Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tree Meditation

1) Get into your magickal mindset.

2) In your mind’s eye, invite the image of a deciduous tree to appear, such as an oak or maple. You are seeking a tree that sheds its leaves in the winter. Feel it take form on your screen.

3) Project your consciousness into the tree. Become one with the tree.

4) The season is spring. Feel the warm Sun shine down upon you. The energy of the Sun awakens you to the world. Feel your sap moving through the main trunk. Feel the rain of the early spring showers. Absorb the nutrients and minerals in the soil beneath you. The soil is fresh from all the decaying leaves of winter. Feel the spark of life rejuvenate within you. Feel the buds form at the end of your branches and grow into small leaves.

5) Spring moves into summer as the Sun’s light grows brighter and warmer. The light of the Sun activates your cells, transforming light and carbon dioxide into your food. Feel your leaves grow bigger and greener. Feel yourself release oxygen, providing for all the living animals around you. Feel the birds within your branches and the insects crawling around your bark. None cause you any harm. This is exactly as it should be.

6) Summer changes to fall as the Sun’s light cools down. The days are still warm, but your energy has peaked. Your sap is running a bit slower. Your leaves are starting to wilt and change colour. Feel the rainbow of colours in your leaves. Notice that there are not as many birds around, but the squirrels are diligently busy collecting acorns. You may be making your seeds, acorns perhaps, and preparing to release them. Your leaves and seeds fall to the ground, and your branches are becoming bare once more.

7) Fall shifts into winter as the Sun seems to hide behind the clouds. Everything slows down. You move slower. The world seems to move slower. The air grows colder and you find yourself slipping into a deeper and deeper sleep, a hibernation. You await the spring.

8) Project your consciousness out of the tree, back through the magickal screen and into your body. As the Sun, water, and Earth all have an effect on the tree, aiding in its changes and growth, realize that your own changes and growth are the effects from many different sources in your life.

9) Return yourself to normal consciousness, counting up, and giving yourself clearance, and balance. Do any necessary grounding.

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