Friday, April 17, 2009

Samhain Ritual

“Ever-present at this time is the beautiful,
Yet dark and fearsome Ruler of the Realms
Of the Dead, known to men as Hellia or Hel.
She gathers in the souls at twilight’s end,
And gives to each, what each deserves.
Without hate, without love, without pity.
Hail, Queen of the Dead!

Let me now place flames before the
Portals of the East and West,
For at this night the veil between
The living and the dead are thin,
And in times long past did the Dark Queen
Lead the spirits and the shades on procession
Through the dark forests, the night,
And the storms
Of this Middle Earth of humankind.
So let me now, in symbol, open the path
That leads between the worlds.”

Light the candles in the appropriate colours in the West and East.
Pour the drink into the chalice.

“On this night, O Great Ones,
Do I offer thee mead in lieu of blood,
For the times have changed.
Yet our honour and reverence to Thee
Remains as unchanged now
As it was in ages past.
On this night may we drink to welcome
The Gods of High Valhalla, and the ghosts
Of those who were of our people
In times past.”

Drink now in honour of the dead, those whom you have loved, and those you know not, yet all who were your kindred.

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