Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The God Meditation

Sit comfortably. Relax. Breathe deeply and rhythmically. Do a Tree of Life Meditation to ground and center yourself before you begin. Acknowledge the guardians of the four directions, as well as your personal gods. And breathe.

Ground and center. Breathe. Come to a place of stillness inside. Focus not on the open field or the forest, but on the shadowy edge between the two. Look closely. Do you see him? He is there, on the edge of the shadows, “your protector and guardian, your intent and your secret dreams”. If he steps forward, bright and golden, he resembles a Sun God archetype in all his glory, inspiration, and drive. If he steps back a pace, he is a dark archetype, Lord of the Shadows, your Guide to the Lady, and your primal nature. And breathe. Just watch him for a while. As you watch him, become aware of his energy. Feel him projecting his truth to you, feel it in your gut, your solar plexus. Open to the energy. Just let yourself feel it. If you are a lover of men, and you are focusing on the Dark One, the energy you feel may have a sexual element. That is as it should be, so don’t let it scare you. If you don’t want to feel that energy, just concentrate on your solar plexus, and pull the energy up.

Does the energy feel active, driven, exuberant, like a force of raw power? Is the energy hot, like a sunburn, flushing your skin with a radiant glow? Look at him. Is he golden, fiery, blond, and in motion? Can he stand still for less than a heartbeat? If he is all of these things, you are looking at a Sun God archetype. Take note of his appearance, his clothing. Is he bearded, with long straight, reddish hair and long sleeves and leggings, a cloak and high boots? Is he carrying a long sword? This god may be Lugh.

Is he clean-shaven, with blond, curly hair of medium length, wearing a simple toga-like garment, and sandals? Does he have clear blue eyes that look into the depths of your mind, down to your deepest truth, so that you know he knows every single thing about you? You may be looking at Helios.

Is he perhaps raven-haired with golden brown skin, with a tidy haircut, clean-shaven, wearing a skirt-like garment, radiating golden heat from his very pores? Does he wear a golden breastplate and kohl around his eyes? He also has eyes that will see inside of you. He may be either sandaled or barefoot. You are probably looking at Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun.

Conversely, perhaps his energy is that of protection and fertility, and his watchful eyes can look into your soul also…

Does he have foliage covering his face in a million shades of green, brown, gold, and yellow? Does he have emerald green eyes, that seem to look right through you, with foliage covering his body, so that if you look away for an instant, you have a hard time finding him again? You may be looking at the Green Man, the God of Wood and Glen, the protector of the forests and the animals. He will protect you, too.

Perhaps he is easier to spot than that, with his goat-like legs and horns, his erect phallus striking fear into the souls of the untrained, and sometimes desire into the souls of those who know and who also love men. Is he playing a siren song you find irresistible on pipes of reeds? Does he seem a little wild, a little chaotic? You are probably looking at Pan, and he will take you through his woods, laughing and playing his pipes, until you reach your destination, which could be the Lady’s arms… or his own. You never know.

Perhaps the god you are looking at is very dark. Does he have long, curly black hair spilling down over his shoulders, furry stag-like legs, and an obvious erection? His black-brown eyes will penetrate your very soul, leaving you trembling with desire. He is likely Cernunnos, sometimes called the Gentle Savage. He can and will fulfill those desires, if you let him. He will also take you to the Goddess, if you only ask. Where else will he take you? Wherever you wish to go.

He could also look vastly different from any of these descriptions, but he will look and feel exactly the way he is suppose to - to you. Focus on his energy, and see if you can get him to talk to you. Ask him his name. He will always give you the truth, for the God is the ruler of truth.

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