Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moontides, Dark and Bright Meditation

Sit or lie comfortably in a favourite spot. Close your eyes. Ground and center. Acknowledge your personal guardians and gods, and project a circle around you. Breathe deeply and steadily.
Let your mind become blank. Just turn it black, no light, no picture in front of your third eye. Let your breathing become steady and even. Now, in your mind, see a shape forming out of the blackness, a disc of deeper black, growing to fill the picture of your mind. Let the disc take on texture, definition, and see that it is a celestial body - one you are intimately familiar with. And as you ponder this shape, see it take on dimension, weight, and form. See the sphere of black that is a dark moon. Hear the whispers of your spirit and this representation of the Goddess, the Dark Mother. The wise and strict and benevolent Grandmother of us all. Feel her comfort, her power. And breathe…

And now watch as the Grandmother gives way to the Maiden, as the tiniest glimmer of light forms on the right-hand side of the sphere. Just a silver, a crescent - the energy of youth, of new beginnings as the moon crests into her power to transmute and take form. Notice the shape of the crescent now, a few days out from new, and how like a bow that crescent is. Feel the power of action growing as the light grows, and understand the place this moon phase will have in your workings. Just feel that energy now, as you breathe deeply…

The moon is near the halfway mark now. First quarter. Waxing. Feel the energy change to an even higher level for constructing, acting, moving. Pushing out. The Maiden is growing too, and becoming more fully actualized, more womanly, more mature. About this time, she is aware of her sexuality and her power to create change. Creativity is highlighted, as she is fertile now, rounded and beautiful, ripening as the light fills her more and more.

And she is full now, at the height of her loveliness and power as creator and nurturer. She represents the mature Queen of Heaven, for she is at the peak of her maturity, fully self-aware and self-actualized, sexually potent. Breathe in this energy now, and understand what it means in your personal path, how it feels in your body, how it fills you with the power to create change in accordance with will. And as you focus on this power, feel your own fullness as it connects to and relates with hers.

And now, as you breathe and feel this spirit power, see how the right-hand side of the moon’s face is now beginning to shadow, to change. Her light is waning now, passing back into darkness, into Mystery. Take a moment to focus on the waning, as you watch the shadow on the right grow. Lots of Witches won’t do magick during the waning moon, as they feel it holds less power. I would only ask then, how much power does Hecate have? How much power does it take to both spin and cut the threads of life? This idea that the moon is less powerful as she wanes is a misinterpretation, based on our culture’s unhealthy belief that anything dark is bad. The power is still there, and is still available. The energy is just different now - that’s all. Tune in to this power, and feel it for what it is for you on your personal path. So now just feel the energy, and as the shadow grows across her beloved face, know that this is a good time to make decisions about things that need to be let go of. As you think of these things, just let them go in peace. See how easily they go to the shadows!

And now see the tiny crescent that remains - on the left side of the sphere now, and how much like a sickle it looks. This last sliver is the Crone’s sickle, and it is a powerful time to cut threads in our lives that tie us to what is no longer needed. Give those threads over to the wise Hecate now, that she may teach you how to cut them without guilt or remorse.

And now, full circle, we’re back to the dark moon, the Mystery. Feel the power of this moon, too, how it is the same and also how it differs. How it pulls in, rather than pushes out. This is the power of receptivity. The power of woman. The power of the Goddess. And breathe. Take whatever time you need to ponder the cycle of the moon. Go back through her cycling again, if you will, and focus now on the current phase of the moon as you read this.

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