Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opening Your Faerie Wings

Imagine that you are walking towards a misty green veil. You are quite safe and no harm will come to you. Proceed towards the green veil, made of the finest fabric you have ever seen, and push your way through it. You will find yourself in a beautiful place belonging to fair Elfland.

A serene garden awaits you. Here there are many varieties of roses, all in full bloom. Lavender bushes adorn the perimeter of the lovely garden and you can tell that the garden is regularly tended. All the elements are represented here: there is a small ornate pool with a white cat sitting at the edge and occasionally tapping the surface of the water with her dainty paw, there are garden lanterns with flickering candle flames around the pool’s edge, there are little ornate windmills turning in the breeze and there are smooth pebbles and crystals at the pool’s edge. The elemental faeries are hidden, but this is their place and they will assist you in your work.

Today you require the help of the sylph faeries of the air. In your mind, call upon them politely to assist your Pathworking. Ask them to be with you in this winged meditation.

After you have done this you may feel their presence in the garden. If you do, then in your imagination reach into your pocket, where you will find a feather. Place the feather by the windmills as your acknowledgement of the faeries and your offering of thanks.

Imagine that you are sitting down on the grass by the little windmills. Take a few deep breaths of the sweet-smelling air and concentrate on being really relaxed. You are going to focus on your body. Imagine a lovely green light surrounding it. This light raises your spiritual self to a higher vibration and brings you more in tune with the garden and all of nature.

Now focus on your skin. Imagine that it is sparkling all over, as if a faerie had painted you with rainbow glitter. Now you are a being that resonates with the beauty and magick of the garden. Visualize them enhancing your psychic awareness and making it possible for you to metamorphosize.

Now focus on your back and visualize a green bud on either side of your shoulder blades. These buds are bursting with life and you can see and feel them quivering, waiting to unfurl. They contain your faerie wings, but before they unfold you need to decide how you want them to appear. You may feel drawn to grow wings fashioned from gossamer thread, dainty and easily carried by the wind. Alternatively, you may desire wings which align you to a particular insect or bird - butterfly, moth - or the feathered wings of a blackbird or dove perhaps. The choice is yours, but each of these wing types comes with its own special energies, and you need to feel comfortable with your own wings’ magickal personalities. Choosing wings that you feel especially drawn to and can imagine easily is important, as they will become part of your own etheric body.

Focus on your wings buds again and then visualize your wings, crumpled and damp at first, slowly emerging from the bud kernels. Use your mind and will to move them. Unfold them fully, so that their span reaches out to the very tips. For a few moments, let them be still to dry out in the breeze and the sun. Take this opportunity to really feel that they are part of your etheric body. Feel the weight of them on your back and imagine you have sensations in them. If you have feathered wings, you can feel the breeze ruffling through your feathers. If you have insect or gossamer wings, you can feel the sun drying them out and making them first and taut, ready to take flight.

Once your wings have dried in the sun, extend them skywards and reach the tips to the sky. Go on, give them a stretch! Feel how beautiful you are with wings and sense the opportunities that they give you. Feel free to embellish them. If they are butterfly wings, give them a pattern, for example. Let your vision have no boundaries, for these are your wings and they are the embodiment of your freedom in every sense.

You need to become accustomed to your faerie wings and also the way your body feels with them extended. Give your wings a ripple. Flutter each in turn and watch them too, feel happy at their appearance. Be joyful to own faerie wings. Flap them about as much as you like and have a good giggle at the same time if you want. Really revel in the experience.

When you have had enough of exercising and playing with your faerie wings, then it is time to put them away for now. In future pathworkings you may eventually fly with them, when you feel that the time is right. However, you need to become fully accustomed to their sensations before you do.

Imagine your wings are folding up very tightly into the wing buds until all you can see are the green buds on your back. Dissolve the green light around your body and brush the glitter away with the palms of your hands. Bid the garden farewell, stand up and walk towards the green veil. Once you have walked through it, you find yourself back in the everyday world.

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