Friday, April 10, 2009

Meditation: Contacting the Sylph Faeries

Imagine a garden in the autumn. A little girl is there, dressed in a woolly hat and coat. There is a blackbird sitting on the fence whistling its morning song. The little girl calls to the blackbird, whom she visits every morning before she goes to school. The blackbird is singing as if to her, watching her from the fence with an extraordinary knowing look in his eye. The little girl has a small piece of folded paper in her hands, which she holds up as if to show the blackbird.

Her mother’s voice calls from inside the house, telling her that it is time for her to get ready to go to school. She puts the little letter she has written to her blackbird friend under a heavy stone, then she runs inside.

When the blackbird is sure that the little girl is inside the house, he hops down from the fence, landing on the large stone. His wings begin to shimmer with a green light which then surrounds his whole body. The beautiful sleek black feathers on his body transform into feathered garments draping a faerie form. The sylph boy looks an enchanting creature with his slanting green eyes and long black hair. His shoes are lined with feather down and his trousers and jacket are the green-black of a blackbird’s sheen. He tugs the letter out from underneath the stone and tucks it in his black jewelled crown. He pulls out a feather from his wings and leaves it under the stone for the little girl to find. He raises his wings to their full span and all at once he is encircled by a whirl of green light. He takes flight to a nearby tree and there he stands on the edge of a blackbird’s nest and takes the letter from under his crown. He places the precious letter in the nest, among the moss and down, as if it is a piece of treasure.

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