Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Salamander Pathworking

Imagine that you are in the woodland once more, but this time following a different footpath. This is a steeper pathway carved into a hill. The uphill walk is made easier by some steps made from wood build into the earth at intervals. You begin by following the steps and the sun beats down, as this pathway is less shady, being at the edge of the woods.

As you reach the top of the path, you see a stable and a barn. There are two chestnut horses in a meadow beyond, grazing contently. Outside the stable you notice a small smouldering bonfire where stable waste and dry hedge clippings are being burnt.

The smoke spirals upwards into the sky as if it has a consciousness of its own. This catches your eye and you stop and watch. The smoke seems to be spiralling in the most peculiar and beautiful patterns, quite unlike any smoke you have seen before. This entrances you and you sit down on a tree stump to watch it.

After a few moments you begin to see a form within the smoke. It is a long, thin tapered faerie form, its limbs are lithe and seemingly flow into the rest of the smoke.

Suddenly you become more aware of the breeze; it is accentuated in your mind and senses. It must have been there before, but you do not recall it. You think you hear tinkling bells on the breeze, but you cannot be sure where they are coming from. It is a smoke salamander. Your attention focuses on the smoke salamander once again and she seems to be dancing to the faerie bells on the breeze. She is enjoying every movement of it and you take pleasure in observing her. As she dances her body elongates and then comes back to its original shape (such is the nature of smoke) changing its form continually. She seems to be aware that you are watching her. Your senses are heightened and you are experiencing the natural world in a timeless bubble of bliss.

After you have watched the smoke for a while, the faerie fades and the smoke once again spirals with no particular form. You turn and retrace your steps down the wooden stepped hillside until you come out into the sunshine outside the woods.

Your Pathworking has ended and you may now open your eyes when you are ready.

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