Friday, April 17, 2009

Personal Cleaning Ritual

“Take now the parchment from the altar,
And writing implements.
In silence, put on thereon the symbolic runes
Of all within yourself which hinders,

Harms and makes guilty.
Think upon it, yet let it be known
Only to the Gods, and then it before
The Ancient One.
And afterward look into the flames,
And search for the future.”

Write or draw that which symbolizes your weaknesses and guilts. After you’re done writing, read the sheet aloud to yourself and burn it.

“Hear me, O Hulda,
Dark Goddess of times far distant.
I place before thee the runes
Of all which hinders,
Harms, and makes guilty
Within my own soul.
As this flame burns, O Ancient Norn,
I ask thee to consume all which weakens me,
That it be gone forever, and leave me
Cleansed and strong
In thy holy Name.
I swear by the Sun, O Dark One,
That I shall do all within my power
To build myself stronger, better,
And more noble
In the year to come.
And I thank thee,
O Goddess before the Gods.
Hail Hulda!”

When the paper is completely turned to ash, look into the flames for images, signs and the like that might attribute to the future.

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