Monday, February 16, 2009

Full Moon Ritual

(To be performed on the eve of the Full Moon).

Do a breathing meditation.

“This is the time of fullness, the flood tide of power, when the Lady in full circle of brightness rides across the night sky, arising with the coming of dark. This is the time of the bearing of fruits, of change realized. The Great Mother, Nurturer of the world, which is Herself, pours out her love and her gifts in abundance. The Hunter draws near to the Brilliant One, She who awakens yearning in the heart and who is the end of desire. I who look on her shining face am filled with love. Merry meet.”

Purify, cast the circle, and invoke the Goddess and God.

Move to the center of the circle and speak your name. Chant it, raising a Cone of Power as you raise one hand to the sky and the other to your heart, earthing the power into yourself, and filling you with the power and light of the moon.

Earth the power, trance or scry, then feast and open the circle.

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