Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evoking into Aspecting Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably in a favourite spot. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Acknowledge your personal guardians and gods, and project a circle around you. Breathe deeply and steadily.
Let your focus become dreamy and not fixed on any one thing, other than the deep roots of your Tree of Life. Spread those roots out deep and wide, noticing what they attach themselves to, and then let go of any desire connected to where they go. And breathe. See the little points of light you are so used to pulling in through your roots, gathering around those root tips now, ready to be drawn in. Notice the little lights, and pull your consciousness closer, closer, and begin pulling the light in, welcoming the light to move upward, filling your roots, and with each inhaled breath, pull in more light. And breathe.

And now, your body is filled with light, and with each exhaled breath, you send that light up, up high and out through the top of your head, the tops of your shoulders, and out, as branches that reach up to the sky. See the position of the sun and moon, the stars far beyond our small planet, and let the light from these orbs fill you, too, until your branches overflow and drip sparkling light onto the dark earth below you, to be pulled back in at root tip. And breathe.

Now think about your closest patron god or matron goddess. See this deity clearly in your mind as their spiritual presence takes form before you. Open yourself to the energy, and as you do, feel it swirl out from their sacred form and engulf you. Know that you are deeply important to this deity, and that you are sacred too. Feel your deity come close, closer, now touching you, palm to palm, cheek to cheek. There isn’t a hair’s breadth between you. And breathe.

And now, note how like this deity you are, feel the sameness and understand that the depth of intimacy you are feeling between you is because you are so alike. Bathe in that awareness for a while, accept it, understand it… and now feel the lines between you blur until you are one. Accept and understand and hold that energy, for as long as you like… This is Aspecting - acknowledging how like your chosen deity you are, acknowledging that there is really no more than a whisper between you, both energetically and figuratively.

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