Sunday, February 15, 2009

Correspondences of Earth

* North

* Winter

* Its energy is that of beginnings - the dream, conjured swiftly and truly. The idea made so clear in our minds that we can almost see it whole and manifest. It is not yet the seed, but the idea of the seed.

* The energy is also the end result - the idea brought to form, material, complete.

* Symbol: earth dish, salt, dirt, pentacle, gemstones (as they come from the soil.)

* This element allows a person to connect more intimately with Gaia (the spirit of the planet) and the Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess (like returning to the womb).

* It puts one more in touch with Nature and the living things around us because our feet are always touching the ground.

* Colours: greens (for plants), brown/black (for soil)

* Just as the plant is rooted to the soil, so is our spirit to our physical being.

* Use this element for grounding.

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