And more noble
In the year to come.
And I thank thee,
O Goddess before the Gods.
Hail Hulda!”

Gaze into the flames for a long while to see if you can perceive impressions, images or patterns which might give some hint of the future. If so, write them down.

Next this time you may perform any other observances or meditations which you feel are appropriate.

When you feel that the rite should end, face the runes of the Gods and take up the chalice one last time, saying:

“O Great Ones of High Valhalla,
I give honour to thee
For being with me here.
May some of thy sacred presences
Remain within me as I leave.
And be ever near me, as well as with
Those who are my true people.
To thee I drink this toast,
And pour this libation.
Hail Hulda! (salute)
Hail Freya! (salute)
Hail Thor! (salute)
Hail Odin! (salute)

Pour some of the drink out before the altar, and drink what remains. Then put out the candles at the North, East, South and West. Then stand before the altar with your arms out, saying:

“I thank thee, O Great Ones,
This rite is ended.”

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