Friday, February 13, 2009

Spell: The Indrinking

* This is meant for self-acceptance when you’ve made a mistake or are filled with guilt or regrets.

Cast a circle.

Sit facing North, and light a black or white candle.

Hold in both hands your chalice, filled with clear water. You should have before you an image of the Goddess and a green plant, in earth.

Visualize all the negative things you are feeling about yourself, the mistakes you have made, the things you have done wrong. Talk to yourself about admit you feel bad. Tell yourself, out loud, exactly what you have done wrong, and why. Let your emotion build energy, and project it all into the cup. Breathe on the water.

Raise power.

Visualize the Goddess as forgiving Mother. Imagine her hands cover yours. Hear Her say:
“I am the Mother of all things,
My love is poured out upon the earth.
I drink you in with perfect love,
Be cleansed. Be healed. Be changed.”

Pour out the water onto the plant, and feel your self-hate draining out of you.
(It is possible this ritual will kill the plant).

Fill the cup with milk or juice.

Raise more power, and visualize yourself as you would like to be, free of guilt and sorrow, changed so that you will not repeat the same errors. Charge the cup with strength and the power to be the person you want to be.

Again, visualize the Goddess. Her hands cover yours, and She says:
“Mine the cup, and Mine the waters of life.
Drink deep!”

Drink the juice or milk. Feel yourself filled with strength. Know that you have changed, that you are, from that very moment, a new person, not bound by the patterns and errors of the past.

Bind the spell.

Earth the power.

Open the circle.

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