Monday, February 16, 2009

Dark Moon Ritual

(To be performed on the Waning Moon. A gazing crystal or scrying bowl should be placed in the center of the circle.)

Meditate while concentrating on your breathing.

“This is the ending before the beginning, the death before new life. Now on the ebb tide the secrets of the shoreline are uncovered by the retreating waves. The moon is hidden, but the faintest of stars are revealed and those who have eyes to see may read the fates and know the mysteries. The Goddess, whose name cannot be spoken, naked enters the Kingdom of Death. In the most vast silence and stillness, all is possible. We meet in the time of the Crone, to touch the deep power of the dark.”

Purify and cast the circle, but do not light the altar candle. Invoke the Goddess and God.

Begin to chant:

“She lies under all,
She covers all.
She is the teacher of mysteries.
She lies under all,
She covers all.
She is the motion behind form.
She lies under all,
She covers all.”

Continue as long as there are energy and inspiration. (This type of chanting requires sensitivity and openness.)

Earth the cone into the scrying bowl or gazing crystal.

Feast and open the circle.

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