Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aura Gazing

1) Light a candle and place it somewhere in easy view. If you can have it up against a neutral background, like a white wall, do so. Such backgrounds make the exercise easier. If you find using a white background difficult, hang a black cloth behind the candle. Take a few deep breaths. Stare at the candle flame. Do not focus on the flame or wick, but on the glow of light like a halo around the flame. Focus on this glow until you can see it. This is the first step of aura viewing. Blink as needed so you don’t stress your eyes. Remember, you’ll be looking with your spiritual eyes, not your physical ones, but we are giving your physical body a point to focus. Act like you are looking “through” the flame. Your eyes may go into a soft focus, or feel like they are crossing. That’s fine. Do not force it.

2) Gently bring the halo of light down to the base of the candle. See and feel the light at the edge of the candle, below the flame. As you gaze, slowly bring this glow around the edge down the candle. If you lose it at any point, go back up at the flame and start again.

3) Bring the glow not only around the candle itself, but also around the candlestick holder. This will probably be fainter than the candle, which was fainter than the flame. This glow may come in flashes and not hold continuously. That is normal. Close your eyes and rest for a few moments.

4) Now pick an object of power, something you have consecrated. Place it where the candle is, up against the neutral background. Let your soft gaze fall on the new object, and look for the same glow or halo around it. It is often seen as a fuzzy white outline about a half inch above the physical object.

5) When that feels comfortable, repeat step 4, but with a plant. This can feel like you are looking into its cells as patterns of energy.

6) Now take the black cloth in your lap and hold your hands over it. Rub your hands together and feel the energy between your palms. Let your soft focus fall between your hands. You may see wisps of smoke like energy trails. Others describe it as cotton candy. The black background makes it easier to see the energy, and the more practice you get, the less you will need the cloth.

7) Finally, have a partner stand up against the neutral background. Start by looking at the crown and allowing the soft halo to come into focus. As if the crown is the candle flame, bring down along the head and shoulders, and around the entire body. Again, it will probably appear as a haze an inch or so away from the physical outline. Allow that experience to happen, even if only for a moment. Get comfortable with it.

8) As you continue your aura gazing, you may start to notice more than just the first layer of the aura, what is called the etheric body. You may see a whole egg or sphere shape around the person. At first it will probably be the edge of it, but you may see an overlay of colour, from very faint to very vibrant. Think about the colours of light and what they mean to you as you gaze. You may be drawn to a particular location in the body and notice some imbalance there. Ask your partner if there was an injury or upset in that body part. The injury does not have to be recent. You will be surprised at how many “hits” you get, letting your intuition and gaze naturally take you to the part of the body needing attention.

9) Ask your partner to think of very specific things while you aura gaze, in order to notice the differences. Try thinking about “home” first. The word home is charged with many different emotional meanings, and could be a childhood home or the current living space. Take note, and then ask your partner how they feel about home, and match your observations with their thoughts. Try again with thoughts of “mother”, “father”, “job” and “someone with whom you have strong feelings”. See what reactions you get. Happy and unhappy associations cause different colour shifts in the aura.

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