Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cleansing Herbal Mix

Combine equal amounts of each
(about ½ tsp):

* lavender

* rosemary

* chamomile

* lemon verbena

* lemongrass

*** If using fresh ingredients, no need to grind.***

Grind together in your mortar and pestle.

Place herbal mixture in a cotton conjuring bag, or white piece of cloth tied with white string.

Hold your hands over the bad, and breathe deeply.

“Sunlight to activate
Moonlight to blend
Spirit to bring the power to cleanse
Touch of wind!”

Allow yourself to become one with Spirit.

“Joy, peace, and perfection.
Peace with the gods,
Peace with nature,
Peace within.”

Dip the bag of herbs in water. Repeat the above charm.

Dip the bag back in the water and begin sprinkling yourself. Envision that all negativity you may be carrying around is lifted from you with gentle breaths of fresh air. Allow the winds of peace, healing, and harmony to circle about your mind and body. You may experience a tingling, a rush of energy, or simply a pleasant and well-deserved peace.

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  1. i Love this :) i used this is cleanse my room after smudging. thanks :)