Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lesson: Basic Visualization

1) Get into your magickal mindset. Call up the screen of your mind. Imagine that it is like a board where you can control all the drawings. You can use any colour to draw this set of shapes. You might find it helpful to physically raise your hand and “draw” the shapes in the air in front of you with your finger.

2) Draw a triangle on the screen of your mind. Hold the image for a few moments. Then wipe it away, like wiping away chalk dust. Again, you can physically move your hand with a wiping motion.

3) Draw a rectangle on the screen of your mind. Hold the image a few moments. Then wipe it away.

4) Draw a circle. Then wipe it away.

5) Draw variations of the triangle, rectangle, and circle. If you are comfortable with these shapes, then move on to other, more complex shapes, like a diamond, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon.
6) If you feel con
fident with these two-dimensional shapes, try working with three-dimensional shapes, starting with the cube, box and pyramid. Later, try more complex 3-D shapes. Do not be intimidated by them. Allow them to appear on the screen of your mind and hold the images as best as you can.

7) Wipe all the shapes off the screen of your mind and clear it. Then ask for the energy and image of an orange to appear on the screen of your mind. See the orange before you, as of a real piece of fruit is hanging on an invisible tree. Take note of the colour, and variations of colours. Is it completely ripe?

8) Notice the texture of the orange’s skin, the curves and bumps. Reach out with your physical hands and pretend to grab it. The orange is now in your hands. How does it feel? Can you smell it? Peel back the skin. Can you feel the wetness of the juice on your hands? Can you taste it? Use all your senses.

9) Experience the orange fully. Then magickally visualize yourself putting it all back together, perfect and unbroken. Hang it back on the tree on the screen of your mind.

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