Friday, April 17, 2009

The Festival of Lights (December 24)

“I light my candle in honour
Of the Child of Promise,
Of a magickal time,
And a magickal night.

This is the time for wonder,
For living again the time of beauty
And of joy.
On this beautiful night I again
Renew, within myself,
The promise of hope and joy
For the seasons to come.

This is the time for wonder,
For magick, for enchantment,
And for love.
On this beautiful night I who am grown
Can once more remember a child’s joy,
And children can touch the sky!

May the Holy Lady bless my home,
My family, and all I own.
So mote it be!

May my Lord and my Blessed Lady
Give blessings upon me.
Let me give joy and good friendship
Before the Great Ones,
And in doing, honour them.
This rite is ended.
The Gods be with me!”

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