Friday, April 17, 2009

Prayer of the Dead

“We come from beyond the stars,
And beyond the stars we shall return,
Ennobled and possessed of great powers,
If we each prove ourselves worthy.
To one who is a hero of our people,
One who has done great things, learned much,
Death is but a portal to the Godhead
Which each of us can attain, in the fullness of time.
It is said that the Great Lords of High Valhalla
Once trod the sacred groves, and were as us.
Saluted the fierce and honourable wolf,
Honoured the raven as messengers of the Gods,
And learned wisdom. So shall it be with us.
Know that though we change form and essence
We shall be ever yet the same.
Know that, sooner or later, for each and all of us,
Our own divine and everlasting Sparks of life
Shall go beyond.
Shall range among a million million worlds.
Like great Odin himself, we shall eventually become as Gods,
To be in all times, and in all places.
This is Odin’s message to each and all of us.
Hail Odin!”

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