Friday, April 17, 2009

Ritual: Faerie Treedom

Prepare yourself, your altar and your circle for the ritual. The method of raising the power most suitable for this rite is “treading the spiral”. Sit before your altar in a comfortable position and say an invocation to the gnomes:

“To the gnomes I invite your King
Into the circle, please come in.
To follow a path I go seldom,
To tread the dream of faerie treedom.”

Now visualize the King of the Gnomes descending into your circle. He wears garments of brown and green and a crown of acorns. He carries a staff of twisted oak and comes with the energy of benevolence and the wisdom of the earth. He has a long grey beard which tapers down to his waist. Once you have visualized him entering the circle, then welcome him:

“Welcome to my circle divine,
A place of light, cast by thine.
Wise King of the Gnomes,
Take me to your home,
Right through the oaken door,
To the place that you do adore.
Blessed be.”

Now visualize the Gnome King placing a crown or tiara of acorns and leaves upon your head, a symbolic key for you to enter the realms of the gnomes. Now the King of the Gnomes will take you on a journey.

Imagine a majestic oak tree in the center of your circle. In the trunk is a small wooden door, carved beautifully into the oak. The Gnome King opens the door and enters, and you follow him.

As you close the door behind you, you feel that you are in the safest place you have ever been. The walls are rooty and meet the earthen floor, which is a rich red colour. There are torches flaming in the brackets on the walls, producing a warm orange glow throughout the inner tree trunk. You feel totally secure and held by the earth.

The Gnome King has started to walk down an earthy tunnel, rather like a large rabbit warren. He beckons you and you too start to make your way down the pathway. It is lit by torches and as you walk down it you spy glinting amethyst and rose quartz crystals bejewelling the walls. Everywhere is warmth and beauty.

The tunnel twists and turns, weaving and wending its way down on a slight incline all the way. At last the Gnome King reaches a jewel-studded door, glittering and shining with rubies and garnets. He opens the beautiful door and walks into a crystal chamber. It is glimmering with crystal pools of water and waterfalls running gently over sparkling semi-precious stones. There are also crystal caves within the chambers, with clusters of gnomes within them.

The Gnome King gestures for you to enter one of the beautiful caves. The gnomes within the cave part as you enter to reveal a stunning altar, fashioned by the roots and leaves of the oak tree. It is an obvious faerie altar with a chalice, crystal wand, plate of cakes, pentacle, smoking sweet-smelling incense and brown candles with flickering flames. You instinctively reach into your pocket and find a stone in your hand. As you bring it out you see that it is a stunning uncut ruby. You know that you must leave it on the altar as a gift to the gnomes.

Also on the altar is a gift for you. It is a piece of parchment with a painting of a gnome on the front. You pick it up and turn it over. On the other side is a message written flamboyantly in deep brown ink. It is a message for you and you alone are able to read it. It is a personal message from the gnomes to help you in some way. You may stay there and ponder on your message as long as you like.

Once you are ready to leave the crystal cave, the Gnome King goes through the jewel-studded door and leads you through the wending, winding earthy passageway once more. Soon you reach the oak tree entrance hall and the Gnome King indicates that you should leave through the wooden doorway.

You close the door behind you and visualize yourself back before your circle faerie altar once more. Visualize the oak tree in the middle of your circle dissolving and disappearing into thin air. Now complete your faerie Treedom experience by thanking the Gnome King:

“Wise King of the Gnome,
I came to your home,
I went through the oaken door,
To the place we do adore.
Now I bless and honour thee,
Revere the earth and Blessed Be.”

When you feel ready, you can open your eyes. If you are in need of a spell, now would be a good time for spell craft and if your rite is taking place on a waning moon, a banishing spell would be appropriate.

Once you have completed the work of your rite, then bless your cakes and mead and close down your circle, eventually ending up with your feast and not forgetting to leave an offering from it on your faerie altar or in your garden.

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